Many of us have had a distinct experience when meeting someone for the first time, that makes us feel we are inexplicably, perhaps incontrovertibly somehow connected with our new acquaintance deep within our souls.  We may believe this new person is our soul mate or our twin flame.  But what are our soul mates or twin flames really?  Can we truly be linked to another spirit and destined to meet one another in many different incarnations?  Were we somehow made for one another by a divine creator who provides for all of us someone special with whom we may share our lives?



Soul Mates and Twin Flames, What Are They Really?


Like many spiritual beliefs, our concepts of twin flames or soul mates are often predicated upon deep spiritual experiences for which there are too often no adequate words.

We use metaphors to try to describe such experiences until these experiences begin to become so commonplace in our cultures that new words evolve to more accurately describe our experiences.  Sometimes these metaphors may stick like glue and we may come to accept our metaphors as literal descriptions when in fact our metaphors may still fall far very short of being valid descriptions of our experiences.

While it is undeniably true that many of us have experiences in which we recognize another soul with whom we are intimately connected in some inexplicable way, perhaps we should examine the metaphors we use to describe these experiences to shed some light on what may really be going on.

Metaphors are used to apply terms for past experiences which we may feel we understand to new experiences which we have no proper concepts for.  Without clearly understood concepts for our new experiences we may have no words with which to accurately describe our new experiences, so we must resort to using poetic metaphors.

However, metaphors are only an approximate likeness between two experiences using words which will usually accurately describe our familiar experiences but which will, sometimes at best, provide only a reasonably close ‘as-if’ description of our new experiences.

So when we meet someone with whom we feel we share a common past or destiny we search for a way to explain this feeling and our culture has developed the concepts of soul mates and twin flames to accommodate our need for words to describe how we feel.

Our metaphors of our soul mates and twin flames come from our real experiences with having partners in life, our mates, or having known someone with a twin, a biological condition.  Both indicate a degree of relatedness that is above and beyond the way we appear to be related to most other people in our lives and that is the essence of what we are trying to express when we find someone with whom we resonate or communicate with on deepest levels of our souls.

Neither marriage nor twins may have any real meaning in regard to our spirits, so the popular concepts of soul mates and twin flames may be off the mark in the context of the spiritual realities of our souls.  We may have wonderful people in our lives with whom we are deeply connected, with whom we may have a great affinity in the context of our spiritual lives, beyond the limits of our incarnations, however, they may not be our twins or mates, but something other for which we have not yet found adequate words to accurately describe these very special relationships.

Marriage is a societal convention, mates are temporary phenomena, the lives of our eternal souls in the spirit world may have vastly different social conventions; we may have many mates all of whom are special to us each in their own unique ways but none of whom we may be mated with or married to in any sense that might necessarily be exclusive of anyone else.

Likewise, the special people with whom we share our incredibly intimate bonds may not be related to us in the manner of twins.

While our our spirits may, possibly all share the same womb from which they were born, the same source, we might possibly not be twins in the familiar sense, or in any manner that may be considered special, since in the ultimate sense, in Unity, we must then all be twins to one another including every other spirit in creation, if indeed all of our souls arise from a single source as may seem necessary to be the case.

However, there are considerations which may make the concepts of soul mates and spiritual twins very valid metaphors for our experiences of being deeply, thoroughly connected with another person’s soul.

Perhaps our souls have indeed somehow divided themselves and our souls have thereby created an independent twin or a soul mate.  This is one explanation for twin flames, twin souls, or twin spirits that might make ‘twin flames’ a potent, valid metaphor for experiences of meeting an exceptionally special person, someone with whom we are intimate beyond our abilities to fathom in any conventional terms.

When we examine the beginning of creation, at the time our souls are created, we do not see any of us in the roles of twins or mates.  So if soul mates or twin flames truly exist then perhaps they must come much later.

Another possibility is that all souls are indeed created with twins, as many people sincerely believe, but that we do not see the twins in our observable universes because they may be something like anti-matter in completely separate anti-matter universes.

If twins do emerge later, then that would make them a different order of being from what we might then call our primary souls; those infinite sparks cast forth in the first moment of creation.  Each of our primary souls resembles a hologram, such that every individual spirit contains identical replicas or avatars of all other spirits within themselves.

If we each do indeed become divided to become two separate, specially related souls, we might then really be twin spirits of sorts, but we think we would no longer be the primary soul from which our twins originally emerged, even though each of the twin souls we have become has its origin in a pre-existing more unified state of our soul, each holographically identical with the ‘original’.

