~What type of creature is half/man and half serpent? Why would it appear in a dream of a child? 

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The lore is the serpent is the kundalini energy in us, and it comes to light with crossing fear.  We all use the kundalini, but the super users seem to have faced personal fear.  A child dreaming this half man half serpent in a dream can indicate there is a strong force to come forth from this one or for a conflict to arise in this childs desires.  There could also be issues of strong senuality or sexuality with what is know as a powerful lower chakra set, AKA hot chakras, and strong energy over the other gender

Love and Light

Found this for you, dear. I believe children are just more connected to their spiritual nature, and since this idea has been in collective consciousness for so long the child was probably just tapping into that. No reason to worry :) There is reference to wisdom within this image.

Love and Light,




I agree, there is also the color of the snake, and the emotions of the dream, but I just present as best as I can with the information provided, and present what I know from what was shared...  There is also the questing of the dream of the creature, and did it appear to be the one dreaming or was it someone else they saw as a separate identity from self. was it a beautiful place or was the backdrop arrid....  But I try not to pry too much, and ask more than was shared

Love and Light

Thank you, all for your comments..... The man/serpent was at a window of a school, seem to be spitting venom, chasing  the  women and her child.  People in the school sreaming and running, the women began to pray-Then some being  from above appeared and  started spraying,  what appeared to look like watered arrows... Then the serpent /man ,began to leave, while looking back...Then the women and child processed to leave the building.....

The dream is always surrounded around school.....


After the information you share I visioned the 5 of pentacles / coins / disks...  This is an taro card, where children are outside the window of structure like a school or church and walking past and seem ignored and also seem to be in desire or poverty for something better, and the male child had a crutches.  This was expressed as a similarity to this dream vision,  But the theme seems to be isolation or separation of  some people from others, either entitlement or societal class separation, is what I feel from this card, as the children seem to ignore the school / church they walk past as there was nothing there for them...  Just my gut feeling on the card

The spitting of the venom by the snake seems like the fear we have of snakes, and the way humans fear death, and this long standing snake fear many humans posses.   The fear of the snake and the devine intervention, seems like help provided to face the fear and the power to harm or the will to harm humans was removed.  Look to the symbology of watered arrows, and there is Sagittarius the archer possibly the sun or ascendant sign of the help source (the birth sign is also the sun sign), (the ascendant is who we are romantically suited for) The Scorpio is the only creature of the 12 count zodiac who produces venom or poison.  Also look at the water sign connections if this seems right to you, as the arrow composition was water that removed the threat of the half man serpent..

From the woman leaving the building, and looking back, it seems like relief was felt at the end

This dream "always" indicates this is recurring dream.

Surrounded... School indicates this is a learning / feeling / knowledge type of protection, or a learn to trust perhaps...   But all of this could be the taming of the kundalini sting, and when this energy becomes active in a person, it can leave someone in the mental hospital for the rest of their life...  And the kundalini energy seems to only go active in a human when they are under sever stress when the dark moment of the soul comes up...  So I do empathize with someone who is going hot with their kundalini, as it uncoils from the human spine, it is like a cake walk,  I regret to share that with you, as this is a sobering thought

But this seems to parallel what is in revelations as the woman in travail tries to escape the serpent chasing her and she goes into the wilderness, and hides from this serpent that seeks to devour her or her child?  I am explaining the story from memory...  But some of this seems to also parallel the seals in the bible from another post...  Anyway 7 seals, 7 chakra to energize serpentine energy flow inside humans, and to eventually feel the energy of the earth run through a human as a conductor of the hi energy.  There is just some major fear to overcome when this energy gets harnessed, and it can be very rough to handle the emotions during the event

I hope this is not TMI

Love and Light

Thanks you, this has been real resouceful.... I will pass this info on...I really appreciate your comments.

Where I put "it is like a cake walk"  should have been  it is NOT like a cake walk,,

Sorry about that

There are many mythologies that have this creature in it - one name I've heard of is a Naga.  You can look this up on Google of course.  I'm not sure why it would come up in a dream; does the child dream of these sorts of things often?


With what is often deemed as enlightenment comes the dark night of the soul. I had a few of these so have some of my friends in my psychic network...  but the dream also could be well described as a dark night of the soul if it happened while awake and went on for a few days or weeks...  here is a link for more information : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_Night_of_the_Soul

The story where Jesus was tempted to worship Satan or jump from the cliff is from my estimation a dark night of the soul... 

So we all can get this and it may be considered bad, even Jesus had one of these events

Love and Light

Thank you, all your comments,  they were most helpful.....


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