EVERYONE is born with psychic abilities.
Many people wonder if you have to be born 'special' in order to posses psychic abilities and the answer is NO. EVERYONE, including you, IS BORN with psychic abilities. We all posses the ability to connect with the divine guidance that is available to every living creature. Does not matter your age, your sex, your race, your financial status, not even what flaws you try to hide from the world, YOU have full access to many psychic connections, all you have to do is believe and then practice experiencing everything around you, and listen to your inner guidance.
When we become aware of psychic abilities and have a desire to connect with them personally, we automatically start tuning into the continuous flow of guidance, that has always been there for us. It is like tuning in that fuzzy radio station, you have always been plugged into this information, but never really learned to tune into it.
Intention and faith will be your biggest ally. Your intention of being receptive and your faith it will be reciprocated, is no doubt a very good beginning. As soon as you start paying attention, many synchronicities or coincidences will begin popping up in your life. You may begin getting stronger gut feelings, your dreams may become more vivid and deliver messages, you will have thoughts come to you and do not know where they came from.
As you become more and more receptive to the messages that are coming to you, and start listening to little voice inside your head, your gut feelings and what your heart tells you, you may come to realize you had this gift all along, and can remember little things here and there, that you were aware of psychically, but dismissed it as something else.
We all have this gift, and all we have to do is acknowledge it, practice tuning into it, and appreciate all guidance given to us. We were all meant to be born of this way, but have been conditioned or taught that we do not have these abilities. We do. We all do, and it is about time we all take back, what was meant to be ours. Whether it is clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, whether you wish to work with tarot, medicine or any other cards for receiving guidance, or whether you wish to help heal others, you have the ability, just want it and patiently wait for your connection to the divine to grow and strengthen over time.
Be patient. It does not happen overnight, and you may find that areas in your life that are no longer serving a greater purpose for you may need to be balanced, as you open up to your spiritual journey. Healing yourself and your past is a part of waking up to your true abilities. Be patient and it will come, for it was the way we were really meant to be. 

~Sue Bester

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You don't save the world, or more realistically your little corner of it.....for ego.  Some genuinely want to try to make things better.

      And I believe, helping people helps yourself.....I guess that could be called personal advancement.  You say this like it's  bad thing....

Are you familiar with the books of Penny Kelly?

She had a spontaneous kundalini awakening which changed her life.

She has written several books on Consciousness and energy, healing and her own personal story.

Reading them has changed a lot of thingfs in my life, particularly when she told me that my own book about a civilization living on Antarctica tens of thousands of years ago "confirmed what she had seen clairvoyantly). She certainly believes everyone has psychic abilities and will be a great encouragement to all those who want to discover their own.


Gordon, thanks for the review.

thank you linda... this post had a great effect in my life...

.....so very true Thoth...

I agree with you.  I think it's in our so-called  "junk" DNA that geneticists don't know what purpose it is, so they dismiss it as junk.  We wouldn't be here today if it weren't for that certain something extra that told our prehistoric ancestors danger was just around the corner.  Animals have the psychic gift, why shouldn't we?  We know animals have it because how else does your dog know when we're coming home long before we come in the door?  According to Richard Webster in Is Your Pet Psychic?, animals are psychic, and I extrapolated that we humans must be psychic too, since what are we but bipedal animals who have opposable thumbs, use tools, and wear clothing?  Even when we use our gifts for our own ego, the Multiverse has a way of making sure that we are also using our gifts to benefit the world, even if it is just the person next to us.

intriguing topic. :)

I was kinda leery about this subject when I was younger but, my children's dad opened my eyes to it. He could tell me what was going to happen ahead of time and on several occasions it came to pass. He also knows when someone is pregnant. I guess one could argue that it was good guess work, or that it was coincidence. Then I met Chris and he waited patiently for me to awaken, which I didn't know at that time what that met. I think the ability comes in the form of the connections you make with people and the energy they send to you. From that you can learn much about that person. I have seen and experienced things that I cannot not explain, so I would say yes these abilities are real.

I agree with the points made, however does anyone have any guidance to give on exactly how to open up to the flow of 'information'?


Hi John,

      Work on setting aside the ego, as that voice in our heads that constantly chatters at us (the inner dialogue) detracts from knowing these abilities from the resultant silence of the mind that will ensue.

     To clarify many misconceptions, psychic powers (the ability to read energies and worlds beyond our daily perception) has nothing to do with reading another's mind, Many try to forecast the future with claimed psychic abilities, but predicting the future alters as soon as one makes a different choice than the one forecasted, thereby nullifying any reading of one's future. This is why fortune telling is such a racket. It sells to people who are too weak to live their lives without the hope that some outside force can direct their lives for them. It is a weakness of the ego to want to know the future.

So...setting aside time to be quiet is a key. The inner voice is not so easy to calm so that no thoughts start to take one's mind off down a track...do you or any other forum members have any guidance to give on how to 'stop the monkey?'


Meditation helps. TM & Zen.

Also try to predict the near future & see how close you get. Listen to your intuition & your feelings, sensations when you are right.

Avoid fear and distress because it completely blocks you.


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