We cannot say if the process of a primary soul dividing into twins is inherently limited to one generation, or whether each twin in subsequent generations may be divided as well; however, we believe this to be the case.

We strongly suspect that such processes of division may be carried out indefinitely, each reproduction of a single entity in any generation then creating two holographically identical clones; these reproductions appear like spiritual fractals where the largest scale merges mysteriously with the smallest scale at infinity, in a sort of closed loop of infinitely nested sets of infinities described in perhaps four dimensions, phases, or families.

Another possibility would be that twin flames or soul mates may simply have shared many experiences together over many different incarnations or have always remained close to one another throughout most of their experiences in the spiritual worlds of our souls.

Soul mates are sometimes described as being paired opposites, however opposites may often be a poor term to describe this state of connectedness since opposites appears to exclude examples where many partners who are 'soul mates' may be very much alike.

Philosophies regarding twin flames or soul mates are often predicated upon a belief that god provided for every one of us a perfect mate.

However, if so, then why is finding that perfect mate so difficult?  Has god created our perfect mate only to challenge us to find them?  We doubt that it is like that, we do not believe god is deliberately perverse like that.

On the other hand, perhaps this is a sort of training exercise to get us to learn how to use our spiritual senses and abilities…

We believe that all people begin in an identical state or condition, but that we each may individually evolve into whatever we may choose to become.

We believe popular concepts of twin flames or soul mates may be far too limiting in regard to the potential scope of our relatedness and our love for these special people who appear in our lives; we believe that we may really be meant to love everyone, everywhere, eternally and unconditionally.

We are pretty sure that we are not meant to cling to only one special soul throughout every, and all, eternities.

Of course we may be mistaken; these are only our own guided thoughts on the matter; our positions regarding these matters have already changed over the past four years as we have considered these questions much more carefully over time.

We began to receive ‘real-life’ lessons about twin flames and soul mates immediately after arguing that these may not really exist.

We believe we may know better now, we live two with incarnate soul mates and our twin flame whom we knew as Alina, before she died in January of 1977.

One issue we have with the concepts of soul mates and spiritual twins is that they appear to be partly or entirely predicated upon cognitive process of duality depending on your points of views.

Ultimately, as we see it, duality is an illusion imposed upon us by our limited abilities to think clearly.  We do not think that duality applies to who we are as spirits in the most primal sense of our souls’ origins.  Duality appears to be only a cognitive tool with which to analyze our thoughts and experiences something like turning up the contrast knob on a TV, so that our conscious minds can develop useful terms with which to describe our experiences.

Regardless of the validity of the metaphors we use to describe the sweet experiences we have of meeting someone with whom we may feel we have shared eternity, many of us most definitely connect in a very unique and intimate manner with some very special person, in our lives, possibly with many, many such special people.

Those people with whom we ‘click’ in this extraordinary manner often become pivotal people in transforming our lives for the better so that we help one another to grow and to evolve as more loving, nurturing, compassionate human beings.

If you are lucky enough to believe you have found a soul mate or your twin flame then perhaps you should go for broke.

The person whom you have found may indeed reflect and share a mutual belief in your deep, eternal union and prove to be a loving partner or a deeply cherished friend well worth knowing and loving and keeping close to you in your present incarnation on earth.


Blessed be



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Thank you Maedrona, Solarion, this is very good advice bro...

Hi Solarion, you have many, many 'soul mates'.

As you open up your inner energy channels to communicate with your higher consciousness more clearly more soul mates will manifest; you won't need to choose the first to arrive.

Often the first one to arrive is the one you seek; however, too many people may be operating with incomplete or possibly mistaken beliefs, beliefs which may too often teach them to harm themselves, particularly their beliefs about, true love, spiritual love, and self love.

If you are pining away for love, or to be understood, we intend to address some of those issues shortly with another article or two...


Love you lots, bro!

Blessed be...


Dear Solarion,

Can you feel a string in your heart connecte to the heart of whom you seek?

Can you tug upon that string, twang it a bit, energize it?

This is how we found Tina who now blesses our lives every day...

May your own love arrive with many beautiful blessings...

May you serve her well.





Please consider how manifestation and the law of attraction may apply.

Want attracts want, not anything wanted.

Need attracts need, not anything needed.

What is intended is manifested, always, without fail.

To intend well, love well, beginning with 100% uncondtional love for yourself, always.

