Mars Energy Spell: Recharge Your Inner Battery, Get Things Done And End Procrastination

If you're feeling low energy and are having a difficult time gaining momentum to achieve a specific task or goal, here is a very powerful Mars sigil spell.

This type of magick utilizes the forceful, energetic, assertive, warrior-like spirit of Mars to propel you toward your goals.

​It simultaneously charges and shifts your personal energy to such an extent that you will develop a new routine in life. Interesting little synchronicities will begin to happen, each one pushing you toward the next step to achieve your goal.

​As with all Old World Witchcraft, your magick needs to be results-oriented and therefore measurable. Your goals need to be easily measured to determine whether your spellwork has succeeded. 
Particularly when working with Mars energy, a concrete goal is needed!  It doesn't need to be anything big or important, but you absolutely must give this Mars energy a specific task.  The task must be well-defined, attainable and relevant to your current circumstances.
Good examples of specific Mars tasks:
  • Finish your new series of paintings for your upcoming exhibition.
  • Have enough physical energy to attend yoga classes 5x a week
  • Fix my house to get it in show-condition and list it on the market
Bad examples of specific Mars tasks:
  • Make more money as an artist
  • ​Finally lose weight
  • ​Sell my house
​If you're a master procrastinator, even you can commit to (and go through with!) this powerful spell.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed or can't seem to get myself motivated...when just getting out of bed feels exhausting..,this is the spell that I do. And it has absolutely changed my life.


You Will Need:

Witchcraft Supplies:

Household Supplies:

  • Printed or drawn copy of this Mars Sigil to about an 8.5""x11" paper size. Cut away the paper so you are only left with the sigil.
  • Black pen or permanent marker
  • Matches or lighter 
  • Fireproof surface 


When To Perform:

  • The beauty of this spell is that it can be performed during just about any time, as long as it's not during the Dark Moon. 


Step 1:

Create a quiet, sacred space for yourself. Somewhere you will be undisturbed and feel comfortable. 
I like to put on music, wear pure cotton clothing and spritz myself with floral water, as it helps me center myself.

Make sure everything you need for the ritual is out in front of you. No last minute runs to get matches once the ritual starts. Be fully prepared when you step into your magickal practice. 

Step 2:

Take out your printed or drawn the Mars Sigil. I prefer to print it, and then trace it with a black pen to give it my own energy. With every line you draw (or trace), let the intense Mars energy flow through you and on to the paper. Envision this energy as fiery and powerful. 

Step 3:

Inside the triangle and all around the Mars symbol, write the exact goal in present tense. Write it as many times as it will fit inside the triangle, but do not write it inside the Mars "O" symbol.  
For example:

"I have completed my full series of new paintings in time for my art exhibit" 
"I am full of energy and joyously take yoga classes five times per week"
"My house is now in show-condition and is listed on the market" 
"I am full of energy and can easily finish the Boston Marathon"

Be specific. Use present tense. WRITE ONLY WHAT YOU WANT. No negatives. 

It doesn't have to be pretty, or even legible. As long as you can understand it and know what it says, that is all that matters. Really dig your pen into the paper, retracing ever letter. Get lost in the energy, not the way it looks. If you're focused on how it looks, you're not focusing on the intent and the energy. Ugly is good. Intensity is whats important! 

Step 4:

Concentrate on the written goal as if it has already been achieved.

Feel both the excitement and the relief knowing that the work is done and your goal has been achieved.  

Lay the four Old World Ritual Candles directly on top of the sigil and place both your hands over them. Continue concentrating on the goal, feeling the relief that it is already completed. 

Step 5:

As you feel both excitement and relief, dust the candles with about 1/3 teaspoon each of the Sacred Power Ritual Blend and Jalap Root Powder.

If you are using the Master of the Woods Powder, add it to this step as well.

Step 6:

Gather the 4 candles in your hand, make sure they are lined up evenly. While holding the bottom of the candles, begin to gently twist start from the top. The motion is similar to wringing out wet laundry. Fists twisting in opposite directions. 

The bottoms (or legs) of the candles should be untwisted for the last one inch of the candles. 

Step 7:

Spread each of the candle legs to 4 opposing sides, creating a compass rose. Place the 4-legged candle in the center of the triangle, directly on top of the Mars "O" symbol.

​This action does two things:

1) The 4 legs act as a self-contained candle holder.

2) It activates an energetic center which allows the Mars energy to be evoked through the four directions (North, South, East, West), thus surrounding you. This is a very important part of the ritual. Although the candle legs and the magnetic directions do not need to line up, they must all be pointing in different directions.

Step 8:

Light the candle, and as you do, say (either to yourself or aloud):  
"Mars I accept your energy. Fill me with your power. 
{state your goal in present tense as written on the sigil}
Mars I have accepted your energy. I am now filled with your power."

Step 9:

Sit quietly for a few minutes. Continue meditating on your goal being already accomplished, feeling energetic, feeling good. 

​You will begin feeling your hands and feet tingling. You may even feel just a tiny bit antsy, as if you consumed just one too many espresso shots. Or your skin will begin to flush, as if you have taken Niacin (vitamin B3). These are all normal and good signs! 

Step 10:

Allow the candles to burn all the way down to the Mars sigil paper.

More often than not, the candles will extinguish themselves in their own puddle of wax on the statement paper. Stay put the remainder of the burn, do not leave this spellwork unattended.

The Old World Ritual Candles burn between 20 minutes and 45 minutes, depending on the temperature in the room, the amount of ritual blend used, possible drafts, and of course, the energetic intensity of your spellwork. ​

Step 11:

You will be left with a Mars sigil paper, a small amount of wax and some loose herbs. Fold this paper into a neat little packet. You will need to carry this with you (in your wallet or in your pocket) for 28 days or until the written goal has been accomplished, whichever comes first.  

After this period, if goal is still relevant (such as continuing to attend yoga classes 5x a week), you may keep it under your bed.

If the goal is no longer relevant or you wish to repeat the spell with a new Mars task, simply bury the paper under a healthy tree. It can be in a park, your own backyard or even in the wilderness. 
Cheers to accomplishing all your goals and creating a beautiful life! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post below.

Love & Magick,
Dacha Avelin

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