Many people are terrified by mental illness; they are afraid to tell anyone they suspect they may be mentally ill.  Most mental illnesses are derived from our societies and cultures.  If we do not learn how to talk about our fears safely, we may never learn how to heal ourselves.


Healing Madness – An Emerging Paradigm for Wellbeing

We are on the track of an emerging cultural phenomenon that excites us a lot, an emerging paradigm that will be a major focus for our work for the near future.  We see that many people are writing about revising our mental health paradigms to demonstrate that many things that today may be regarded as mental illnesses are actually helpful healing processes.

Things like Depression, Schizophrenia, and Psychoses evolved.  These things did not just appear willy-nilly out of nowhere.  These things could never have evolved unless they performed some sort of valuable, useful functions.  Evolution would have culled them from our range of abilities if they did not help us in some fundamental way.

Ancient civilizations may often have understood these things better than we do today.  Sadly, we may have lost their ancient wisdom partly because Christianity and Islam have both stigmatized mental illnesses as spiritual illnesses caused by or created by demonic influences or demonic possession.

As an emerging scientific civilization in the Dark Ages, in our collective cultural efforts to develop a more rational approach to the world, we dismissed these quasi-religious approaches to mental health and instead tried to build a model of mental well-being in which we have tried to redefine our madnesses as organic brain dysfunctions.

Sometimes, some mental illnesses, particularly depression, can trigger serious biochemical responses that can eventually lead to organic brain dysfunctions.  However, most of these so-called illnesses are really ways in which we may learn to heal ourselves naturally when we are sometimes confronted with impossible circumstances in our lives that may make it seem very difficult to make any successful, healthy choices to fix whatever is wrong in our lives.

Depression is a healing response to being overwhelmed.

Depression motivates us to isolate ourselves, to remove ourselves from sources of our chronic, environmental stresses.

In the old days, we might have just gone on a journey, leaving family and friends behind until we returned.  However, in our modern worlds we may not be able to go anywhere unless we abandon our homes and become itinerant homeless wanderers.

We, ourselves, have chosen to do that several times in our life now, so we understand the value of being homeless.  Alas, the journeys we may sometimes go on, whether as a traveling vacationer paying their way for comfort in strange places, or as a homeless wanderer existing on the charity of strangers, is a journey within our own minds, a journey upon which it is often very easy to get lost.

When we get lost on this sort of journey, our civilizations tend to call us schizophrenic.  When we are lost on our journeys and become more stressed, we may learn to act out in anti-social manners that many people agree are unacceptable behavior; they may then label us as psychotics.

However, none of these terms actually means that we are insane.

Often, it is quite the opposite.

If our societies and cultures do not stigmatize or persecute us for being mentally ill according to their own beliefs, then often, our psychoses, schizophrenia, and depression can actually lead us to our sanity.

All societies and civilizations on Earth are already insane.  Few people like to examine this truth, but it is still true.

When we learn to conform to our societies' expectations, we are adopting their existing mental, emotional, and social illnesses.  We are saying we will agree to live in ways that may teach us to hurt ourselves in exchange for the benefits of living in a reasonably stable society, culture, or civilization.

However, many of the social, emotional, and mental illnesses that we must adopt in order to adapt to our native cultures may benefit other members of our societies more so than they benefit us.  Many social mechanisms are already in place that benefit the members of our societies as a group at the expense of the welfare of individual members.

The new model for mental health that is now emerging recognizes that what we currently call mental illnesses may really be healing processes.  Within the structures of these re-emerging paradigms we may learn to teach ourselves how to heal ourselves and how to help each other learn to heal.  We may then remake our madnesses into the tools whereby we enable ourselves to heal our own lives.

It often requires a cultural and social background that understands and supports these new healing processes and paradigms in order to learn to heal ourselves, however, the good news is that such cultures are now emerging.

The kind of cultures that can help us to teach ourselves to heal ourselves are becoming more widely accessible and acceptable; people like Deepak Chopra are helping to pave the way into this braver new world.

