Posted by Nova Spirit on July 6, 2011

The universe is made up of energy, meaning everything is energy (even you).  To most effectively sense energy is to first know the energy.  What often happens when people are discovering their senses they jump right in with both feet and sometimes start doubting what they are getting.  Or a person has been struggling all their life with their senses and can't make sense of them.  We often forget this one little and EXTREMELY important step.  That is to figure out your own energy.  You have to be able to understand your energy intimately and when you do you can begin to discern between what is your thoughts, visions or feelings and what is not.  And when you recognize what is yours and what is not, then it becomes easier to manage the information that is coming in.


When I was first given this lesson by my own guides I was already well on my way to just accepting that what I was hearing was not always my own thoughts.  But I doubted myself on a constant basis because I didn't know what was mine and what was not!  Empaths!  They are stressing strongly, are especially susceptible to 'energy blend' as they call it.  Where they are taking on the energies surrounding them and the edges of their energy and that of their surrounding becomes blurred and blend.  The reason why, they say, this lesson should not be skipped!


When we finally are able to sense our own energy, understand its signature and know it intimately.  It is where you can finally be able to see what is yours and what is not.  If your energy gets entangled in an 'energy blend' then you can begin to consciously unravel (or separate) yourself from the emotions or visuals you have taken as your own.


So enough of me lecturing you. Let's get started into the lesson. 


Step 1:  Get your body and mind into a state of relaxation where your body is completely at rest and your mind fully awake.  See: Getting Started - Preparation for a basic meditation technique or other ideas to bring you into this state of mind.  But do not wake yourself, remain in a deep state of relaxation with your mind fully alert.


Step 2:  Become aware of yourself.  Explore all aspects of your bodies energy. How do you feel?  Can you feel your toes?  Your fingers?   Focus on your breath, how your chest rises and falls.  Notice all the sounds you make.   After you are done exploring how you feel your body and its function return your thoughts to your mind.


Step 3:  Let thoughts drift in and out of your mind.  Think thoughts and notice details such as the tone of your own thoughts, how it sounds.  How does your own thoughts feel?  Is there a certain resonance to them?  Focus your minds eye to visualize your thoughts.  Take a walk, move through  your mind.  Let images come in and look at all the details.  Imagine your walking in an open field, feel the wind caressing your skin.  Notice how you manifested the vision.  What it felt like.  What resonance is it at?  You will find that it is similar to when you think a thought.   This is the energy signature that is your own voice and thoughts that are unique only to you.


Step 4:  Focus on your emotions.  How are you feeling.  Explore and remember different times when you were happy, sad, frustrated or even mad.  Focus on those emotions of those situations and know your own emotions.  Sense how you feel when you are happy.  What specific feelings that stick out that are uniquely yours.  Sense how you feel in the other emotions and feel the feelings that are uniquely yours.  Know your own feelings.  How you respond.  You are in a state that is not influenced by any outside influences so any emotions you are feeling, looking and and memorizing is your own energy structure of what makes  up your energetic you.


Step 5:  Now return your focus back on your body.  Imagine your body as pure energy.  how your energy fits within your body.  the energy centers which spin like bright balls of light.  there are seven of them all aligned from the base of your spine all the way up to the crown of your head.  Each spinning ball of light represents an energy center that makes up your energy as a whole.  Notice how the energy that is you works and functions with your body.  You may feel like you are neatly looking out into the world as you would from inside a house.  Or you may feel like you actually are bigger than your body.  What is important is not if you are feeling you are inside your body or bigger than your body.. but that you are energy that works with your body.  Notice how your energy feels and notice where you are located.  Become acutely aware of how you feel in that you are located within your body.


Step 6:  Now that you have explored all aspects of how you feel.  Take a mental note of everything you sensed about your own energy.  Your thoughts, your inner voice, how did they sound?  How did they resonate?  Your emotions, how did they feel, how are they unique to your own energy.  Your energetic body, how it feels located in your own body.  Noting the location of where you are.


Step 7:  Bring your body out of this relaxed state but keep your mind alert.  If you used meditation, count to a number and by the time you reached that number your body becomes fully awake.  Then immediately sit down and write in your journal, what you have discovered.  Be as detailed as you can be remembering how you felt.. how your energy felt.


This is one of those exercises that I was asked to repeat over and over and over again.  Until I began to just know my own energy.  I knew my own thoughts, I knew how I felt.. I knew my own energy.  At first I really resisted because if felt so unimportant!  so if you are saying.. Nova when are we going to get to the good stuff? All I can say, just remember the Karate Kid's lesson... Wax On... Wax Off. :D (per correction! *grins*)


It will begin to make sense.  But in the meantime.. Practice practice practice!  Get to know yourself intimately!  Energetically speaking!



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