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It even gives tough boys like this teary we aren't alone. But they are kicking ass about it!

Thanks for your heartfelt comments...SISTA x

Poor baby. He looks bored and either tired or depressed. It seems like it's hard to believe that he's the last living of his species, but so many people don't care. It does make me want to cry. It's so hard to believe it has come to this. All of our hard work to keep these animals alive and to see this is heart wrenching. 

Unfortunately many human beings (not the rangers in the pic) have devolved to the point where it is seen to be ok to wipe out entire species of animals for their own selfish "pleasures".

Yet the irony is that these animal parts, including lion bones, are totally ineffectual. Before this kind of madness arose in the world, animals were venerated as sacred beasts. Yes, hunting has been around for a while. However our ancestors never wiped out entire herds of animals - they gather-hunted to the extent that only that which was necessary for survival was taken from the wilds. Our clearly more advanced ancestors (less devolved than many of their descendants), managed and conserved the natural world and were charged with being the custodians and guardians of the animals. For example, hunters would petition Goddess Diana for permission to hunt and the hunt was regarded as a type of ritual. This is a far cry from the "hunters" of today, who far outnumber the animals left in the wild. This has led to the diabolical practice of "canned hunting", which sees the animal raised in a cage, or in a circus, and then when it reaches maturity is released in a cage so that hunters can come and prove how brave and macho they are when they murder a semi-domesticated lion, chop off it's head and are then still allowed to take their grisly trophy back home to show off to all their mates on South African Airways flights..

The pangolin and the rhino, and the lion, are under severe threat of extinction in the wild, and all because many Oriental "men", who obviously have no clue what Taoism is, need the powder or scales to have an erection or to be "healthy". This doesn't say much for them as men or as human beings on many levels of being, does it?. The slaughter continues regardless of whether there are only a handful of animals left over.

Added to this disgusting behavior is the ongoing destruction of the environment, as many people seem to think that everything will turn out alright for them if they continue to pollute, degrade and destroy the living environment which we are all actually part of.

So while I am on this fucking rant, I would like to contradict Fang TV while I am about it. As a species, mankind has proven that he is indeed BY FAR the most savage and dangerous of all the animals. Baboons are used for cruel medical experiments in the name of scientific progress - and yet a Baboon has a far more powerful and radiant astral spirit than most human beings. Baboons do not commit genocide, and they have no clue what pathetic issues such as racism are either. Baboons live in harmony with nature and no animal except for affected human beings consider themselves either above, or separated from, nature which gives them birth..

When man decided to change things and follow the war gods, everything started to go horribly wrong with the planet. We now have over 7 billion people on earth, and Mother Nature does not agree with the Biblical command to make as many babies as humanly possible to make more wars with. 

I can go on and on and on giving examples of how the war gods and their followers have screwed up the planet, however before my time is up for the day I have better things to do. 

Like trying to save the planet from the hands of the most primitive of all the Great Apes! 

Blessed be

When are people going to grow up. Most after it's too late like all of these are gone and everything is gone. Mankind reminds of locusts, or the aliens that go from planet to planet taking what there is and then going on and on taking and taking and taking and putting nothing back or leaving anything for our future or the future of our animal kingdom, of our plants and everything else we have been entrusted to. 

I often wonder myself, Helela. I feel it may be a total lack of self-responsibility. You know, when you don't care about yourself, you can't care about anything else? Indeed, the basic underlying reason for racism, for example, is self-hatred.

The Biblical patriarchs really messed things up when they interpreted the injunction to care for and be a custodian of this planet and all of the sentient beings who live here wrongly. Custodianship changed to being "domination over", where mankind was to now use and abuse all animals and everything else in nature, as according to those old fogies, mankind was now superior over the animals. This ethos translates into the crazy idea that human beings are somehow separate from nature/the Divine.

One can't ever deny that we come from primordial spirit-matter. Yet , many human beings believe that we come from apes, and that the human race has risen to where it is now over a relatively short space of time.

Spiritual folk have the idea though that we have actually devolved, and that our mission is to rise again to a state of oneness with primordial spirit-matter. (like apes) 

The common garden ape has a far stronger and more radiant astral body than most people nowadays :)

Monkey see ~ Monkey do!

I feel that a lot of millennials don't have a clue of what to do with this Earth watching their parents throw away plastic milk containers, newspaper and so on into their garbage cans and then out to the trash it goes. People are in such a hurry these days that parents stop at McDonald's and every other fast food place there is, these guys don't know what food is all about. It's just something to throw in your mouth on the way out the door to the next thing that has to be done. They know very little about the Earth and the preservation of it and our animal friends because this generation is in such a hurry. It hasn't phased them and havn't bothered to spend the time to care enough.

How paradoxical. Time is quite unforgiving... as we will all discover

and don't get me started on Ronald Mc Donald lol -BB

"I honor animals with reverence"

~ An Ideal of Maat

The Ideals of Maat are the oldest set of ethical guidelines for living well, living in harmony with nature. So much so, that the old name for the gods of nature is the Neteru. That's where the word nature originates! In the ancient belief system, people would try to evolve spiritually to the level of an ape. Apes possess a far stronger astral spirit than most people do as they are much closer to the heartbeat of the planet, much closer to nature/spirit.

Isis and Nephthys are called the Great Apes of the Tuat or underworld; whereas Thoth, the inventor of the written word and of the natural sciences, is depicted as a baboon.

So sad sad to see how low the human race (generally speaking of course) has sunk. It's a definite case of devolution from the original primordial matter/spirit from whence we all came. Animals used to run towards us, and now, they run away to avoid what they have come to expect.

Then you get people near the apex of the evolutionary pyramid such as Dr Jane Goodall, who spend their lives doing all they can for the close relatives of the human being, the Great Apes.

We did not evolve from apes; in fact, we share their DNA as we are closely related, yet Homo sapiens have always been here as a distinct animal species. It's since the takeover by the war gods and the subsequent idea that we should breed to make as many babies as possible to feed wars with, and the idea that we are above and separate from nature, that things started to go horribly wrong in the world. 

It's enough to make one go ape.

The way I look at it is that as we are all interconnected, like dew on a spider's web, what we send out is exactly what we will receive back again sometime or other. Too many species are going extinct. Thanks for your comments, my friend. Let's dance this mess around - doing something, even a small thing every day, is better than doing nothing.


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