This lesser Sabbat is celebrated on the Vernal or Spring Equinox on or around March 21st.

The names for this Sabbat come from Teutonic Goddess Eostre. Her chief symbols are the bunny to represent fertility and the egg as it represents creation.

Ostara is a time to celebrate spring and the rebirth of nature itself and the coming of summer as well. This is the time when light and darkness are equal but the light is starting to take over the darkness.

This is an excellent time for personal growth, for mending old conflicts and ensuring the continued growth of treasured friendships. This is a great time of year to start learning something new and taking advantage of skills already learned and becoming more adept at them.

According to the Wheel of the Year, Ostara signifies the time when the Great Goddess who was a virgin at Imbolc is now joining with the Sun God, She conceives a child which will be born at Yule.

Ostara is a fertility festival that ring e reawakening of life in and on earth. Everything begins to emerge from its slumber that the winter months have brought.

Deities that are invoked on the Sabbat would be Eostre; the Saxon Goddess of fertility and Ostara; the German Goddess of fertility. Some traditions also invoke the Green Goddess and the Lord of the Greenwood as the Goddess blankets the earth with fertility and the God starts to grow into maturity. He will walk to earth and take in all its beauty.

Other appropriate deities would be any youthful and virile Gods and Goddesses, Sun Gods, Love Goddesses, Moon Gods, and Goddesses as well as fertility deities. Examples of these may be Blodeuwedd, Persephone, Aphrodite, Athena, the Green Man, Cernunnos, the Dagda, the Horned One, Osiris and the list goes on.

Ostara is seen as a time or renewal so it is also an excellent time for “Spring Cleaning” not only to clean the physical realm but also to clear away negative influences as well. One way of cleaning unpleasant energies from the home might be to hand wash all the floors while rubbing in a “clockwise” direction as this is thought to bring in positive energies and encourages growth.  


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