Even if your Athiest you,ve probably heard about Adam and Eve being naked in the Garden of Eden, and how Eve was created from the rib of Adam, and they saw the fruit tree where the serpent coaxed Eve too eat from the tree, then they realized they were naked etc (Genesis I believe). I personally think this is all a parable with some truths mixed in. First of all how did Adam get there with no Mother etc, how did God talk too them from the ether, where is Heaven now (is it under the water(Atlantis) What is your take on this story and the bible itself (I have heard the quote the amount of truth in the scriptures is a pinch of salt in a sack full of flour) My Viewpoint


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I started reading the bible, read the bits with adam and eve and then some after. 


Well, let's just say, I write fantasy and spiritual novels, it's my thing, but that bible is something else.  Really. 



Luckily tho, being atheist, I don't need to really ponder on the adam and eve thing beyond what one would think when reading harry potter, not to say I think less than others, I just trouble myself with more scientific areas of thought when considering the world's origin. 



Plus, I read a book in school that said Adam slapped Eve around the face with a fish to get her pregnant.  Damn, and sometimes I think women have it terrible now! Screw being a woman back then. 



Adam and Eve – a great subject, so forced to revisit Genesis.

Chapter one, the first four days are spent sorting out the fundamental geography – Sun, Moon, stars, day, night, sea, land and foliage – a job well done.

Day five, it’s wildlife day – introducing lots of moving creatures such as great whales and flying fowl, all eager to multiply.

Day six – very busy – making cattle, creeping things and beasts of the earth, closely followed by .... man and woman (verse 27) with dominion over all other creatures.

Day seven – a blessed day off – woohoo!

Now it gets complicated – Chapter 2, vs. 5, disappointed because: “there was not a man to till the ground.” But hang on, I thought that man and woman had already been created the previous week on day six – so where is the lazy no-good human?

Regardless of this fact, the big guy grabs a handful of dust and makes Adam (short-term memory loss maybe?) and drops him in the garden east of Eden very close to the tree of life and knowledge.

At this point  I’d like to draw people’s attention to the ancient constellations visible around the midwinter solstice, late December.

On the ancient Malvern Zodiac I see a great whale, flying foul, cattle, creeping things and beasts of the earth – and of course humans, both male and female, but not easily recognisable. The humans are a composition, the two shadow-play figures that go to make up the centaur. The male hunter is at the front and the subservient female is at the rear with equine long hair, like that of a woman.

This is why the anomaly of Chapter 1, vs. 27 occurred – all constellations had to be mentioned in Chapter 1, otherwise it would fall short of relevant seasonal content.

The “tree of life and knowledge” at the centre is formed by the delineations upon the bear’s back (tree trunk) and the smoke and fireballs from the Dragon (leaves and fruit).

 The Dragon also occasionally doubles as the flying foul due to the optional form of his head which can be seen as bird-like or crocodilian. Turning back to the centaur, it is no longer surprising that the majority of Eve is formed by the rib cage of the animal.

Maybe you can see where this is going, as the Sun moves around the ecliptic circle, so the story moves on ... and so could I ... but that will do for now.


A concept, an idea, a story. But the Greatest Parable ever told of the deception Human Kind has been fed.

Adam and Eve were two human souls who were beset upon the planet in physical form to explore their lives as humans. ONLY fear was placed upon their hearts regarding their creators and all the clues that they were born with the knowledge was removed from them through lies and parables to create fear. Through this it created the control needed to keep them secretly confined, both mind body and soul. Explore the exquisit pleasures of your bodies, the freedom to roam in a space that is beautiful and comforting by design. But do NOT ask questions.

So the snake was the kundehlini key, The tree the tree of life, the apple, OMG the apple, was what we are, Pythagorus would test his students for their awakened awareness before entering the mystery schools by telling them cut the apple at 19.5 degree angle and what do you see? The answer - you will see the 5 point pentegram, the seeds the seeds of life, the pentegram the elements with the 5th element being our human soul, the external flesh of the body the energetic field that is us, the shape of the apple representing the energetic torus.

To understand this concept would be to understand that we cannot be controlled that free will is an energetic flow of unity that we are intricately connected to all aspects of life, and there fore we are not governed by anything other than the law of one.(another concept)

So really yes it is a parable, yes the story is just a story, but my goodness are there some serious clues written into that story that I seriously hope that people start to see soon, cause this is no longer about splitting apart definitions of religion to show what is wrong, this is about splitting apart ALL religions to find the truth about our origins.

wow awesome that was left of field your a Superhero your the apple of my I

Hahaha your welcome!

It has been a concept I have been aware of since I was a child, only now I can talk about it and not feel like I am a looni tune.

How dreadful is that - my spelling of "fowl" F-O-U-L - twice!!! What the hell is going on in my head?

are you hungry???
Remarkably enough I just consumed a chicken roll with apple chutney ... maybe it will fix the problem.

Alan, you mention Atlantis…..is there any more information about Atlantis you hold? Where is more info about the Malvern Zodiac…….your work is fascinating!



Hi Rose - I'm pretty sure that I didn't mention Atlantis - and that was for a particular reason.

The problem I have with questions about Atlantis is that generally people don't like the answers - and I lose friends.

Over the years, Plato's literal conundrum has been blown out of all proportion, possibly due to mass media hype, TV, cinema, books, etc - and too many have this fantasy image securely anchored in their minds. To convince them otherwise is like telling children that Santa Claus doesn't exist (or in this case DOES exist).

There is only one place on earth that matches the geographical criteria as described by Plato, and I bet you know what I'm going to say next.

lol…….no bet here…….my error and….what were you going to say next?


9600 BC, a peninsula situated in the Atlantic, habitable land 3000 x 2000 stadia (345 x 230 miles), protected from the unhabitable north, a citadel at the very centre measuring about 6 miles radius that borders the sea (the ecliptic sea), surrounded by many concentric channels.

Okay, so it's getting away from the original question (apologies), but Rose wanted to know. I wonder how many friends I'll lose this time? Oh, by the way, concentric channels available on request ..... 


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