...Astral Projection Easy!

...No way!

Yes way!

You are doing it right now, right this minute, this very second, you do it all the time.

...If I'm doing it right now, why don't I know it, and why do I rarely seem to suceed when I try to project myself out of my body?

Well, first of all, while all people astrally project themselves all the time, most people do this nonconsciouly, often completely unaware of these parts of themselves that set out to help them explore their realities.

When you try to consciously astral project, there are many reasons why you may seem to fail.

You may be afraid to leave your body on a level you are unaware of.

You may be conflicted with yourself regarding your motives or intentions.

Your previous experiences out of body may have frightened you for many reasons, perhaps chief of which is that becoming consciously aware of volitionally astrally projecting yourself can change all your root beliefs systems and your sense of your own identity.

With so many reasons to choose to fail, it is easy to misplace your awareness of how you astral project, particularly, how you really astrally project all the time.

All of creation down to the smallest particles are united by a quantum property known as entanglement.

Entanglement means that all times and places are instantaneously in communication with all other times and places all the time, eternally.

Anything you want to know is possible to discover through astral projection.

Astral projection opens the fabled Akashic Archives.


There are many ways to train yourself to become more consciously aware of how you astrally project and what you may learn or accomplish with your astral projections.


We have a few articles to help you explore this subject, as we see it, in more detail.

We will republish the following as new discussion topics in this group....


... About Astral Travel, #1 - Seeking Truth
... About Astral Travel, #2 – Safe Journeys
... About Astral Travel, #3 - Between Worlds
... Akashic Records, More than Meets the Mind’s Eye
... An Astral Journey to Remember
... Sand Meditation



Blessed be...



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Hi Grigori !

well,this is interesting.Well,when I was a young lad, I used to have these strange dreams? of myself flying like a bird. I used to practice landing on the tops of telephone poles. It was so much fun.The memories of it are still fresh in my mind. For some reason though I never seemed to travel far at all,I only remember my neighborhood ,not other parts of the world.

For a period of time a local medicine-man near our community became my friend and mentor. It was in conversations with him that he told me that my dreams of flying like a bird was me actually astral traveling.It was his lessons that I learned how to focus the power of my mind and make a small cloud dissipate,how it is possible to push out the consciousness of a bird and take possession of it's body ,this is also possible with animals as well. With the knowledge I was taught I've intruded with a bird,but I never tried with a larger animal.

Nowadays though by your description of astral projection,your right I do it all the time,I'll explain,please let me know if I'm understanding you correctly. I have this crazy inner ability to "Calvin-ate", what do I mean? ,well,do you know of the cartoon strip featuring Calvin & Hobbes? Remember how Calvin used to star as different hero's or characters in all these little adventures,a thousand miles away,but all in his mind?

Well, I can do that too,not exactly like that of course,but many times throughout my day I "Calvin-ate", my body is at work or whatever on "auto-pilot" ,while my mind/thoughts are a thousand miles away doing something else.

That's why I call it Calvin-ating. Heck,sometimes even it happens without my intent.During those times though,I just felt that it was my higher-self wanting to show me something I needed to see.And yes,I am re-connected,have been for years now. Learning how to differentiate the whispers in my ear from my Higher-Self from my own thoughts(ego) wasn't easy.

Back to the topic though,I didn't realize that maybe this Calvin-ating was a form of astral projection. I try to control it.I've read that it is important to stay "in the moment" and I feel that Calvin-ating is anything but "in the moment" of conscious Reality.

Well,that's my input. Oh,is astral travel & projection the same thing,or different forms of ?


Dear brother Bearwalker,

Your Calvin-ating does sound like astral projection.

We might classify Calvins experiences as day dreams that are experienced as realities and which do indeed reflect realities, even if some of them happen in different worlds and universes than many people may believe in.

But then, day dreams are all forms of astral projection, as we see the matter...


Projection we might describe as the process, while travel may be the experiences gathered by this process.


Great input brother Bearwalker!

Thank you.




Very interesting Bearwalker, as a child I used to be able to do this as well (along with many other things I'm now realising weren't the product of fantasy, but rather didn't have the veil of cynicism I adopted later in life).  Sadly (though somewhat humorously), as a child rather than use this ability to seek a greater spiritual understanding of our capabilities, I instead used it to for fun activities such as going going to the fair! 

Also very interesting what you have to say about birds, and I've recently been having conversations with a friend who has lost both her parents.  She feels the spirit of both of them in birds, and whilst we have been reflecting on reincarnation, your words resonate well, far better in fact, than any explanations we were able to give.

Many thanks, and blessing to you!

Hi Felias, Bearwalker,

The birds...

Many animals lend themselves to people as aids to help them channel spirits, shades, and others, incarnate and discarnate.

This is the role of familiars, but any wild animal may help.

All people are naturally telepathic, however, not all people are consciously aware of being telepathic.

Animals loan us resources or can act as a focus to help us transcend our locked-in-the-box-asleep mentalities and experience the subtle worlds more directly.

This works both ways, spirits, shades, or others may be watching in astral and see a bird approach you.  The closer presence of the bird gives them a clearer focus through which to draw your attention and communicate their presence to you.

People and animals alike can act as avatars for remote presences.

You never really know who may be peeking at you through anyone elses eyes, just using their close proximity to you to focus their awareness upon you more clearly.

All people check up on each other this way nonconsciously through astral, reaching out for whatever help universe may offer.


Blessed be...






Astral projection hmmm I am one of the merry ones that does it unconciously, however you are right that you can do it anytime as often i will be in the same room as others, but I am experiencing other forms else where. When i enter the meditative  states this is when I am aware most. But always I see it as mind projections rather then physically leaving my body, or maybe I am on the verge.

Thank you for the postings.

This is indeed a sort of 'mind projection' Turukai...

You are simply working on opening up the bandwidth of your inner channel to your own nonconsciousness where all your astral activites take place, until you shine the light of your awareness upon them and draw them into your conscious being.

As you increase your bandwidth you will discover clearer, more detailed information and experiences result with your mind projections.

Your mind, shadow, and spirit are all part of each astral projection, you clone each of these for each task in astral.  Together, these three properties of yourself synthesize your character, who you appear to be to yourself.

The more these aspects experience in astral, the more clearly you begin to define yourself to yourself.




here is an easy way to astral travel:

imagine you are a drop of water, and that all of creation is an infinitely extended flat surface that is infinitely thin...

you drip upon the plate and flow outwards in all directions to an infinite extent that makes you nearly infinitely thin...

at your center, around your heart which is the center of your personal gravity the water builds up a little thicker, like a hill...

this is where your consciousness and awareness typically focus.

far away you feel a tugging pull that resonates with something you treasure deep inside you...

as you attune to the pull some of your water builds another hill around the gravity of that other heart...

you can then have conscious awareness around both hills, this is bi-location.

you can let your water flow away from your heart and build higher until you achieve remote presence around the farther hill...

when your purpose upon the further hill is completed, your hills may merge into a new shared center, or you can withdraw your water from the hill and rebuild the hill around your heart, wherever it may roam...


love grigory rho gharveyn, etc, et al...

hi Mishen,

nice to meet you.  There's a bit more than a lot of ground to cover with regard to astral travel, so some of our articles are a bit out-of-date.  Feel free to ask any questions you like, we may not have all the answers, but we can usually find more to say about this topic.



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