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Lets Start at the Beginning
The Smudging Ceremony.
What you need, sage sweet grass cedar, or tobacco, singly or in combination, or other medicine wheel herbs, a shell or small bowl a fan or a feather. and matches. Takes about five minutes of your time, if in a group more time is needed.
Mix the herbs in your shell and light them.
When they are burned use a feather, from a chicken or turkey or pheasent or duck, or fan to put out the flame,
1-then drawing the smoke to your heart, then over your head, down your arms, down the front of your body and then the back towards the ground.
if you need special healing in a part of your body you can pull the smoke there.
2-the plants will help you, but it is your responsibility to cleanse your own engery field.
3- next offer smoke to the six directions, up to the Creator, down to Mother Earth, North to Waboose, East to Wabun, South to Shawnodese, and West to Mudjekeewis.
4- After you are done with your self you can now smudge others in the group.
5- If inside you may walk around the room smudging the room and the corners particularly.
6- Smudge any tools you will use in the ceremony. .

Today we are told this.
The Medicine Wheel teaches that there are two worlds - the Seen World and the Unseen World, or the Physical World and the Spiritual World. We need information from both of these worlds in order to live our lives in a harmonious way. The most difficult way is to figure things out by ourselves and leave the Great Spirit out of it. When we do this, we are making decisions with information only from the Physical World. This can be called reliance on self. If we ask the Creator to help us, we then get information from the Unseen World or the Spiritual World. The Spiritual World is where we get our power. When we do this, we are God-reliant. Being God-reliant is the same as being on the Red Road. .

Through Ceremony
Thru ceremony we learn to give back, by singing , dancing, drumming, When we pray we give energy back from our hearts. Ceremonies and RespectMost people must learn this way of life. If you live in harmony, always respecting the sacred circle and all things in it, every step you take can be a ceremony that celebrates your connection with the Creator. If you live this way you realize you, like the Medicine Wheel, are a tool of life guided by the Creator that is within you and around you..

I hope thru this understanding you will realized how itis impotant to know all that is involved in knowing the Medicine Wheel,The Directions, the Power Animals, and the Spirits of the Ancient Ones. The Power of the Stones, Plants, Colors, Moons Paths, Minerals. Everything is connected. We are a circle, we are connected. We are the Dance, We hear the Mother Earth Songs.

Who are the Ancient Spirits?
The ancient spirits are the embodiment of the ancient people of the earth. Ancient spirits speak in the collective voices of ancient people. They are the spirit guides, the inner voices of the earth. Ancient spirits are archetypal visions given form. They appear to the shaman in visions to give them messages from the earth. They come to you with intension to communicate with you. They come to help you heal. Initially you see them from afar. They make themselves known to you. When it is clear you invited them, their voices become clearer. Ancient spirits need to have a relationship cultivated to stay visible. They bring you back into the forest. They coax you deeper into nature. They take you on their ancient paths. When you follow and ancient spirit, that is when you discover the feather and understand its meaning. The ancient ones take you on the Path Of the Feather. The ancient ones tell us the story of The Path of the Feather. . Comment by Feather Strike on July 5, 2010 at 6:17pm Delete Comment Spirit Animals, what are they?
A spirit animal or power animal is a spiritual energy of the animal on earth. The spirit animal is greater then the actual animal because it embodies the essence of that animal. It is the animal. It is not a human form of the animal or an human dressed as an animal. It is the animal spirit itself.
For example the spirit bear, it is the voice of all the bears that have evr lived. It is the shamanic bear. It is the bear that can see itself and speak. A spirit animal appers to be shaman as a vision. It is the voice of the wild. The voice of nature, the voice of the earth. This animal informs the shaman of the earth energy it holds. It gives the shamanic power and protection. It is a helper that assits the shaman on the journey inward. No shaman would attempt an inner journey without the help of a power animal. The power animal conveys to the shaman and their people an energy they need to heal. They will simply say "Because you are suposed to be here. if you were ment to be some where else the Creator would have put you there instead". Wado

There are other ways in which to Cleansing
you can use sound. Use a rattle or drum and smudge yourself with sound beginning at your head and going to your feet.Afterwards flick off any engery clinging to the instrument and ground this energy in the earth.
Centering yourself
Some of the ways we often use to center energy is to drum rattle and /or chant.
Some common offerings are tobacco, cormeal, birdseed, kinnikinnick, salt baths, songs or chants, drumming, flowrs. a piece of your hair, cleansing in streams or water,
( if appropriate to the materials the tool is made from), smoke or incense, and food left out in an area for the spirit of the medicine tool. Same goes for the Wiccan Path.
Making an Offering Altar
Keep in mind when you are honoring the spirit of your medicine tool you are giving love and thanks to the spirit or energy of the tool. It is impotant to be respectful of the medicine tool, but to remember you are not idolizing the physical shell of the tool. What is being acknowledge through this form of prayer and offering is the energy and life force that sends breath, healing, and life viameans of the medicine tool. Medicine tools are gifts from the from Spirit to harness spirits energy.
my prayers for you as you wok the Medicine wheel tools is to go shinning, toward your enlightened path, towards the healing that needs to be brought forth towards the light of the Creator and the Earth Mother.
The Shaman's Quarters

The Circle of Life, the Medicine Wheel, the Sacred Circle is divided into Four Quarters and we consider all aspects of our life in the context of what each Quarter represents.
There are Four directions: South, West, North and East.

There are Four parts in everything that grows from the Earth: the Roots, the Stem, the Leaves and the Fruit.

There are Four kinds of Creatures: those that Swim, those that Crawl, those that Walk, and those that Fly.

There are Four Times that we measure our lives by: the Night, the Day, the Moon, and the Year.

There are Four levels of Understanding: Innocence, Introspection, Wisdom, and Illumination.

At the South is Innocence, the Roots, those that Swim, the Night. This is the time of Conception, when a child floats in the womb of the Mother and absorbs all that She will give. The infant is taught through experience and absorption, and relates all this learning to becoming the Self.

At the West is Introspection, the Stem, those that Crawl, the Day. This is the time of Discovery, when a child explores the World at large. The child is taught through experience, instruction, and relates all this learning to identifying the Self. This is where a child learns values, respect and their place in their Family and Community.

At the North is Wisdom, the Leaves, those that Walk, the Moon. This is the time of Practice, when an adult carries responsibility. The adult is taught through experience, honing their skills as they live. This is where an adult claims their place in World and learns the complexity and interconnections between Self, Family, Community, Society and the World.

At the East is Illumination, the Fruit, those that Fly, the Year. This is the time of Sharing, when an Elder teaches the wisdom they live. This is when the Elder reconnects fully with Creation and returns to the Creator.

And the Circle continues this way.

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