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What God? It didn't agree with me, on the contrary, since my knowledge is that The Corrupt can't leave me m. f. alone, for all, I care, They can still take an f. hike, whatever This Self Contradiction, God Anu, can exist or not, so that I can of course become & believe in & so on, greetings, 'J.A.,', The Universal Perfection didn't exist, so It gives me no relevant idea, whatsoever that I can seem to be against you trying to be whatever good optimist, forever to be.

I hear you,

It is so hard to try to piece the real story together!  As there is so much almost contradictory facts floating through religious rumor mills

I myself just look at the clues given that could lead to something greater than myself

Mankind has always lived in times of transition, as change has always been the constant.

Nearly every generation has had its doomsday prophecies believing its generation would experience the great transition.

That said, we are living in an era of great transitions.

There are many signs for those who see from converging prophecies from many cultures, release of mystical knowledge previously hidden, to the alignment in the skies.

If a state of affairs is unsustainable, regardless of efforts to prop it up, eventually it must transition.

The rapture you speak of is part of Revelations which describes a great transitory period.

Mine own experience, anyone of you all, if any one wants to be perfect, the one is still very likely to exist as a (universal(!) self contradiction, especially God Anu, if It(!) exists, An Animal That I pers. & still feel no idea, whatsoever that I can depend on Its 'Famous' Palace, greetings, 'J.A.,', any comments, please?

I dont quite understand what you were trying to convey.


Are you stating that you cannot be perfect as the creator and not perfect as the creation at the same time?

Scientifically, if the future humans went and changed the past and we saw a massive change instantly occur, wouldn't that appear similar to a rapture?  As we saw a time line snap and change a past event

IGLO, Sweetie!

It is not if I am right or wrong, as this is unimportant to me!

But not closing the door to possibilities of the unexplained before careful consideration!

One time I got sent back from the 6th grade to the 3rd grade because the teacher asked if a pound of gold or a pound of feathers were heavier and I answered feathers, she asked me to explain my reason for my assertion, I explained gold was sold at 12 ounces to a pound and feathers were 16 ounces to a pound, and the issue of Troy weight and precious metals, the entire class laughed and back to 3rd grade I went LOL

As I did not have an opinion, on the matter, just what I understood the details to be

Good to see you SIS

Well, I was asked to go into the hall and take all of my personal stuff and to wait in the hall way, escorted to the 5th grade class! I did not say much but within a few days was either in a 4th or third grade desk!

The teacher in that class (either 3 or 4th grade) told me I have to repeat that year! with her! she said not only were you sent here but will fail here too. I looked up and said just look how far ahead of the game I will be next year as I will have heard what u have to say twice by then, she blew a gasket, and I was put back where I started 6th grade!

Now what they were doing was emotional rough housing me! To get me suspended but needed me to act bad enough to pull this off! LOLFS

I was a master by then at walking on egg shells!  And could estimate emotional trajectory of a person by just watching them respond, and see where their goat was tied up!  But generally left this alone unless they would not leave me out of their insanity!

I do love you IGLO! and remember things from old as yesterday, and I know every human is doing the best they know how to do!

It is just some of the humans here are still trying to find out what love is!

Now when I was a kid I was a bothersome troll LOL, think about a Halloween born kid with a pentagram in his natal chart! And his mom called him Monster LOL

Thanks Ellsworth

What if all were experiencing 99.1 % of the same time line all at once (in this reality), and this is why we all perceive things a wee bit different?

if there were just 9/10 difference in ever-ones perception of this same time line

A Tennessee minister had Oct 21 as the end.which is my Bray.

If you look back at the history of people indicating the day of the rapture, one fact emerges from observing. and we should be able to live every day as the one you are in could well be your last day to live!

Think of this as an SIMULATED exercise and if we just received news an inbound asteroid might or will hit earth in 24 hours!

The first time you do this will probably be a lot of things and ways you feel about things will change, like calling people you were mean to, volunteering to help people less fortunate, and patience for children, and letting go of grudges!

It is often said that dying cancer patients and at the point of accepting death just started living once they settled in with the news

But it can be also looked at that some people just need a form of drama to be alive, and feeling the rapture is on a certain date is sorta of living in a drama, with adrenal functions kicked up from facing the fear of possible death, but living from one doomsday prophet to the next will drain a human!

What I said to the last one who I worked with who asked of the rapture on a certain date was bummer we got wait that long, I was hoping for it to happen at sunset, as this is a pretty day for that.


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