Activation-Left Quartz helps you increase left brain activities, according to Melody*. By using an Activation-Left Quartz with an Activation-Right Quartz, both halves of your brain will learn to work together. This crystal helps activate each Chakra.

Candle Quartz, (One prominent point with parallel points stepping up around all sides, similar to candle drippings. This quartz looks like a melting candle and is actually made up of a central point with many smaller downward facing points along the length.

Cathedral crystal: In reference to clear Quartz, a Cathedral is a crystal that has no upper dividing line between the facet and one of its sides (relatively rare, and often found as the opposite side of the receiver face of a Receiver Crystal). Another usage is that of an upright crystal with all of its facets resembling the spires and towers of a church cathedral.

Crystal cluster has three or more crystals with a common base.  The crystals may be small or large, or a combination of sizes.  As well as the amplification properties quartz exhibit. 

Doubly (Double) Terminated these crystals have points at each end of the naturally formed quartz crystal.  Double terminated crystals can be used for a variety of things including, increasing and intensifying the dream state. 

Fairy Dust Quartz Crystal is described as "The random outside attachment of many very small crystals to the outside of a larger one.

Five-sided face crystal (normally as the front or main face) is identified as an Isis Crystal.  Isis crystals have a five-sided face on at least one of the termination faces. They can occur in Smoky, Clear Quartz, Citrine and Amethyst Quartz Crystals.

Generator Crystal A crystal with six evenly spaced sides (also known by Merlin Crystal). This Generator Point has a crystal with six evenly spaced sides and six approximately equal faces that center at the tip.  

Laser Wand may appear to be three sided at first glance. A Laser wand is a naturally formed long slender crystal that tapers towards its termination.

Phantom crystal "phantom" or "ghost" crystal within the main crystal, comprised of a white or colored mineral being partial or complete.  The Phantom can appear as an outline (ghost) or solid body within the host crystal.

Rutile in Quartz or Rutilated Quartz is easily recognized by the "needles"(usually formed from Titanium Dioxide) encased in the crystal. 

Time Link Quartz Both formations have a seventh "face" in the crystal which is located below the other six faces at the top of the crystal. Time Links are parallelograms that face to the left at the top of the crystal, 

Twin Quartz Crystal, also known as the can be recognized by two points that share a single base or two points sharing a common side. 

  All quartz crystals have 6 primary properties. They are able to structure, store, amplify, focus, transmit and transform energy

Activation Quartz



Super 7

Aqua Aura


Laser Quartz



Golden Enhydro

Lemurian Quartz

Tangerine Quartz


Golden Healer

Lithium Quartz

Tibetan Quartz

Brandberg Quartz

Green Quartz


Titanium Aura



Mongolian Quartz


Candle Quartz

Growth Interference

Negative Manifestation


Cathedral Quartz




Celtic Quartz

Herkimer Diamond

      Amethyst Phantom



Himalayan Quartz

      Chlorite Phantom


Included Quartz

      Red Phantom

Cobalt Aura


      White Phantom

Curved Quartz

      Black Tourmaline

Pinnacle Quartz

Dendritic Quartz



Double Terminated


Record Keeper

DT Clusters


Reverse Scepter Quartz



Rutilated Quartz



Scepter Quartz




Etched Quartz


      Master Self-Healed

Faden Quartz


Skeletal Quartz

Fairy Clusters


Smokey Quartz

Quartz and Beta Quartz
Is the most common as well as the most stable form of silica. Beta Quartz is only stable at temperatures above 1063º F (573º C). Thus, all Quartz specimens are alpha Quartz. However, when beta Quartz forms at high temperatures and then cools down, it transforms to alpha Quartz but preserves the original beta Quartz shape, though it decreases in symmetry and adds some trigonal crystal faces.   
   There are specific circumstances where the beta Quartz transforms into alpha Quartz without losing symmetry, and therefore does not add the trigonal faces.  
   Such specimens are shaped as bipyramidal hexagons, and are sometimes called "Beta Quartz" by collectors and dealers. They obviously cannot be beta Quartz at the current temperature, but are in reality alpha Quartz paramorphs of beta Quartz.

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I don't think I ever realized just how many there are out there.

This is a brilliant piece of information! Thank you very much.

Thank you so much for sharing this! What a wonderful reference!

Thank you all for your comments. I was thinking about researching for their healing properties of these various terminations but every individual uses these energies in their own way.


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