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Hopefully I have given you enough time to practice Exercise 1: Getting to know your own Energy and probably are thinking, it’s about time I got around to Exercise 2!  Well without further adieu I am about to allow you to embark on an amazing journey into the energetic world.


Exercise 1 focused solely on discovering your energetic self, recognizing your own energetic signature when you are in a relaxed state.  This exercise will now stretch your focus to your immediate surroundings.  If you noticed this will become a multi part exercise to help you become aware of your surroundings, environment and how you relate to everything you interact with.  First I will be taking you through the motions of sensing your environment in a meditative state then I will be guiding you into sensing your environment while conscious and walking about.


For those who are beginning to understand their abilities and developing them, these exercises become a strong foundation upon which to build upon as you work to strengthen the area of senses that are strongest for you.  For those who are trying to gain control of their senses, these exercises are the groundwork to helping you identify what energies are yours and what are not, giving you the resources necessary to help center and balance you back so you don’t become overwhelmed.  They key of understanding will become that you have a lot more control energetically than you probably realize.


As you move through these exercises you will notice I usually refer back to previous posts to help assist you into getting into the energetic state necessary to complete these exercises.  Everything I do, I work to build upon what was learned previously like putting a puzzle to gether.


Energetically Sensing Your Surroundings – Indoors


Most of us when we are working on our own, especially in the beginning, tend to work alone in a room within our home environment that is free from outside influences.  A quiet place to contemplate, think and unwind from our sometimes crazy and hectic days.  It is suggested to begin this exercise is to use the space in which you are comfortable with, where you normally unwind or practice meditation techniques.


To begin, bring your body into a relaxed state with your mind fully alert.  (If you need guidance refer to my post Getting Started – Preparation


Surround yourself with the golden or white light of protection (refer to Energetic Protection).  This is to allow you to work in the energetic field surrounding you in a safe manner without outside influences that can sometimes be negative.   Remember negative influences are not just negative energetic attacks, but can also be from just having a rough day where you are frazzled by the events that have occurred.  The white light is there to help separate you energetically from those events, think of it as a mini energetic retreat.  The white light helps repel those negative energies away from you.  If you are having troubles fully visualizing this yourself, ask your guides and guardians to help shore up this white light of protection.


Center yourself, by recognizing your own energy signature and pattern as you practiced in Exercises 1 - Getting to know your own Energy.  What most people discover as they begin to recognize their own energy signature is that this becomes more or less automatic.  Once they learn and know their energy signature it becomes second nature.  They key is to always be aware of your own energetic being and your relation to everything around you.


Now you are ready to begin sensing your surroundings. 


Often the easiest way to begin is to visualize the room you are in.  With your eyes closed visualize the room you are in like you would see in a photograph except it will be in 3 dimensional space.  You should be able to see the object in your mind as well as sense the distance you are from it.  Look at each object in your room from your mind’s eye.  Look at its detail and sense its distance from you. 


At first it may feel like you are only using your memory of the room that you are in.  It is true in the beginning, but as you start to look at each object in your room with your mind’s eye you will probably start to see details you never saw when you were just consciously moving about.  This is the extra sensory perception we are building upon. 


If you are having trouble seeing clearly, ask for clarity.  Sometimes, just saying ‘clarity now’ helps bring the visualization in your mind’s eye sharper like focusing lenses on a camera only you are focusing your psychic lens.   Otherwise, relax more.  Sometimes when we try so hard we start blocking our own abilities.  We are so excited to try we can ‘try too hard’.  As it was explained to me, we are often expecting a certain result; therefore our mind is blocking all other possibilities because it’s looking for a certain outcome.  Because of this, we miss all of the other perceptions as we seek a certain result.   We are asked to relax and just allow whatever comes to mind to happen.  Trust what you receive and not to expect a certain result.


Let me give you an example.  You are having trouble visualizing the room but you are seeing colors swirling about.  These colors are swirling from a specific area in your vision.  You ask for clarity hoping to see a visual of the object but the colors only grow more intense.  You might at first consider this a failure of using your extra sensory perception when in fact, they are working just fine.  You are sensing the energy field that surrounds all things.  Perhaps you aren’t seeing anything but hearing different sounds.  You can tell where the sounds are coming from and how far away you are from those sounds.  Your clairaudient abilities are at work.


These are examples of different ways our strongest extrasensory senses appear.  It is not that you are failing to visualize but it is showing which senses are most natural for you.  This will often occur with people who are just beginning to discover their senses. 


Another thing to remember everything is energy!  Not just live entities like you or me, plants or animals.  All matter has an energy field as well, yes that’s right even inanimate objects give off their own energy.  This is why sometimes, people can pick up energy signatures or memory imprints of the owner of that object or events that has happened in the past just by touching objects.


What to do when you are sensing the environment around you.


Once you have become aware of your senses at work.  Begin to interact with the environment to see how your energy works with it.  If you see or sense your plant on the other end of the room, move your focus towards it.  How are you viewing it?  Do you feel like your entire energy moves forward that you are near the plant or are you still aware you are several feet away from it?  Pay attention to your own energy in relation to the object of your focus.  What we are working on is bringing awareness of how you interact with your environment on an energetic level.  If you are an Empath struggling to keep yourself separate from other energies and not taking them on, this level helps you identify your energy and what is not your energy and while you are practicing you are learning to keep a healthy boundary for your own energetic self.


When you are finished with the exercise it is time to bring your body back to consciousness but remember to keep your mind fully alert.  


Look at the room that you visualized with your senses.  Are the objects where you envisioned them?  Do they contain the minuet details that you saw in your mind’s eye? 


While the memory of the exercise is still fresh, write down what you experienced and felt.


Repeating and practicing this exercise.


When you go back to repeat this exercise, place different objects around you such as plants, crystals, candles (only if they are in a container that is safe and will not tip over), and/or any indoor fountains or water features you can place in your area that you want to focus upon.  By using different objects you will exercise your extrasensory muscles as well as learn how your senses pick up the various and different objects that is near you.


Another reason to repeat this exercise is when you want to develop and strength other senses that you don’t use naturally.  If you are naturally clairaudient then practicing visualization techniques will help strengthen those senses you don’t often rely upon.


Keep a log of how you are progressing with each session.  Most often, especially if you feel you weren’t very accurate in the beginning, with each session your senses become sharper and more defined where your accuracy increases.  Keeping a log will help you track your progress as well as identify how you perceive an object.  Since how you perceive it may not be how another person perceives it.  The more you recognize in your own unique way of sensing, the more you will come to trust your own abilities.

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