since I’m religious and al, I believe in God and that ppl trusting him will go to heaven and ppl who don’t goes to hell. I have been to hell, God showed me in a dream once. And trust me, it’s not beautiful. At al. Someone screamed and you could hear that other ppl where there but you could not see them. There was so much smoke everywhere and it was hard to breathe. It was lonely, too cold but at the same time also too hot. And you could hear the sounds of chains. 

I was just wondering if anyone has been to hell like me? What did you see and what’s different compared to what I saw? I’m curious about what you think about this. Don’t be afraid to question me or come with objections. I like discussing things.

best regards / cloudberry 

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I am a kitchen witch, I used to be Christian.  As a witch, we believe in Summerland, and not heaven.  Heaven and Hell are purely a Christian belief.  And the version of Hell varies from person to person.  Usually, it's the worst thing you can think of or were taught.  

     I believe that people are recycled, or reincarnated, very few are truly evil, just not evolved, the journey takes time.  There are many alternative religious groups here if you are curious.

The Society of Buddhism

cOnJuRe & Hoodoo


Wicca For Beginners

Exploring Maya 

Here are just a few for you to look at.  I'll leave the group index link below.


That is a very interesting life view! I like it

Since im a Jew i believe in God. I also believe on heaven and hell. That is where i put my trust and my heart. God has never failed me. Even once. It is with God i speak with through my cards and that is the way i believe.

I like to read and learn about other religions and i love the idea and spirituality of witchcraft and wicca. I do sometimes preform spells for certain customers, but the amount of energy it takes is not always worth the answer.

The great God has given me a good life and now he has given me your site were i can meet people with truly amazing lifes and gifts. Like i said, even tho i am a true believer, i do also believe in wizardy, ghosts and the unseen. Thank you for your answer. You seem like an amazing person.

/ cloudberry

many witches are polytheists, we believe in many gods.  When doing spells you need to protect yourself.  I use either a salt circle or an energy circle, triangles work well too.  You are not so drained that way.  Remember, a 'spell' is not so different than prayer, with or without candles, crystals, etc.  They are merely representations to keep focused.  You can do it without them too.

Before I started governing myself, I was a muslim. Your description of hell seems very close to the way the muslims describe hell. 

I have amazing lucid dreams nearly everyday and in them, I've been to some beautiful places but also some very dark places. It usually depends on my frame of mind or what my subconscious (higher self) is up to or wants to teach me. 

I'm just wondering what would have triggered you to experience a reality like that. Do you miss being a christian? Is your current path becoming too detached from your childhood reality?

Muslims live beside us in my home country. Even tho they, Jews and Muslims, seemes like enimies for the rest of the world. we are not. Two of my friends are Muslims and even tho we have a slight difference in our believes we can discuss openly about them without being angry or hurt. We just have different religions, but we have a lot more in common to focus on. For example, my Muslim friend Fatima is also a deck collector. We dont need to speal about our Gods and why each of us has the right believed when we can deiscuss more fun stuff like special edition cards. 

And for the record, i am not  christian. Im a Jew haha. 

Im happy to hear that you have found YOUR way in life. But im sad to hear that you have also visited hell during sleep. Did you check what moon phase it was during these dreams? The power from the moon affects me especially since i am a Cancer (water sign) 

thanks for your respond. I like the way you think. 

You need to remember, dreams are always symbolic, what you perceive may not be what it was.

I went to Umbral - the name used by Spiritism for the place of expiation after death - it was also not pretty.
Dark, smoky and within an endless cliff.
I saw shadows of dry trees and everything was black.
I was afraid and the trip ended.
I didn't get to the place. It was too deep.

I used to be non-denominational Christian but turned to Witchcraft years back..I feel we are all connected in one way or another..so love/ acceptance is more important to me. I also believe in reincarnation as I have been reincarnated umpteen times...I am an old soul...I feel there are places that are upper and lower lands..as I too like to research other paths..but i feel ,for the most part, our hell is on earth...&/or  what we make of our lives.. I have had prophetic dreams of the good / bad natures...but I try to never assume or live by them..I try to stay as positive as possible...which doesn't always work out but I try.I tend to take on certain people's feelings...which can wear me out..

Maybe you would be interested in posting in our Qabbalah group...Would love to read your stuff.

Have a great day.

I'm an old soul as well.  Truly doing my best to make this the final go round.  I'm tired.

Somewhat like Arachnifauna I feel that this plane of existence can be hell as well as heaven.  Have I had dreams of hell, no, but I've lived some hellish experiences here and now as have many other men, women and children.  Interesting that the word lived is devil spelled backwards. 

In my twenties I practiced Kriya yoga and one of the things I learned was the belief that when you die you go to where your mind was focused at the time you expire, so to prevent being stuck in a loop or hell you should focus on God/Diety as you go through your day.  That practice has stuck with me throughout life and if I'm having a good, bad or blah day, God is right there with me, doing the dishes, working, painting, putting honey on toast, driving, riding the bus, making dinner, etc...it can be quite humorous at times and has gotten me through some painful times.  I think some would refer to it as true faith.


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