We wish we had it all together to tell you all of the details, but we are still learning about this; we are still learning how to write about it.  We have had to take ourselves far beyond the veil of acceptable behavior in order to learn this; we have had to become as crazy as the people whom we hope to help, people who must still learn to heal themselves by using their own madnesses as the tools that will finally help them to heal.

Our most recent journeys into darkness and madness have been deeply gratifying worthwhile experiences; we are much healthier now.  We will continue to become healthier because our new paradigms for mental, emotional, and social wellbeing are far more successful than anything that our more traditional medical practices of today have been able to provide, thus far.

Always remember, any belief in rationalism is just another irrational belief…


To your good health!  May your madness drive you sane…

Love, Grigori Rho Gharveyn

aka Greg Gourdian, Roger Holler, et al…




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Thank you Grigori for yet another brilliant post~

EmBrAcE tHe MaDnEsS, hUg A hArE!

themagickcat :D


i have been in the dark night of the soul many times and each time i return to the light..i have grown spiritually...have had an epiphany..usually about myself , something i need to deal with somthing i fear or "character defect"

does anyone else have this happen?
i don't call it mental illness...i call it growth and i embrace it.
you both are so right on...i am a retired RN certified in mental health...i worked in a large psych hospital 10+ years...

it really helped because i could identify with my patients...

long story...

Long stories indeed sweet lady Rae...

We have been charting the 'murky waters' of the human psyche for many, many long lifetimes now...

<Yiddish Voice:> Oy, such stories we could tell...


We have learned how this 'Dark Night of the Soul' works in very intimate detail.  What we have learned is partly scary, partly liberating, on the balance, it is more liberating than scary.


All people learn to harm themselves in various ways that they may all too often be entirely unaware of.

In our Dark Nights we analyze our self harm mechanisms and learn to mitigate or repair them; we heal.


Of course, many people dread their Dark Nights, they medicate themselves senseless to disable themselves from confronting the harm they do to themselves and to those they love.


Much of the self harming behaviors people learn are culturally acquired forms of social conditioning, such as when men maintain misogyny so that some women learn to accept inferior roles and may often seem to become nearly unable to see themsevles in roles as equals. 

Or, when other forms of social exploitation may be useful such as racism or nationalism.


We study how social conditioning tools work and how they affect large groups of people as collectives and as individuals.

We call this study Memetics.


In order to heal our minds and free our souls we must each learn to deal with the social conditioning we have adopted; we must learn to mitigate the most harmful effects of our social conditioning within ourselves as well as within our social intercourse with others.

We must also learn to enhance and enjoy the many benefits we may build through more effective self-understanding and social networking.


Learning the skills to mitigate these socially transmitted parasitic belief systems has taken many, many lifetimes, but the capacity to explain these matters and teach them in a short time has been improving exponentially, we will soon have enough information, as a collective human race to address all of our sorrows and end all of our woes.


Blessed be...


Ummm, did you recently speak to one of your friends and say:

"so nice of you to stop by?"

^^ at 6:15 PM Pacific Time, Apr 18th???




thank you Grigori for being all that you are☼

I think a lot of splitting of the mind into multiple personalitys is designed by satan and the fallen angels, so they have bodys to step into from time to time, so they can create fear and heart ache in those around them, to feed like vampires from the negative energys created by the drama and grief. They can also experince human sex, thru the human bodys they possess. But they cant get into a body unless a door is opened by some trauma, or experience that breaks down the normal defences.

My experiences dealing with wingnuts, has been dangeruos for me. As a servant of Jesus Christ, knowing things i am not suppossed to know, when i get  girl into my life who is a mulitple personality, it becomes havoc. I have at times confronted the demons in them, but they are not afraid of me, resist me, and dont seem subject to Gods name or Jesus name. They are rebellious defiant, and stubborn as all get out.

I have to disagree totally with the direction of whats being said here about different lifetimes, experiencing this for growth?? what about the peoples lives you damage in the process. No growth is worth killing anothers souls heart, like your mom or a lover, from drug abuse, or splitting ones mind into multiples so demons can enter you, to jack with your mom or lover. I think you are way off base here. Turn it around people and take this higher.. Loving you--dennis

Hi brother Dennis,

We are very sorry you have had such a difficult time with your multiple girl-friend.

