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What Psychic Self Defense is Not


Before I continue forward, I feel it is necessary for me to explain to you what Psychic Self Defense is not.  When you employ any of these techniques you learn, you are not creating a wall of energy that is impenetrable.  Let me explain.  Psychic Self Defense will not protect you from the universal law of attraction.  What you put out will come back to you.  If you do put out energy to intentionally harm someone (because you are mad), PSD will not protect you from the return of like energy you already put out.  When you envision this protective energy it is not ridged.  You are not creating a protective shield to keep everything out.  You are creating a shield of energy that will repel negative energy but still allow all other things for your best interest or your better good through.  PSD is not a weapon!  It is not designed to kill anything, in fact, it is designed to help transmute negative into a more conducive and positive energy.  In an even simpler term, energy cannot be destroyed it can only be transformed.


Understanding Your Energy


In order for PSD to be most effective, it is necessary to understand how your energy works and how your energy influences and affects everything around you.  By understanding how your energy affects everything, then you understand how other people’s energy affects you.  This highlights the reason why, in Part 1, I asked you to elicit the help of your guides, guardian angels or whatever higher power you call on for help to protect you from negative energetic attacks.  Until you understand how energetically everything works together, their help is invaluable in keeping you energetically safe as you learn.


You are an energetic being.  We learn early in science study that everything is made up of molecules and within those molecules are atoms, that connect together to create elements.  In those atoms we learn that there are even smaller particles that are vibrating that allows for attraction or to repel certain atoms to create that element.  Our bodies also are created with these same components to make up our physical bodies we have today.  Our conscious energy (soul) fuses with our physical body that makes up our physical existence as a whole.


Our soul is made up of light energy and functions on a vibrational wavelength.  Our soul energy is much larger than our bodies so it would make logical sense that only a part of our whole is experiencing on a physical level while the rest of our energetic soul exists outside of ourselves, hence us having a higher self, which we can also connect to for help and advice.  What this illustrates is that our energy extends beyond that of our physical bodies.  And it is that energy, which gives us our natural psychic abilities.


How your Energy Interacts with Everything around You


Energy is not solid.  It is flexible and flows, through and around us all of the time.  Our energy interacts with everything we come into contact with, especially with other people.  And it is not limited to just those who are physically near us, my energy that I put into this writing is affecting you and you are picking up my intent on what I am trying to convey.  Time and distance has no effect or correlation to you receiving my energy, you can be on the other side of the world from me, in a different time zone or even on another planet.  As long as you read my words and understand it’s intent.  My energy has reached you and is interacting with you.


What matters most, is the intent behind our actions.  As you read this, you probably understand my intent is to inform and hopefully help you gain better understanding or perhaps just reinforce what you already know.  Our thoughts are direct lines of energy coming from me and reaching you.  This is the same with you.  When you speak to someone, you are not only just speaking to them verbally; you are also speaking to them energetically.  This is how you know their mood even before they begin speaking.  Or you somehow know they are not telling the whole story and are holding something back.  This is your energy reading the other person’s energy on a psychic level.  Meaning, you are not using one of your five physical senses, you are using your psychic senses, such as intuition.


If you are in tune with the other person, you can even tell the intent of the other person.  Have you ever been in conversation with someone and they say one thing, but intuitively you know they mean something else?


Energy and the Law of Attraction


Intent is what drives law of attraction.  What you put out, you will come back to you.  Every thought is like a stream of energy that shoots out from you out into the universe heading in the direction that you intend it to go.  If you are thinking about a person; that thought energy heads straight for that person.  Even if you are just generally thinking about something you want, that energy goes out into the universe seeking what you are looking for and when it reaches that destination it is returned to you.


Law of attraction doesn’t discriminate between, want or don’t want.  Let me give an exaggerated example.  In law of attraction you think, I hope I don’t get in to a wreck on the way home.  The thought energy is already racing away from you seeking out what you thought.  It doesn’t determine that you don’t want to get into a wreck; it just looks for a wreck.  Therefore, you drive home and get into a wreck.  Law of attraction brought you exactly what you asked for.  It just missed, the fact that you didn’t want to get in a wreck.  Now, if you thought, I will be safe driving home.  That thought energy is already racing away from you into the universe seeking out the energy of ‘safe driving home’ and it will return that energy.  I didn’t determine that you will be safe, only that you get it.


You’re Energy and How it Affects Others


So let’s put your energy on an emotional level.  If you are mad at a person; that thought shoots out of you like a bullet towards that person you are thinking of.  They pick it up on a subconscious level and have a feeling that you are mad at them.  Same thing, if you are angry and storming through the house.  Everyone feels that anger and perhaps whispers start spreading warning each person in the house to avoid you as you are pissy.  That is your energy broadcasting outwards and no words need to be exchanged but the energy already has warned everyone of your mood.  This is a form of negative energy attack albeit non-intentional because those who are not the subject of your anger are still affected by your anger.


Law of Attraction works here.  Since you are broadcasting negative energy aka pissed off, your return of reactions will be immediate with those around you.  You’re pissy mood puts everyone else in a pissy mood and they direct that anger at you.  You get angrier because you feel their anger at you isn’t necessary and that they should be supporting you.  Because I’m aware of the law of attraction often times I find myself trying to stop it before I send out those negative thoughts.  I’m not religious but I was raised in a family that is religious, so I’ve been known to say, ‘Lord give me strength to not rip their *bleeping* head off’.  Yes I don’t swear, but sometimes it just slips from my lips.  Just like, I’m not always successful from withholding my anger and affecting others around me to where I suffer the consequences of my own actions.  But what this does is give me pause, just by evoking those words, to gather myself and get my thoughts and emotions at least under control.


This is where PSD cannot protect you from negative energy attacks, since with law of attraction is “I reap what I sow”.   However, let’s say another member of your family is pissed off and storming around the house.  Their anger isn’t directed at you but you are feeling the effects of their sour mood.  Or let’s say someone is pissed at you and you just know it, PSD can protect you against those unwanted energetic negative attacks.  It won’t erase their anger, but it will help you get through the situation easier and not let things escalate and allow you to walk away uninfluenced by their outbursts.


Now let me be clear, so far I have only explained everyday experiences we may and will encounter with our daily interactions with people around us.  There are other types of energetic attacks that I will get into more detail with in subsequent chapters.


Recap of Basic Psychic Self Defense (PSD)


At this stage of the game, if you are new to PSD and you are faced with any of the above situations where you are subject to negative energy attack try these steps.


  1.  Take a deep breath.  Several if needed to calm and clear your mind from the influence of the person who is angry with you.
  2. Call on your spirit guides, guardian angel or higher power you are comfortable with to help protect you and give you strength.
  3. Imagine from above the crown of your head a white or golden light streaming down and entering you from the top of your head (crown).  Let this high (loving) vibrational energy fill every part of you including every cell within your body.  Visualize the white light filling you and feel it permeate every part of you.  Then say, to reinforce it in your mind “I encircle myself with the white light of divine protection.”
  4. Feel the steadiness of energy and allow yourself to embrace it, giving you strength to handle the energy coming your way.  To deflect it leaving you uninfluenced by the negative energetic attack.



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