I recently purchased the Everyday Witch deck by Deborah Blake and I'm in love with it. However, I find myself relying on the book to explain to me what the cards mean instead of using my intuition to figure it out. Anyone have any tips on beginners reading tarot cards? I also have trouble figuring out different spreads. I only use a past, present, and future spread usually.

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Like anything else, you need to do it over and over again until you memorize what they mean....the intuition comes later, or with it.  I know this because I am doing the same thing.  Oracle cards are a bit easier to understand, I've found.  A three card spread is good, for now.  Keep it simple.  I have an animals tarot that has an animal paw pattern I use.  it takes 5 cards.  

     Here is a link to some more spreads that may give you ideas....but simple really is best.  Make sure you make the deck yours first.  You do this by touching the corner of each card, and at the end, put them in a pile and hit them with your knuckles to get the rest of the remaining evil.negativity out.


Thank you Linda.

never heard that before !

MsMollimizz, I read a lot.  You know I don't even remember where I read that one?  It may have been in a deck of tarot with the symbol meanings.

Yet without intuition we don't feel the meanings...not all meanings are set in stone. Especially when the card next to them is contradicting in any way.

I use two Oracle decks and the cards have no set meaning, and that's fine with me.

I use a name spread...and don't do past, present, and future. When I shuffle my cards

the only question I ask is: What does this person need to know or pay attention to right now ?

For these are the answers I hear...what is important right now.

Gentle Light


interpreting meanings cab be tricky.  Here's an example:  Everyone thinks the 'death card' is bad, evil, because it's death right?  But it could mean, more then likely the death of a situation.

That, and death of the old self making way for the "new you" !

Gentle Light


What I did was layout each suit (as well as the major arcana) in order. Each set tells a story, with the theme being the nature of the suit. When you see the story laid out, it is much easier to remember, I've found, as opposed to remembering individual card meanings.


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