We cannot doubt you sincerely believe she was possesed, as we are somewhat possesed ourselves at times, by our permissions, always.

We can cast out any being we wish at any time, being a spirit medium and channel may seem to expose us to some risks as you seem to see things, but these are acceptable risks to us, as we see them.

We are not at all convinced demons are evil, quite the contrary.

We hope you will review our following articles and get back to us, because you seem sincerely distressed and we would like to help you make peace.

Our Personal Theosophy - The Genesis of God


World Peace - Misunderstanding the Roles of Angels and Demons

Hell in a Nutshell 



Blessed be...



I disagree, in 1970, i cast some demons out of several inmates at a physchiatric facility. Got thier names, how long they had been in the body, what happened to allow them in the body. ECT-- Well a fellow guard saw  this on one occasion. He told the other security folks thier was deomns in some bodys at that facility. so they got scared and all called in sick.

Suddenly the warden had no guards to watch his prison. An investigation was run, and they found out it was me, who exposed the demons, and scared the staff. So they fired me, to get the staff back to watch prisoners who were murderers and serial killers, ect. Not long after that, fallen angels got into my wife somehow, and she divorced me, the church pastor kicked me out of church, cause i wanted him to cast demons out of folks, cause he couldnt be fired for it and lose his paycheck, like I did, which caused my wife to leave with our kids. He was scared and wouldnt do iut, so he kicked me out.


I have been marked scince that day 45 yrs ago. They follow me, they possess my supervisors eventually and get me "let go". They attach to girlfriends, "eventually" and start jacking with me thru her. Then I have got to get rid of her. I have tried direct confrontation again, they just ignore me, and continue to growl at me or whatever. I can get them to step back and let the girl talk to me, but they are getting stronger and more evil and mean, over the last 45 yrs. Somethings has changed, maybe Jesus is getting ready to come back.

The demons i have seen, make folks cut thier arms a hundred times with razor blades, hang themselves in cells with sheets, whlie speaking in demonic tounges. Strip naked and smear thier on shit (feces) all over thier bodys while speaking in tounges, and eating thier own shit, when I look in the cell to see if they ARE ALRIGHT.  You got to be demon possessed yourself to say demons are OK. The hell-- they are not!

I think humans are soveriegn, and never were meant to have evil spirits attached to them, or possess them. I feel that is a lie you are saying about its all good, to have a demon in you. I dont agree, from wht i have seen. I mean, all serial killers share one or two wicked spirits or a fallen angel, that just keeps jumping from body to body, once they get locked up. You need to keep this real dude, dont get stupid on me now.

I have seen all these things, in that place, for over 12 yrs......... Be real man!....... Loving you--dennis

Thanks Lela for the flower and kind vibes, much appreciated. I apologize for being all inclusive, in my above post. I was not in a good mood the day i wrote that. I realize demons and fallen spirirts are juts like people. They come in all shapes, sizes, and personalitys. Not all are killers, many are like children.

Peter on his website;; makes a valid point. Scince Jesus "brotherhoods of light" are now pushing fallen entitys, spirits, and fallen angels even, out of the 6th, 5th, 4th, 3th, and 2nd heavens, they are all being pushed to earth for judgemnet. This has happened over the last 50 yrs. That would explain the sudden explosion of so many spirits attaching themselves to people on earth. They have lost thier homes "out there" and are stuck on earth. Obviously the weaker, childlike ones will be forced here by more stornger wicked entities who want to stay in the 2nd heaven, ther is only so much room.

So I apologize to all spirits/entitys: for being to all inclusive, I know you are not all evil. But like people, suffer from duality and confusion; but still trying to do the right thing. I get that.

So the invitaion is still open to all entitys of various forms; to mentally, and in your hearts, to line up with the principles of Jesus Chrtist. Which is right doing, love, nuturing and being kind and caring. If you follow this, you will be alright in the judgement, most likely. God bless all of us, in these final hours, just before Jesus comes back. And my apologys again, I know we and "them" are not all bad.. peace qand love  -dennis

i am dealing with surppressed rage...i have pissed off everyone i know...HELP...


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