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As I was romping around chat, enjoying my talks with everyone, it came to my attention that some help was needed in the area of psychic self defense.  I offered up to teach my understanding of how to protect oneself from negative energy attacks, so now here I am putting together this understanding that I have learned over the years.  I am going to have to create a series in explaining my understanding since I do believe that in understanding psychic self defense, a person must have basic understanding of how everything works together on an energetic level.   I hope this helps anyone who reads this and by all means, ask any questions that you may have should questions arise.


What is Psychic Self Defense?


Psychic Self Defense (or PSD as I will sometimes call it) is the protection and self defense from negative energetic attacks.  Sometimes I think Psychic Self Defense is misleading, since using these words conjures up the idea that one must be attacked first before engaging in a self defense act.  To me, PSD should be used in a preemptive manner as well, before you decide to engage in any energetic activity such as channeling, readings or even attempting Astral Projection.


Who should learn Psychic Self Defense?


Everyone!  You may ask everyone Nova?  I say yes!  Everyone is naturally psychic.  Let me emphasize that:  Everyone is Naturally Psychic!  That means, you, your friends, family, siblings even that person you pass on the street.  Everyone is naturally psychic, just most aren’t aware of it, but yet you use it every day.  I bet if you think back right now on your life, you can come up with at least one psychic moment in your life.  Perhaps you knew who was calling before you answered the phone (without looking at caller id), or you knew what the total of your grocery bill was before it arrived.  Or most common, you knew how your friend was feeling as they approached before they even reached you.  These are all psychic moments that you use naturally and probably didn’t even recognize until right now.


How people develop psychically depends on the person.  Most will just go through life never aware of their natural psychic abilities.  A small portion of that group will become aware of their ability but never take it any further than what they naturally do at that moment.  Other people will become more sensitive to psychic energy than the normal population, just like some people can hear or see better than others.  It is no different in the realm of sensing energy.  A small portion of those people being more sensitive will move on and develop into becoming mediums, channelers or energetic healers, ect.


Regardless of where you are at in your psychic development, a complete novice or a seasoned psychic, everyone should know and be aware of the basics of psychic self defense and put it into practice, everyday.


What does Psychic Self Defense Protect Against?


Just like you would learn skills to protect yourself from physical attacks, learning psychic self defense teaches you skills to protect yourself from energetic attacks.   So you may be questioning, how do I know if I’m under energetic attack?  Well the simple answer is; you feel it.  The harder part of that question is; how to recognize it.  A part of that understanding is knowing how energy works, but I’m going to give simple examples to show how an energetic attack can occur for this first part of learning PSD.


Let’s say an intimate couple broke up and went their own way.  Each person finds a new boyfriend or girlfriend and begins their own life.  Let’s say one of those newly formed couples begins to have trouble in their new relationship (for example purposes I will say the guy is having the trouble).  In his relationship that is beginning to turn sour, he begins to think of his former girlfriend wondering if he made a mistake.  The ex-girlfriend seemingly in a solid relationship doesn’t know why she is suddenly thinking of her ex-boyfriend and it is causing her doubts of her current relationship.  The ex-boyfriend begins to recall moments of the good things in his last relationship as his own current relationship is falling apart around him.  He considered calling his ex.  His current girlfriend is starting to suspect something and adds negative energy into the already volatile situation.  She suspects he is thinking about his ex-girlfriend and becomes jealous.  Now the ex-boyfriend is under attack by his current girlfriend and that energy connection is being passed to the ex-girlfriend.  Now this ex-girlfriend who is suddenly thinking about her ex, wondering about her own relationship is now feeling anxiety.  She is under energetic attack. 


This is only an example of a possible scenario of how energy is transferred around and how people can come under energetic attack.  Because our thoughts are energy and every thought we make shoots out of us into the universe, it’s always going somewhere.  If you are thinking of a certain person, that thought reaches out to that person.  (More on energy a bit later) There are other kinds of energetic attacks, but I wanted to highlight, the most common energetic attacks a person can encounter in their everyday life.


Basic Psychic Self Defense Protection


Now I don’t want to leave you in this part without at least one technique of PSD.  You spent all of that time reading this article and to not have at least one way to psychically defend yourself would be unfair of me.


A lot of what I will be telling and teaching you is to use visualization techniques.  Even in this basic form, it is best to visualize it.  If you are more of a feeling type person, feel the energy and words I ask you to work with.  First you will close your eyes and focus upon the energy in which you most often call on for guidance and protection.  This can be creator (god or any other name you use), a guardian angel or your spirit guide.  Ask for their assistance in protecting you from all negative energy that is not in your best interest or with intent to harm you.  Imagine from above the crown of your head a white or golden light streaming down and entering you from the top of your head (crown).  Let this high (loving) vibrational energy fill every part of you including every cell within your body.  Visualize the white light filling you and feel it permeate every part of you.  Then say, to reinforce it in your mind “I encircle myself with the white light of divine protection.”


Do this as often as you like and practice it a lot!  At least until it becomes natural for you to call upon this protective energy.  Why you ask for assistance is to help shore up your protection while you are learning the different techniques I will be presenting in later chapters.


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