Posted by Nova Spirit on July 22, 2011

I wanted to get moving onto Exercise 2, however it seems that I am not allowed to move on until I explain the importance of protecting yourself.  Whenever we work with energy it becomes important to always protect yourself.  If you have read my Getting Started - Preparation thread and followed the basic meditation technique.  You will have seen that I had you protect yourself with what I call the White Light of Protection.  It is known by other names such as the christed light, golden light of protection.  It is visualized in different ways such as a light filling every cell in your body and emanating out to where the light surrounds and cocoons you or visualized as a surrounding you in a shape of an egg.


Now, if you already know about the white light of protection, this this segment will be more of a review for you that will serve as a reminder to how important this protection is.  If you are new to the whole concept and beginning to understand your own psychic awareness, then this will help build a solid foundation for you to develop into the areas that interest you most.  If you are trying to bring your own abilities under control so they work with you instead of it feeling like its working against you, understanding energetic protection will help you interact with the energetic world around you without overwhelming you.


So what is this white light of protection?  In short this is the energetic field that surrounds you and protects you from unwanted energetic interactions.  It is not designed to stop the flow of energy, in fact it allows the energy to flow, however it is designed to repel negative energy away from you so that you can practice in a safe environment as you begin to develop or working towards getting your senses under control.  Although it has been called a shield, it's not designed to block or stop energy.  It is actually a very ingenious and powerful form of psychic self defense.


Visualization of white light is often the easiest form of energy for most people to see.  It is often seen as coming down from above from the source (creator, god or any other higher energy) and entering your body from the crown of your head.  Other ways to visualize it, is to see the white light surrounding and cocooning your body within the light.  For me, I like to see it come down from above and fill my body from the core outwards, that way I feel protected from every part of me with no part left unprotected.


What is the white light?  Is the the highest form of vibrational energy.  It is often associated with the divine source of love and protection.  It vibrates at such a high rate that it doesn't allow lower forms of energy to penetrate.  Often those lower forms of vibrational energy are repelled or reflected away from you.  If a lower vibrational (negative) energy tries to penetrate your white light of protection, they only way it can enter is if it's own energy signature vibrates faster, therefore transmuting negative energy into positive energy.


This white light of protection that you surround yourself with will allow all that is to your benefit through, therefore the white light of protection is not a shield to block everything out but to create an energetic environment around you that is conducive to your own well being.


How to create an effective White Light of Protection around you.


This is a review with the Getting Started - Preparation thread, but I will be going into more detail about this white light of protection.  I will discuss more of how to create it to surround you as well as reasons as to why this protection could fail and how to correct it.


As discussed, when you get your body into a relaxed state with your mind fully aware, to envision in your minds eye of a white light coming down from above you and entering your crown.  Allow the energy to fill your mind to sharpen your senses then allow it to permeate every cell in your body.  If you have trouble envisioning the light radiating from inside your outwards to envision the light surrounding your body in the shape of an egg or a cocoon.  Allow the light then to warm your body, relaxing your further and setting your mind at ease.  Feel the energy as love.  Every part of you is loved and warmed by the white light.  Let it fill you.


As you envision this say in your mind, I ask the white light of protection to protect me and to keep all who do not have my best interest at heart away from me.  Fill  your words with intent for that is what solidifies the protection.  When you have completed this, hold the image of the white light surrounding you as you continue forward with any exercise into strengthening your psychic senses.


Reasons why the white light of protection can fail.


Just like anything it does take practice visualizing and putting into place your protection.  When I was being taught this method by those I hear, I had to practice it over and over until I could put this protection around me in a moments notice.  It has become helpful when I feel like I am being overwhelmed where I take just a moment to put the white light of protection around me.  Often times when I do this it feels like I can breath again especially if I'm feeling constricted.


But the protection can fail, by what they call cracks in the white light.  What creates these cracks are fear, anger and being overly emotional.  You may have heard, that your chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.  Same goes for our energy.  When we are feeling fear, it creates cracks in our energy field.  Negative energy flows since it is energy it does not stop.  It will seek out these cracks in our shields and use it to get past our psychic defense, thereby slipping in unaffected and unchanged.  We are all human and have human emotions, therefore it is bound to happen from time to time.


There is a remedy however!  We all have help surrounding us all of the time.  These are our guides, guardians, guardian angels, ect.  We are never without them.  So when you are creating your white light of protection around you, always ask your guides for help fortifying your protection.  Ask them to keep any energies away from you that is not in your best interest.  They are always glad to help.  Even if you can't hear them or talk to them, they are there and will help you.  You have to trust that they will.  You will know if it is successful by the sense of calm you begin to feel.




There are other areas of psychic defense to learn about.  In fact some of you might have found several articles I have written, but not yet completed on psychic self defense.  (I plan on finishing them, but I've been sort of side tracked into getting these exercises out first.)  But with the purpose of this article was to give you a more complete understanding of the basics of psychic self defense using the white light of protection.


I think now they will let me get onto Exercise 2 now :)



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