To fail to manifest as you intend means that within you part of you denies this manifestation is what you really need, or seeks to punish you for something you hold against yourself, or fears the intimacy or the attachments...

You must root out all of your motives against your own declared intention, make your intention pure, unchallenged by any parts of yourself.

Then what already exists, the universes of your ideals, and what you are manifesting, now, harmonize, converge, and become one.

Follow the resonance of the string that already exists between your two hearts, it will help you find the universes where you belong in your own heart.

Your shadow manifests your resistance to your dreams, your shadow is your friend and guide, allow the lessons to be accepted and your shadow will be illuminated by the light of your soul and your higher consciousness until you absorb your shadow into your being and are fully illuminated forevermore...


Blessed be...


i believe you must care for your self...

Oh Boy :)  I'm going to put my views of Soulmates/twinsouls/twinflames here based upon what I feel they are based on the information I have read about them.  I will place caution, that my belief in these is not in the vein of romance or love, but what they mean to us as a soul and how we progress through our life and lives.  Understand that much of my beliefs came from not only those I hear, but also from sources such as Edgar Cayce and Micheal Newton MD regression therapist along with a few other channelers that I have come to respect.  So with that said, as I normally state, these are my beliefs. :)


Soulmates to me are nothing more than soul's who have made agreements before we came to this life.  Two souls coming together with an agreement to help each other in some fashion or way.  Soul mates can be your mother, father, brother, sister, best friend, co-worker, lover, wife or husband.  Soul mates are agreements in ways that can help each soul grow, they bring out the best and the worst of each other where it is all part of our learning and understanding.  Soul mates are not only people who are companions, they can also be adversaries.  They could bring out the worst in you to help you learn to deal with those emotions you want to move on from.  These soul mates can come from your soul group or other groups based on how you two can help each other in your own individual growth process.  You see, two souls don't make an agreement if it isn't a benefit to each other.  Each soul receives benefit from the arrangement.


Many times you will incarnate into life with your soul group.  You are all companions in your true form as you are in physical life.  It is not uncommon to have two souls who like to incarnate together and be lovers in multiple lives.... but not all lives.  These according to Michael Newton's case studies are called Primary Soul Mates.  The reason why they do not share all physical lives with each other is because, there maybe another soul within our group that can use the skills we possess and we in turn can use theirs, therefore our primary soul mate steps aside with blessings.  Sometimes our primary will not incarnate with us so we can grow on our own so we don't get so dependent upon our Primary soul mate.  But they are two souls whose preference is each other.  These souls can be likened to twin flames or even twin souls.  But in no case study of regression for life between lives are these terms used.  Most people say 'oh there is so and so, we like to be together and have many lives together as husband and wife.'  No use of twinsouls or twinflames used.


Now, I have then wondered about this concept of a twinsoul.  According to Edgar Cayce he disputes that a soul splits and incarnates with the only purpose of finding each other to become complete.  He says, No two souls are exactly alike, each is like a snowflake.  Individual and unique to their own.  But he does say twinsoul's exist but not in the manner we have come to accept.  He says that soul mates come together for the purpose of our personal growth... twin souls come together to a common goal.  Meaning, the same aspirations, such as work on healing or work on helping others become aware or any other multiple professions out there.


So if that was disputed, can a soul split and have multiple lives?  The answer is yes according to the case studies of Dr. Newton.  In the case studies he has presented, a soul only gives a portion of its energy into a physical body.  Yes, your entire soul does not come into your physical body only a portion of it.  That is why you have a higher self, it is the part of you that remains in the spiritual realm.  But a soul when it is looking to advance their experience and growth exponentially can, if they are advanced enough have more than one physical life at a time.  This is much harder because they cannot put all of the energy they would otherwise put into a physical life for they share it amongst all the physical lives they are experiencing.  It isn't designed to come together and become whole again, but to experience and accelerate their growth. Often these two physical incarnations will never met, because most likely their experiencing in different physical times or eras.


So that leaves me with twinflames.  In the frame of reference in which I have come to understand soul mates and twin souls, it is far from the exhaulted romanticized versions I have so often read about.  I'm still searching for how twinflames can fit into the equation and the closest thing I can come to is with the primary soul mate.  It is all about learning and growing into understanding that we are so much more and that our goal is to learn to love in an unconditional sense that we know exists from where we really come from.


