Perfect... It's a funny word that, its what most of us strive for, but none of us can ever really achieve. " If only I had the perfect job, perfect, body, perfect face, if I had the perfect life, then everything will be just Perfect"!!!!! sound familiar?

Ummm.. No course it never will be perfect, because the world in its entirety is full of faults, as are we. We are perfect in our imperfection. All this time spent striving and what are you actually experiencing? All that pushing forward, when do you find time to stop and feel? Sometimes you just have to stop trying to perfect what you need, and be grateful for what you already have and work with that.

The trouble with trying to be perfect is that your always going to feel like a failure. Those goals you set yourself, are so far away that its impossible to reach. So you spend all the time beating yourself up because you can't achieve them, you try so hard to be all things to all people, that you end up not helping anyone. Start small, set small goals for you to achieve each day then aim higher... That way you are always winning in some small way, then when you have done it, the bigger things dont seem so hard to reach...

The truth is everybody fails at some point in their life. If we didn't fail, we wouldn't learn how to do things differently. To reach for the sky, sometimes we have to start from the darkest hole to know which way we are going.

Everybody in the world is different, they are capable of different things, and head in different directions so you should not compare yourself to anyone else. You are not them and they are not you, all you can be is just what you are.

The only thing you should ask of yourself, is to do your best. If you do your best, no matter what you do, you can always be happy with who you are. Love who you are, you are so unique, there isn't another living person like you. Celebrate the fact you are imperfectly you, because you are amazing just the way you are.

Each day you get up out of bed, and have the strength to show love and compassion to those that have need of it, while the world around you is losing theirs, is the hardest challenge that anyone can achieve.

So your greatest goal for today, is to show those around you you love them, let them know how important they are, just for being them. If everybody did just that one small thing, what a very different world we would be living in.

Emili xx

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Beautiful and inspiring!

Nice!!!!  Thank you for this!

Aww thank you guys xx


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