This is an excerpt from my book A Spiritual Quest that emphasizes Pranayama or breath control a vital process for healthy life.

Page 252 of Vendata Bulletin: “Control of breathe through science of breath can command the body to do anything. The power of self-control is bound to come to one who has learnt the control of breath or one who has faithfully practiced the breathing exercises as given by the Swamis from India. The utility of this wonderful science is proved by medical practitioners, mental scientists, and by those who teach physical culture or voice culture. Again, when this breath is brought under control it brings peace of mind. When the mind is directed towards the Supreme Ideal, you will obtain spiritual enlightenment, in which you will discover the past and future of your soul-life. Thus Raja Yoga when properly applied to our daily lives will make us strong logical.”
Kundalini Siva-Sakti teaches five breath control techniques; Alternate Breathing, Hatha Pranayama, Breath of Fire, Kumbaka and Bandhi Locks. Practice the five breath controls over the weeks and when you have increased the holding times you will enlarged the delivery of oxygen into the bloodstream. The toxins are being exhaled with greater efficiency. You will see why it is called the vital force as it transforms your circulatory and respiratory to increased levels of delivery. Combined with the asanas and nutrition your body will be invigorated. Learn these breathing techniques
at a pace that benefits you. During further lessons I will refer to the breathing types in the positions and warm ups as they warrant. There is never a competition in yoga, your level is the best you can do and that is good. This will help heal and relax you from daily stress.
The following is a definition of Pranayama taken from writings of V. S. Apte as reported by Wikipedia pranayama section.
“Pranayama (Devanagari: प्राणायाम, prāṇāyāma) is a Sanskrit compound.
V. S. Apte provides fourteen different meanings for the word prana (Devanagari: प्राण, prāṇa) including these:
 Breath, respiration
 The breath of life, vital air, principle of life (usually plural in this sense, there being five such vital airs generally assumed, but three, six, seven, nine, and even ten are also spoken of)[2]
 Energy, vigor
 The spirit or soul
Of these meanings, the concept of "vital air" is used by Bhattacharyya to describe the concept as used in Sanskrit texts dealing with pranayama.] Thomas McEvilley translates "prana" as "spirit-energy". It’s most subtle material form is the breath, but is also to be found in blood, and it’s most concentrated form is semen in men and vaginal fluid in women.
Kumbhaka Pranayama: “He obtains the position of Raja Yoga undoubtedly. Kundalini awakens by Kumbhaka, and by its awakening, Susumna becomes free from impurities.” Gita
“Kumbhaka is the keeping the air confined inside. Rechaka is expelling the confined air. The instructions for Puraka, Kumbhaka and Rechaka will be found at the proper place and it should be carefully followed. By drawing up from below (Mula Bandha) and contracting the throat (Jalanddhara Bandha) and by pulling back the middle of the front portion of the body (i.e., belly); the Prana goes to the Brahma Nadi (Susumna)”. Gita
This is the method for Kundalini Bhandi Locks that employs the Kumbhaka method of muscle contractions to bring the pranayama to the brain. This will be discussed in the Kundalini chapter.
Monier-Williams defines the compound prāṇāyāma as (m., also pl.) "N. of the three 'breath-exercises' performed during Saṃdhyā (See pūraka, recaka, kumbhaka"
This technical definition refers to a particular system of breath control with three processes as explained by Bhattacharyya: pūraka (to take the breath inside), kumbhaka (to retain it), and recaka (to discharge it). There are also other processes of pranayama in addition to this three-step model.” Wikipedia; Pranayama
“By means of various postures and different Kumbhakas, when the great power (Kundali) awakens, then the Prana becomes absorbed in Sunya (Void).” Gita This verse shows the importance of Pranayama for the energy of Kundalini and the absorption into bliss, one with god.
The pranayama breathing exercises are vital to your life. Pranayama (vital force) awakens Shakti (power), frees from disease, detaches you from the world and produces bliss .The respiration, inspiration and the retention will increase in time for each performance. Yoga uses a scale from easy to hard as follows; Adhama – inferior, Madhyama – middle and Uttama – best.
The stages are measured with the performance of Puraka (inspiration), Recaka (expiration) and Kumbhaka (retention). The value is calculated by the length of then PURAKA, KUMBHAKA, and RECAKA.
That is inhaling, retention and exhaling. In that order the assigned values are in seconds;
Adhama 4, 16, and 8 = 28 Madhyama 8, 32, and 16 = 56 Uttama 16, 64, and 32 = 112
As you practice the yogis say that the Adhama causes perspiration and tremors. In Madhyama and Uttama, when done a 100 times, produces levitation. These pranayama exercises help cleanse the central nervous system. This then creates a fire that rises from the root chakra awakening the Kundalini Shakti. When you lock this fire with the Bandhi locks of Kundalini it reverses the flow of the energy or fire to stimulate the brain in a bio-dynamic way. This is a power or Shakti that ascends in a spinal-
cerebro flow through the energy centers. This rises through the cleansed nadis or central nervous system and produces bliss and absorption of energy into the brain. This releases visual power and connects to the spiritual self-energizing the Crown Chakra.
When you achieve purification and the cleansing of the nadis this fire will open up your energy flow and give you intuitive strength and this will be enlightenment of the self that is one with god in a sacred union (Shakti).
“The Yogi, his mind constantly fixed on this Lotus, his breath by Kumbhaka is in his wrath able to move the three worlds. Neither Brahma nor Visnu neither Hari-Hara (Hindu Gods) nor Surya (jewel of the sky) nor Ganapa is able to control his power (resist him)”
Verse31A1 Tripura-sara-samuccaya, Ch. V, 26
Diaphragm Breathing
Pranayama means breath control taken in a direction. Diaphragm breathing is the correct way to fill your lungs properly. The ancient translation reads that Prana, which dwells in the heart, draws Apana, which dwells in the Muladhara (root chakra) and Apana draws Prana, a falcon attached by a string is drawn back again when he attempts to fly. This is a colorful expression of diaphragm breathing. The diaphragm is a muscle between the stomach and the esophagus.
The breathing control is to expand the lower lung by pushing the diaphragm out to fill the lungs from the bottom to the top and then pushing the diaphragm towards the spine to empty the lungs. When you fill a pitcher with water the bottom is filled first. This will increase the oxygen throughout all of your body dramatically. The air we breathe is the same energy that inspires all physical matter and releases tension. During the Hath-Yoga postures breath control is done rhythmically.
1. Inhale pushing the diaphragm away from the spine
2. Exhale pushing diaphragm muscle towards the spine
3. Place your hand on your stomach and notice the breath direction

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I enjoy working with the kundalini energies. It is important on your breath control. I like how kundalini works along with the chakras.

I am a Reiki Master and through that I work closely with the chakras and they relate to the kundalini "Ida, Pingala and the Sushumna".

It is all connected and energy that is exercised  is like a football player who passes for 60 yards ata pin point, so it is with energy for the paranormal of a Reiki Master whose energy is manifested ousie the body from energy arising inside the body to the cranial energizing commanding the energy to release as mind over matter is created and metamorphosis into healing light that heals the other one connecting with their light. “The essence of all beings is the earth; The essence of earth is water, the essence of water is plants, The essence of plants is man”The Upanishads Of Ancient India

Thank you for your reply. It is true and to the point.

Breathing is vital, increasing this will enhance life.


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