NDE and CDE ( Thoughts on what lies beyound the rift...)

People who grow up hearing stories of people who have pasted then miraculously  return from death and talked about it. These are people who had  near-death-experiences (NDEs), but   are vastly different than CDEs ( complete-death-experience ) literally, the person died. People who tend to be very materialistic  about afterlife say that after life there is nothing, while people fairly religious believe what lies beyond this life is some form of reward whether this be good or bad depends on the actions commented in  life. If such person is Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, a lot religions that have a karma based ideology  when comes to life after death.  It seems logical to believe that death is final what that entails is unknowable. 

When I contemplate the nature of mortality I think it is much like prenatal birth; absolute unconsciousness  like going under anesthesia,  but it is permanent.  I'm not saying it nothingness, but it simply eternal sleep and unconsciousness  is my perception of death.  The idea of experiencing an after life might just be the dead dreaming an eternal dream or experiencing  an eternal nightmare or reliving  old memories while exploring potential  memories because consciousness is timeless.  

When I imagine death I see the spirit in stasis, static, and eternal as if frozen by time and space itself, yet somehow conscious of  the external . When we are born it is as if nothing ever happen  because there is no memory of prior existence from birth. It is as if the life we had  is erased from memory. I imagine we are timeless, unaware of anything,  possibility sacred of what lies beyond the rift between what we know and what we don't know.... the rift between life and the phenomenon called death. What goes through the mind of person just before the moments before their born ? Will we ever know ? The eternal link between mortality and prenatal.

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My stepfather died in March. My mom treats me awful, and since then I feel like my stepdad is by my side all the time.


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