Hello, all.

Thank you for accepting my membership.

My primary interest concerning the occult is communicating with beings not of this earth. I also enjoy discussion on a variety of subjects.

I look forward to getting to know you all, and I look forward to our future conversations.

May you find what you seek.

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Please do look around, we have a lot going on.  Fell free to jump right in. 


Here is a link to our group index.  It makes it a bit easier to look around.  Just holler if you need anything.


Thank you very much.

I've been looking through the different group pages (there sure are a lot!), and I wanted to ask... can a member of a group see posts or discussions which non-members cannot?

Thanks in advance.

you can see the discussions and posts, unless it is a closed group(private)you just can't make a comment,

Hello Eshai :)

I'm glad to meet you here.

What extraterrestrials would you like to communicate with? Have you communicated with any yet?

I have not communicated with any, anton. This aspect of the occult interests me because it seems to be the basis of a lot of occult practices and religion in general. Honestly, at this point, I'd like to make contact with anyone.

I imagine that I am presently incapable of discerning the difference between an extraterrestrial being, an interdimensional being, or a spiritual being. Arthur Edward Waite broached this subject in The Book of Black Magic, and referred to this collective as simply, "extra-mundane."

To me, 'beings' necessarily own their own material body. That's why 'beings not of this Earth' are 'extraterrestrials' to me.

I think it's all about 'presences', whether they own their own material body or not, whether they are from this Earth or not.

When it's about 'presences', their owning a body or not and their origins do not actually matter.


What do you mean, Eshai?

I mean I'm speaking generally, and philosophically. As this is simply an introduction, I don't think delving deeply into personal connotations (distinctions between words such as being, intelligences, of this physical earth, or of this perception of our earthly life, etc.) are pivotal at this stage.

I appreciate your welcome, anton.

I just look forward to reading your next topics.

This short sharing has actually reminded me of a pivotal experience of mine.

Welcome to the temple.


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