passage from my book:

Lightworkers are beings that chose before birth to dedicate their human lives to serving humanity, the world and its’ creatures. Once a Lightworker is born, he or she will not remember their old life in Nirvana. Part of being born into a human body is taking on the repercussions that come with mortality. These can include pain, death, loss of memory beyond your human life, and gravity. Lightworkers are not better than others, just different.

Ego holds no place in Lightworking, and goes in the opposite direction from the servitude we seek to extend in our cause. Lightworkers can have a lot of confusion, and battle copious numbers of misdiagnosis along the lines of mental and emotional health disorders, anxiety, depression and Attention Deficit Disorder.

We may very clearly and lucidly convince ourselves that we must be insane until we learn to accept and recognize our true selves. Lightworkers often find themselves reliant on pharmaceuticals, seeing therapists and working with psychiatrists. These medications block our energy and our ability to heal and use our gifts, but some are often necessary to manage insanity so that we can tap into our gifts properly. Insanity and ability go hand-in-hand, the gifts are part of having a different brain. We are tapped into a conciousness most are not.. We spend years coming into ourselves, and awakening to our forgotten cause.

The dark side of being called as a Lightworker, is that you are most often awakened through trauma. Since Lightworking entails constant love and compassion, these practices are brought about from hardship. Lightworkers carry common experiences with grief, loss, sexual assault, abuse, addiction and death.

Through these experiences, our skills are honed and our spirits trained for the momentous task ahead of us. Without agony, cruelty and pain, we can not tap into the level of compassion needed to fuel the energy we will seek to release.

Our ability to heal others springs directly from our darkest times. This concept surprises a lot of people. We are commonly mistaken as naïve and idealistic. I will gladly admit to idealism, but I’m not naïve about the balance between light and dark. All light comes from the opposite. A flame is brightest when lit in a black room, and this holds true to Lightworking. Lightworking takes an extreme amount of continuous energy and dedication.

The focus that needs to be put into functioning on the earthly plane to help others will drain a Lightworker if he or she doesn’t take care of themselves properly. Lightworkers love to socialize in smaller numbers and settings, enjoying being more introverted at home, or out in the tranquility of nature, versus the bar or club scene. Crowds are often overwhelming, especially with those who are empathic or telepathic.

Sometimes being around the different energies and emotions is just too overwhelming. On the other end, Lightworkers can be intimidating. Sometimes we radiate, and some people say we glow. I personally get very uncomfortable if someone gets overly excited when they can see my light. It brings about a feeling of raw nakedness and exposure. We can’t hide our light from those destined to see it, and it doesn’t happen as often as you would think. There’s always a bit of an element of surprise, but it’s one of the conundrums that goes with being called to this path.

A Lightworker can be the most notable creature in the room, while wanting nothing more but complete anonymity and privacy. I rarely reveal myself, and this book really is my big “coming out”. I prefer to stay behind the scenes. At the end of the day, what matters is that someone finds peace and healing in their pain, not that they know where that healing energy came from.

When we love, beyond what we normally do, we feel it with every fiber of our being. Passionate and sensual, we commit ourselves whole-heartedly, protect those we are close to and will lay our lives down for them if necessary. Some may wait years and be "picky" about their lovers, others may find a talent for healing through the sacred act of intimacy and revel in it. When it comes to sex, we are versatile and vary by nature. There is no wrong, and nothing easy, about a Lightworker who beds many lovers, and the Lightworker who waits 2 years is no better or worse.

Though Lightworkers may share startling similarities, we also encompass extreme individualism beyond the common thread of healing light and love that bonds us. Lightworkers and true love can be tricky. We are temperamental at times, can suffer from mood swings, deep bouts of sorrow or hysterical fits of laughter, and we can be needy.

A Lightworker in love will reveal their most vulnerable parts to the person they’ve chosen, and often feel bonded with that person on a level where we can be comfortable allowing some of our more human frailties and errors to show. This is a great compliment, as we tend to keep things to ourselves and bear the weight of our flaws alone.

Lightworkers are drawn to magickal beings, and those with immense energy. Like a moth to a flame, power that is more distinctive in some is more appealing when we chose a mate. The desire between 2 beings of energy and the beauty of that copulation is something I personally have not experienced yet, but I've been told it lies beyond description.

Furthermore, it often takes someone with some experience in this area of energy, magick and/or spirituality to counter a Lightworker and process the merging of energy on such an extreme level of intensity.

We can be irritable. We feel everything all the time, and that can be exhausting and even annoying. People are often ignorant and judgmental to how homebound I tend to be. I despise going to the store, and really only leave the home if it entails a gathering with a few friends or a nature-based activity.

Going out of the house means being hyper-vigilant and aware of everything from the wind in the trees, to emotional energy, and even images and thoughts projected from others. After a few hours, this leads to exhaustion, headaches and pain, most intensely in the shoulder-blades on either side of my back.

We are survivors. We are beaten, abused, raped, kidnapped, shot, stabbed, battling addiction, struggling with suicidal tendencies and yet we don’t die. Our children are stolen from us, and murdered. There is no earthly reason why I am alive, and every otherworldly reason why I’m not dead. Despite how strong we are, we can also be incredibly fragile.

Lightworkers most commonly leave this life for the next due to heart problems. The single most life-threatening situation for a Lightworker is loving everything and everyone around you every moment, but receiving none back. This is an absolutely horrifying situation for a Lightworker to be in, and when it does, it has a disastrous and heartbreaking end.

Unfortunately, many Lightworkers are blocked by various means. These can be anything from a negative home-life to self-doubt and denial. When a Lightworker is cut off of positive energy and love, it is only a matter of time before death from a broken heart occurs.

Lightworkers are beings of love and light. A pessimist might see a glass half-empty, and an optimist half-full. A Lightworker will ask if you’re thirsty and offer you the glass. We live to love, we live to send out healing energy, to study the lights that shine from others, and to promote compassion, respekt, kindness, sound morals, courage, patience, wisdom and knowledge.

Lightworkers are unique beings. Some believe that Lightworkers are actually Angels in human form, others believe that Lightworkers descend from alien life-forms. Whatever your personal view, we all have a collective agreement that the purpose of a Lightworker is to make a positive impact in the world in every aspect of their lives.
Earthbound siblings of the Lightworker, "Bodhisattvas" promise to practice the "six perfections" of giving, moral discipline, patience, effort, concentration and wisdom in order to fulfill their bodhicitta aim of attaining enlightenment for the sake of all beings.

Through giving Bodhisattvas show generosity and compassion for others. Through moral discipline, Bodhisattvas practice sound reason and goodness towards all people, animals and the earth. Patience gives Bodhisattvas the ability to monitor our emotional reactions, actions and words towards others. Effort shows that Bodhisattvas care.

As long as Humanity keeps trying, success can be achieved. Concentration gives us focus to become the person we are destined to be and to share that ascending awareness with others. Wisdom is acquired every day of our lives until the day we die. We never stop gaining wisdom, trying to encompass it, or trying to share it with others. However, a wise man knows he is not wise.

Using these principles, we spread positivity and kindness to others, who in turn pass it along. A ripple effect of enlightened change can now begin. Eliminating ignorance, anger and hate by replacing them with education, knowledge, love and compassion is the life spark to changing humanity, one person at a time."

And, duh, the music ;) lol

~This was written by a good friend of mine, on this site.

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