This is exactly what every person walks around with that is not spiritually cleansing regularly, including themselves, their homes, their vehicles and their work space. Attachments can form in many ways. They can be sent by enemies, they can be from birth, they can be from the company we keep, they definitely come from sexual interactions. But even with something as simple as a hug or handshake you can pick up someone else's attachments and sometimes you don't have to do anything at all! Some people are just super attractive to spirits and pick them up anywhere and they get followed home. This is why regular cleansing and protective practices such as head covering, carrying or wearing protections are so important.

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Omg Lowe. What a story and for your friend to have to go through

I know this is resurfacing a old topic, but i would like to mention that i personally believe in spiritual attachment. I feel that it isn't always sexual related though, also i honestly feel deep inside that each person has a duty wither they realize it or wish to react on it or not. 

I would like to bring this up only because i have continually found myself as a warrior to help defend / free those who are being attacked in such a way. I know that i am able to take some of the pain away by a transfer of energy, but i am unsure of how to truly accept energy back. I sadly am alone in this area from what I've noticed that not only believes in this, but is willing to step forward through the fear to help no matter the struggle.

When i mention i feel everyone has a duty, I mean i feel that everyone has a role they fill stronger than the others. For example, i could take a educated guess that Miss Linda is a great healer with great opening of energy flow and could use that power to help access reserves in a person or even share the energy she has to recharge them. Where then again someone like Miss Helela could be a stronger ward user, and able to guard over people by hiding them.  Now if they would react on that power of their's is their choice which is respected by all.  ( I honestly do not know y'all well enough to truly say that is what you are best at. I was just using examples )

If anyone reading this happen's to feel this way please shoot me a message or a reply. I know i may be nuts, but i'd like at least some confirmation xD. 

With all respect given,


I would shield yourself well, and then receive the energy back, you can then heal the energy and send it back out as healed.  I would never attempted this without being well grounded and shielded though.

By the way, you are not nuts...we all feel like we are from time to time though.

As far as I see it and I just met you today I think Conon, you read people well! lol. Omgoodness you do! lol. I don't know how to "hide" someone, that would make an interesting subject but guarding and protecting for sure :) I have many times just got in there, got down and dirty with all I have with "gusto" to fight and protect. Now to bring up to "hide" again, I would like to find out more about this. :)

Miss Linda, I do not know how to shut it off... infact i've even been testing a skill to help with the over flow that i discharge. sadly for me to further test it i need someone on the other coast or someone across sea. Learning how to shut down would be a great tool to learn. i've been told numerous ways / things to try, Sadly none of them have worked T_T.

Miss Helela I'm glad to hear that from you ^_^... i honestly don't know what to say, but i would like to say i'm glad we are on the same side of the tablet.

Also Thank You Both, it means alot from yall to read these comments.

With loving reguards


speaking off the top of my head, I'd try yoga, or some other meditation techniques.  Elspeth may have some ideas on that. 

Thank you for that Tip, I'll shoot Elspeth a message when she is on again, I don't want to chance waking her up while she is sleeping.

Thank you Conon.  Sometimes it's not that easy to keep all your energy inside yourself, especially when your in contact with a lot of people. Try grounding exercises.

I'm going to have to look some up. ^_^  Thank you very much both Linda and Helela for the advice.

Back when I did not learn to center self, I could always feel it. Exactly like the picture. Literally could feel at different times presence/ energy trailing behind. Although it may not be attachment but maybe more of a request for some kind of help or to get energy? I don't feel drained or them as negative, just creeped out if it hangs around for too long.

When I was little hearing spirits voices scared me. First time it happened, a woman's voice said "don't go" as I was leaving room. She was hanging around for a while and her tone was of loneliness. But I fled as soon as I heard the voice.

I don't hear them anymore. Just from time to time "feel" them, and often see in dreams.


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