Oh one more thing, about the division of male and female.  Both Edgar Cayce and Dr. Newton stress that our souls are neither male or female, we have both.  Our energy can seem to lean more feminine energy or more male, but we are androgynous beings.  It is often highlighted in case studies that our souls will incarnate both male or female, depending on what we want to learn.  We are whole, we choose what sex we want to be in this life depending on what we want to learn and experience.


I hope I have made some sense into how I understand soulmates/twinouls.


Much love


Agreed Novaspirit.  I too resonate well with Michael Newton's findings, and you've described this very well here (thank you).   I find these concepts very comforting, as I feel assured my soul group are here to help me, and if they aren't then that is something that was chosen for a reason.  I personally won't be spending time lamenting on whether I have connected with 'a' soul mate in particular, though I am aware that I am fortunate to be freed from those pangs as they can be very emotive, lonely and destructive (if allowed to be).  What feels important to me is to love and respect all, including myself, and my soul mates will support and challenge my life, as I will their's, so that our journeys allow us to grow.

Light and love to you.


Thanks Felias!  Actually your original response to this post inspired me to write my thoughts on soul mate/twin souls.  I remember before finding out about soulmates that I was one of those in the camp of Soulmates = love destined to be together.  But of course as I began to dig more into the subject I began to realize what they were and it wasn't anything what I thought it was :)  But of course, after the learning, I am in agreement with you.  After understanding their purpose in this respect, I have stopped looking for that perfect soul mate and my life has turned much more content. :)

You both anticipate our work and help us progress it...

Thank you both very much, Felias and Nova Spirit!


Blessed be...


Hi Nova Spirit!

Good job!  Many of these beliefs are becoming more common; they largely help advance our understanding, even when possibly mistaken, because we can learn from any information, regardless of its truth values, once we learn discernment.

We love Cayce, in spite of differences in some opinions; we are scarcely aware of Dr Newton's work, except through third or fourth parties, such as yourself, so this additional information has been particularly valuable.

We may have a problem with this part, however, where you describe Newton's beliefs as "But a soul when it is looking to advance their experience and growth exponentially can, if they are advanced enough have more than one physical life at a time.  This is much harder because they cannot put all of the energy they would otherwise put into a physical life for they share it amongst all the physical lives they are experiencing".

If part of this statement is true, it may explain much; we experience ourselves as many simultaneous incaranations, an infiinte number, really, and each incarnation has its infiinte iterations as well. 

Iterations are the parallel universe different versions of yourself, which makes these yourselves.

People do not appear to be limited in the simultaneous numbers of their incarnations or their iterations, as nearly as we can tell.  This is because we each spring from a well of infiinte energy.

What might be limited is our awareness of all of ourselves, most people seem to choose to limit their awareness to a single lifetime in whatever iteration of whatever incarnation they currently seem to exist in.

We describe people's minds, our own included, as filters, filters that reduce the infinite to more manageable proportions.  Awareness is like a slide on a guitar, changing our awareness extends the range of our consciousness to incorporate more of our nonconscious processes; this helps us to acquire greater volitional control of our psychic or spiritual abilites, making each of us more like lucid dreamers.

We might agree, that in spirit, descriptions like soul mates, twin flames or spiritual twins are not in common use, but then why would they be?  In spirit, communications are direct, without cumbersome words or concepts.  It is as if we do not need to say what we mean, we simply are what we mean.

This is part of why we tried to examine these terms as terms first, because it is important to always context everything we believe we know, and many times our labels for things may be grossly innacurate.

We think many people will strongly relate to your wonderful contribution to this exploration.

Thank you!


Blessed be...









Thanks Grigori :)  All I know is I keep searching for answers, its just a part of who I am.  I keep searching as I seek and I discover new things.  Even knowledge is fluid because it can be view from many perspectives.  While I still have trouble thinking on the lines of two souls split.. destined to find each other to be whole, still for me doesn't resonate right.  But it doesn't mean, that it will remain so always for I'm always looking and searching to learn more. 


As for a soul having multiple lives, I might not have explained it as clearly as I would have liked.  I'll try to think of a way to explain it better in how I understand it.  The thing that makes me curious with you, is that you speak in 'we'.   Which I understand especially in a universal conscience way.  When I hear a certain energy pattern, they speak as we as well but they are many individuals speaking in a unifying conscience.   So in regards to souls multiple lives at once.  Would you define yourself as multiple souls occupying one body?  Or one soul, with all the various experiences and facets of that soul shining through?  Might help me in explaining how I understand how the soul works. :)


Much love.

i agree...


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