Okay, you finally learned the job and you've gotten so good they want you to train others....EEEAAAKKK!!!  Calm down it isn't as hard as it seems...Just be organized and patient.  Admittedly I used to go in the break room and scream or kick the trash can around the room....(heeheehee)but never in front of the trainee.

     Don't laugh, but I learned this when I worked at Denny's Restaurant(worked there 10 years)I have used this to teach my autistic daughter, and many others.   This is simple to do, but don't let the people you train talk you out of it, because they already 'know' the job.  Every job, every place is different, and does things differently.  You have to do the job just like your employer wants, not how you want.

1)  Do the task in front of the trainee, fully explaining what and why you are doing it.

2)Have the trainee do the task, while you tell them step by step how.

3)The trainee, now does the task, and fully explains step by step what he/she is doing.    and finally...

4)this is the acid test.   You do the task, while the trainee tells you how to do it step by step.  

     Obviously, it won't all happen in a day, especially if there is a lot to the job.  Also don't be afraid to give quizzes through out, yes, just like in school.  This method works, and is a good test of whether they can learn the correct way, the way the employer wants the job done.  later on,l they can find other ways, but it is important they learn the 'right' way first.  

     Also emphasize teamwork.  Everyone works together, not as a bunch of scattered people....if one falls a bit behind you help.  Let me give you an example.   You work in a restaurant and needs glasses out front.  What do you do?  run back and tell the dishwasher you need glasses,now?  OR, you need glasses, before going to the back, you grab a bustub, go back and ask for glasses.  You notice a rack of coffee cups, you grab them and bring them out front.  You work as a team.  Or, an employee keeps getting busy with customers or on the phone with clients.  You've finished, so you go to help them out. It's about working as a team, not by yourself.

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I was management and this sounds like the training i did with my new employees. Only i had them do it while I told them what to do so they had hands on! Good tips though i really like this group!

that is the second step, you tell them what to do, and they do it.  

first, explain the task step by step and do it...Then tell them what to do and they do it....the third step is they do the task, while explaining step by step how it is done....the real test is last, they tell you step by step how to do the task while you do it.  It may take longer this way....and yes some...like my husband wouldn't need it.  But this way insures they know what they are doing....there are a 1000 different ways to do something, it's true.  and later, you tend to do what works best for you, but first they need to learn how the company wants it done.


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