Alchemy is a misunderstood science on purpose.  Those who are attracted to alchemy by base motives are initially, inherently unlikely to understand the goals of the true alchemist.  However, those who understand the root purpose of alchemy look beyond the popular fables of transmuting lead into gold, they look more directly into the very heart of the matter; they look within themselves.



Alchemy Unveiled


Alchemy is the Divine Art; it is an art that unveils the Divinity of each and every person.

All people are always Divine beings; however, their states of conflict within themselves too often hide this truth from themselves.

When a common veil of alchemy that many people may be familiar with is examined we may see that many fools may be lead astray by their own greed, for alchemy is about the inner spiritual transmutation of the alchemist from a condition resembling base lead to a condition more resembling shining gold.

Alchemy is not interested in the material transmutation of any base matter at all.

Once an alchemist has acquired the perfection of themselves that is the true holy grail of each alchemist, the alchemist does indeed evolve powers that place them beyond any ordinary mortal concerns.

It is not these powers that alchemists seek; these special powers are a by-product of each alchemist’s perfection, not their goal.

If power is their goal, then the veils of alchemy will distract those seeking power; such people will become increasingly impotent following the allures of alchemy’s veils until they come to a place within themselves where they acknowledge the paths of their basest desires are all false and the true path they seek exists in their hearts, a path to peace.

So how does alchemy work?

Alchemy works by focusing the alchemist’s awareness on those qualities within themselves that are in conflict.

All people have Divine powers that they use all the time, but conscious volitional control of these powers is limited by any conflicts within themselves.

This is a well understood principle that inspires large social institutions to misinform their populaces in order to repress the emergence of spiritual powers that might ultimately challenge them and challenge their tyrannies over too many people’s lives.

Perhaps all social institutions employ brain-washing techniques of social conditioning to cripple people by teaching them to be in conflict with themselves.

If this were not the case, the natural experiences people have might still cripple them, but because political power is impossible among an enlightened populace all social institutions must learn to stifle enlightenment in order to keep their populaces crippled, in order to maintain their usurped political powers.

People who understand themselves to be eternal Divine beings make very poor slaves.

Consequently, alchemy has been persecuted; the truth of alchemy has been hidden and disguised.

And yet, every person is truly a Divine being, asleep, unaware of their Divinity; every person is already an eternal Divine being, they have always been such, and they will ever be so.

Alchemy teaches this spiritual truth.

Alchemy teaches spiritual and cognitive evolution.

Alchemy teaches enlightenment, alchemy is an enlightenment science.

Alchemy teaches each alchemist the truths about themselves that set them free.

Alchemy is a tool for Divine self-perfection.

Alchemy is a tool that helps perfect Manifestation, another enlightenment science.

All true alchemists are inherently peaceful people, well versed in mediation skills, well versed in teaching peace.

Each alchemist begins their path with this instruction:

Know Thyself.

From there all else unfolds, always.



Blessed be…



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Aaaahhh beautiful!

The absolute truth of what we can be. A testament to what Divinity wishes for us and the way to a transformed world when awareness of that truth reigns supreme.

   I do believe that we are on the cusp of that transformation and there are so many giving us the directions to find the way home.

   The questions are on the edge of being born.


Thank you sister Cindy,

We are indeed upon the cusp, with so much left to do, perhaps we may have faith that all we be for the best now, however, we worry for those who may cause themselves or others needless suffering or harm in the transitions ahead.  Please, will you take the time to acquaint yourself with our current project?

Our Future History – How the Earth Made Peace


Blessed be sister...



 Yes...there are many who are causing needless suffering. "Father forgive them...for they know not what they do."

  And that's the truth of it. They know not what or why. They know not the true power of what they can be. It has been withheld and "they" have been educated into a system that confines itself to the left brained paradigm. The only thing it knows is material reality.

   But that's changing...with the admission of the square root of one percent of the population ( according to Quantum Physicists like John Hagelin phd. among others) to the knowledge of personal alchemy and what it can do...we cause a ripple effect that is altering the frequency pattern around the world.

   All that we have to do is see it in the daydream( aware dreamstate ordering reality) and feel it in the heart. Then give aid to whatever falls in our path and touches the heart.

   Just by our interest in this we ARE altering outcome.

You have nailed it sister Cindy!


