EVERYONE is born with psychic abilities.
Many people wonder if you have to be born 'special' in order to posses psychic abilities and the answer is NO. EVERYONE, including you, IS BORN with psychic abilities. We all posses the ability to connect with the divine guidance that is available to every living creature. Does not matter your age, your sex, your race, your financial status, not even what flaws you try to hide from the world, YOU have full access to many psychic connections, all you have to do is believe and then practice experiencing everything around you, and listen to your inner guidance.
When we become aware of psychic abilities and have a desire to connect with them personally, we automatically start tuning into the continuous flow of guidance, that has always been there for us. It is like tuning in that fuzzy radio station, you have always been plugged into this information, but never really learned to tune into it.
Intention and faith will be your biggest ally. Your intention of being receptive and your faith it will be reciprocated, is no doubt a very good beginning. As soon as you start paying attention, many synchronicities or coincidences will begin popping up in your life. You may begin getting stronger gut feelings, your dreams may become more vivid and deliver messages, you will have thoughts come to you and do not know where they came from.
As you become more and more receptive to the messages that are coming to you, and start listening to little voice inside your head, your gut feelings and what your heart tells you, you may come to realize you had this gift all along, and can remember little things here and there, that you were aware of psychically, but dismissed it as something else.
We all have this gift, and all we have to do is acknowledge it, practice tuning into it, and appreciate all guidance given to us. We were all meant to be born of this way, but have been conditioned or taught that we do not have these abilities. We do. We all do, and it is about time we all take back, what was meant to be ours. Whether it is clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, whether you wish to work with tarot, medicine or any other cards for receiving guidance, or whether you wish to help heal others, you have the ability, just want it and patiently wait for your connection to the divine to grow and strengthen over time.
Be patient. It does not happen overnight, and you may find that areas in your life that are no longer serving a greater purpose for you may need to be balanced, as you open up to your spiritual journey. Healing yourself and your past is a part of waking up to your true abilities. Be patient and it will come, for it was the way we were really meant to be. 

~Sue Bester

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And thus we hear directly from the voice of ego what is required to defeat ego - i.e. "The ego is necessary. The ego is you". Every ego on the planet will repeat that mantra in everyone's head in order to continue to rule their lives.

Can one develop some psychic abilities with the ego still in place? Probably. But then the ego is what drives one to hang out a shingle and start charging others for their 'psychic readings', or become one of the 'operators standing by' on the psychic hotline.

In the final analysis, it all depends on what one has dreams of doing with psychic abilities. If one's interest is the one's cited above - fame, notoriety, fulfilling an ego desire to be psychic for the bragging rights - then by all means follow Tommy's advice and see where it may lead you. If on the other hand, you are seeking to develop those abilities in order to grow your awareness and consciousness in order to intuit the workings of the cosmos, then one is going to have to knuckle down and do the work, for there is no easy solution to developing in this manner. It takes time and diligence. There are no shortcuts and there is no magic pill to take you there overnight.

Since early childhood I can see my future. At 5 I saw images of things (like a video clip) that marked my most important milestones for the next 40 years. Since I have these flashes on a more regular basis.

Are they purely intuitive flashes. I do not know, but they are never wrong.

Do I see everything? No. Mainly places I will live in (4 countries so far), places I will work for and an indication of people/energies I will encounter.

It has been a great help, but it never made me change my choices (even if my vision foretold me that a working relationship would end soon - the company was sold).

Anyone else who has this gift? PS: Also foresee movements of financial markets - Has helped me a lot.

I work a bunch in the trenches with issues at both ends of the spectrum as the one in the middle get confused real fast    So I tend to work with those with kundalini awakening syndrome and the kundalini yoga teachers  ...

But the ones seeming emotionally out of control seem most powerfully gifted in the psychic realm ...

Then there are the ones who bend reality as they speak ...  As one might expect  either they learn to control speech or another assists them by necessity to safe mode enable them to interface with other energies while keeping the damage curve low ... to friends and what most humans classify as enemies 

Also duly noted that in the Seth Speaks books ENEMIES do not exist LOL   YEAH   Just emotions we fear coming to bear on our six o'clock position >>>   Wait but Seth indicates over and over we do not have enemies   and the ones who seemed to be our friends were not any where near as helpful toward spiritual growth as thought they were ...   The concept of  emotional pacifier or sugar tit comes to mind ...   To keep us from physical Destruction of our meat suit ...  As needing to have someone blast sunshine up our tail feathers with praise till our teeth shine white or glow in the dark...  

Theosophy claims humans need a thousand life times "on average"  of  polar opposites, like COP then ROBBER in different lifetimes, to understand we are more or less not at war with anything except our own emotions

Theoretical physicists (TOP NASA Solar System Advisors) have said they found Error Correction software in the genetics blue print of life  LIKE we use in computer programs ...

So yep in my opinion ur rite  and we are a virus but God enabled ...   Once we get our ducks in a row we get loosed from the safe zone we were allowed to come back into fully capable deity mode  ...  WHEN we are no longer a threat to self and others LOL  Pretty simple if u ask me but hey people need to believe they are right or have things to prove LOL 

What many call a devil is just a sparring partner who is needed to help those who want to fight and are pissed off about the other guy AND how good they have it ... AND keep complain about other successes   and need to propagate disapproval in order to find happiness


Lakota Indian language say there is no phrase for devil in native language just bad god

and devils peak is bad god mountain  TRANSLATED to devils peak by T Roosevelt

Truth. Would you say some are aware of this intuitively?

Consider this after processing Platos allegory of the cave or Don Miguel 4 Agreements

Not for me to create or subvert a possibility in another's path

Truths setting us free also translates to self discovery Quickening
Nothing in the world quite like Knowing and owning ,,, a truth verses someone else told me like 5 years ago on the internet

Well just started studying the esoteric and 7 ray stuff about human variances and where they are

And how all the energies were passed down to get back to humans ... and humans pick earth based partners to force em to do stuff or face emotions they never would face before ... So the most irate seeming unkind guy might have things others feel not deserving of or ... But this causes karmic debt LOLFS So thy get to make things right for another person in another lifetime

And it seems life is just a sado masochistic event with just enough reason and love in the formula to keep us going and hoping for better than before ... Even reading the bible ... U know good and evil and as such u need or will die ... More or less POINT IS both concepts similar

Been saying i am neutral and stepped off of the game and feelings without the need to compete sure changes the way we interact on a spiritual level That also explains why Gregg Braden explains Buddhist nuns like 130 years plus move like the wind an look like prom date material

Life for others does not need to make sense to me
They just need to be happy and is their business ...

I feel like there are true spiritual gifts and they come from the Highest Divine source of all, Yahweh. I also do believe that there are some that we want to have, and we may feel a sensation on our side, however, by trying to contact someone on the other side, they may not receive it. I practiced telepathy, and empathic telekenesis for quite a while, and seldom met very many people who could actually feel it. Only a small handful, like my mother, could actually feel it. However, whenever my significant other is thinking about me, I can feel it. I can feel when someone is thinking about me, and I see them in my mind's eye. There are a lot of gifts that are true, but some can be deceiving. We have to be very careful that we don't get caught up in idle thinking, because that is just a distraction, and doesn't really seem to help any. I am more focused on the physical realm and doing what needs to be done, and spiritually, I am still very much there, but I'm not going to just sit down and la-la-la-la-la all day in my head.


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