  New here and still getting started. About alchemy. My work as I call it was to discover what alchemy actually was. I did as the Masters said, I studied nature. Because things were so complicated at first (years) I picked several alcyhemical allegories and series to study. I also studied Genesis and the Emerald Tablet. Eventually this gave me the alchemical process. I hope to teach to all here that are interested what that process is about. Alchemy is the basis for all religions, but it is based on a practical process. You will be surprised by what you will learn if you wish to do so. For example, and a quick explanation, alchemy is about matter being perfected by the sun and moon within a glass pyramid oven. Spirit is from the sun, Soul from the moon. Now, we know the earth ( as this is what it is about) was not created by the sun and moon. That means, if you believe that, then you have no Spirit or soul! They are aspects from the sun and moon, and as the earth was not created that way, they are really a figment of the past imaginations from a misunderstanding. In the process I found, the egg is like the earth as, and why, Genesis is the basis of the process for perfecting the matters!  Genesis is actually about the All outside, and the yearly cycle. Everything you know is tied to this process. It will prove people like  Dr. Jung was wrong, and also prove Jesus was an alchemists!  darwin made mistakes, but was both right and wrong.  Over time as you learn, I think you will find it is very interesting. also, you will learn how to make the Philosophers Stone. I hope to be up and running soon,   Al



Welcome brother Al,

We have found our own stone, we are curious regarding your stone, as we know each stone is unique.  We intend to assure all people find their own stones, for one property of the stone we have found is that it works best well shared.


Blessed be...


 G R G.  If that is O k.  Boy, my stone comes with a thousand posts, a forum, and about 40 years diffing it out. I also wrote a book to say I found this explanation first. I think it is important because it is the basis for many things in our lives, all important. It explains everything of the past, no exageration as you will find if you stay for the whole explanation.  Basically, the process of the stone is from Egypt. Is from and understanding of how it works outside.Is about matter! Everything is done by nature guided by you. It takes 16 months to make. The process is about an egg within a glass pyramid oven containing PHI, and follows Genesis. The process became organized religion, that of Osiris and Isis originally as far as I know. This religion was world wide at one time which is proven by Gerald Massey's books. I believe it is very old, in excess 0f 10K years. Something happened to our earth in the past, but the religion or belief remains in many many old religions. It is with us today as Jesus Christ was an alchemists, and so all from Christianity is actually from this process.  To the ancients it proved God in nature.Simply put, the matter over the time is Perfected by the above lights and process. Because the ancients believed it was Perfected, they felt it proved God because he is the only Perfection. Because they did it with nature they had God of nature as the Only God. All our Secret Societies know of this process, and all of them also believe in the God of nature or the natural God. The times or steps of the process have become our religious holidays, and they also have contributed to our religious belief system. However, there is something I wish to say. You have our scientists that have told you how man evolved. You have the Christian church that has told you what they want you to believe. Alchemy, and this process is somehwere in between all that. Today you will not see things as the Ancients did, and so you will be left with no God, or the God of nature. The thing is everything you thought about religion is probably wrong, but most of it is from some church which wishes to control you in some way. What I found will set you free even if you don't believe. At least you will know that those that do are doing so because they don't know the Truth. I don't wish to offend anybody with what I say, myself I just wanted to find the Truth about things, and I believe I have done that. I try to see everything with an open mind, and add to what I know,. I am here because it seems I have found Like Minded people. I have no need of lying, and everything I say I can prove a hundred ways with books and things said. Some is just plain commmen sense.  As we get into things, and you find it is tied to everything, you will in time maybe agree. Astrology defined is from this process. Alchemy is from this process. Religion is from this process. The Gnostic Gospels can be explanined and understood by this process. Everything fits! I have  found nothing that cannot be explained. There is one other thing to realize, there has been also false alchemists and so many stones. But there is really, as they said, One Way, One Oven, and One Stone. It is like Astrology. Look what man has made it into? Today you can find out anything by the stars. In the past it was just a way of telling time through out the year. Ill stop this here, but I will post another post to explain some things.


Al, I'm interested in hearing more of your understanding.
How do we communicate?

hi Bobs Oracle,

sorry we were sleeping so long, but you may use the following email if you want to stay in touch, we'd be happy to discuss anything you like.  our email: greg.gourdian (no spaces)

we do have our own oracles, and act as one on occasion, if we aren't too sleepy...


Pleasantly surprised reading this. Very nice work :)

Hi Aksis,

thanks for the complimentary comment, we hope there will be better surprises to come.


This is how I've decided to alchemize my own spiritual path (I have heavy Shamanic tendencies) but also strong intuition but have spent most of my life without proper grounding.

It wasn't until I got some electrical experience that I realized the best way to ground is to go DEEP DOWN and get your stability and energy from there.

Here's how I'm integrating that into my life.  Alchemy.

If anyone thinks this might be a project they're willing to help us with, we'd LOVE that!  I just don't want to hammer people with spam so this will be the only place I post my link.  Free choice to endorse, spread out of curiosity, or keep secret.


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