I’ve been chatting with a lot of you about what you didn’t like about your witchcraft practice, or what was stopping you from learning more.

Over 100 of you responded, and it was basically Groundhog day. The same three main problems kept coming up for you.

  • You didn’t know where you could meet local people, or you wanted online support from a group or more personal support from a teacher. 
  • You just didn’t know what you were doing, and were really overwhelmed by all the free information you were finding online.
  • And the last one came in several iterations. You worked too many hours, had too many family commitments, or worked on the road. Put simply, you just didn’t have time. To solve this, I chose the ten easiest things that you could do to improve your witchcraft practice – in just ten minutes a day. They are here below – if you like this blog post, please help another beginner witch out by sharing it on social media.

Tip one: Clear head meditation

This is your basic meditation. For five to ten minutes per day, sit in a quiet space and watch your breath. Think of nothing else but your breath. Every time your attention wanders, gently redirect it to your breath. This is what meditation is – the gentle redirection of attention. A lot of you were getting frustrated with your meditation practice because you thought that you should have a completely clear mind. This couldn’t be further from the truth – these advanced meditative states take months to accomplish for a start, but also nothing kills a meditation session like expectation of results.

If you’re struggling to find the time to do this, you can meditate in the shower, or whilst riding public transport.


Tip Two: Offerings

An offerings is simply a gift that you dedicate to a Spirit, set of Spirits, or the Universe at large. Daily, weekly or monthly offerings are really good ways to make friendly relationships with Spirits. This is important because as you progress, you may well want to call up Spirits to ask for something, and doing that is a lot easier when they already know you and you’ve done nice things for them. An offering practice also smooths over any offences that you, your family or your people may have caused by things like pollution. A lot of discord in your life is actually random nature Spirits getting pissy with you and your disposable Frappe cup. Offerings help smooth that over.

The actual process is quick and easy – you can light a stick of incense or put a few drops in an oil burner, and say something like ‘All Spirits, all creatures, hear me now. Please accept this gift. I regret any pain or offence I have caused, and I am thankful for the positivity that I have been shown and given. Please accept this offering, and meet kindness with kindness. Please take this offering and return to where you live as you desire. So shall it be.’


Tip Three: Purposeful Meditation

The purpose of your basic meditation practise is to train your mind. Other types of meditations have different purposes, and you can switch up your meditation practice when it gets stale, or if you’re ill, or if there’s something in particular you fancy trying out. Discipline is a huge part of a successful practice, but there’s no reason you can’t switch things up if you’re bored.

Purposeful meditations can take the form of many things. Here are a few:

  • Spirit Guide meditations
  • Chakra healing or balancing
  • Negative energy clearing
  • Removing specific thought patterns

You should always have a basic meditation practice at least a few times a week, but these types of purposeful meditation are really useful and done regularly can really boost your life. For these types of meditation I prefer guided ones, and my favourites are by PowerThoughts Meditation Club.

Tip Four: Cleansing

Cleansing your home of negative energy is really important. A lot of people don’t realise that a build up of ‘negative’ energy is a natural occurrence. Our modern lives are full of plastics and radioactive materials, electric signals, and daily stress from work. All these things generate negative energy which will stick around. Unless the build up is resulting in serious negative effects, you probably won’t notice it consciously – but it’s there. Low level negative energies keep us locked in bad habits, poor sleep, and feeling unsafe – causing us to spend, hoard, or overeat.

Cleansing is really easy and quick. If you have access to herbs and incense, burning cleansing herbs like sage or rosemary will help cleanse.

 Take your incense in a safe container and push the bad energy from the back of your house out of your front door.

If you don’t have access to these things, use natural cleaners if you can, or at least citrus scented ones. Lemon is a good cleanser, and you can visualise yourself scrubbing away at the negative energy when you scrub at the physical dirt. Whichever way you choose, cleansing is quick and easy and for best results should be done as often as you physically clean your house, whether that’s once a week or once a month. That way, you don’t forget.


Tip Six: Clearing your aura

Your aura or personal energy field also picks up energetic debris over time. Your own negative thoughts and words, and those of other people, can stick in your aura for a really long time, having an effect long after they are spoken. Ever heard a parent’s or teacher’s put down or warning echoing in your head years after the event? That’s something still stuck in your energy field.

Large wounds take dedicated healing which takes time, but daily cleansing is easy and can prevent new wounds from taking shape. Simply clapping your hands inside of your aura will cleanse it – sound is a powerful cleanser.

Starting above your head and going clockwise:

  • Clap above your head
  • At your right shoulder height
  • Around your right hip
  • At your feet, to the right
  • Above your feet, central
  • At your feet, to the left
  • Around your left hip
  • At your left shoulder height
  • Above your head

Tip Six: Shielding

Cleansing your aura is just like physical cleaning. Why would you spend hours cleaning the couch and then let the dog back up? Protecting your aura is really important, and while shielding takes a few tries to get the hang of, it’s simple and quick to do.

Your aura extends to certain amount of space all around you. You will have noticed this before, but probably called it your ‘personal’ space. If you had siblings or have travelled to different countries, you also probably noticed that everyone’s idea of personal space is different.

Most people’s auras encompass the space that you can reach around you with your arms stretched out.

Visualizing a shield around this space helps you to repel or neutralize negative energies. Your shield can be whatever colour you choose – popular ones are white or black.

Tip Seven: Get rid of blocking energies

Blocking energies are things, beliefs or people that prevent you from stepping into your power. Most of these things will take dedicated healing to remove, but dedicating ten minutes a day, or even a week, to removing some of the easier ones will really boost your practice.

Clutter and rubbish are two of the biggest culprits for positive energy blocks, so spending ten minutes a day for two months tackling these things is a really good way to attract more positive energy. You can also target your meditation onto removing things like bad eating habits, drinking habits or other behaviours which hold you back.

Tip Eight: Positive energy spells

Positive energy or good luck spells are commonplace – you can find many which can be done in ten minutes. You need to keep replenishing these – any spell without a specific outcome, i.e a specific job or partner, needs to be replenished as it wears down over time. Ten minutes once a month is a great way to increase your luck!

Here’s an easy spell:

Get a green or white candle, and write the words ‘good luck’ in the wax with a pin or other small pointed object. Burn the candle and visualise good luck being drawn to you.

Tip Nine: Energy Practice

A few items on this list have dealt with ‘energy’. Shielding, for example, is a way of physical moving energy around without help from herbs or crystals. Being able to do this at will is useful – it improves your spell work, and you can do ‘spells’ in the moment by pushing or pulling energy towards someone. Whether your intention is to catch someone’s attention or push it away, energy work is useful.

The way to practise with energy work is simple. Cup your hands and imagine a ball of light inside them. Focus on this until you can see, feel or hear it. At first, practice conjuring it at will. Then, when you get good at that, try moving it around your body.

Practicing sensing and manipulating energy will take you far.

Tip Ten: Protection spells

Ah, protection spells. I often get asked what protection spells you should do after a misfortune has befallen you. The answer is none – there’s no point locking the barn door after the horse has bolted.

Protection spells are important even if you think you’re never going to need them. No-one expects to be robbed, but it happens.

An easy protection spell is to draw downwards pointing triangles in a protective oil like rosemary below all of your windows and doors. If you’re skilled at energy manipulation, you can just visualize these triangles covering all the space on your doors and windows, preventing negative energy and people with bad intentions from coming in.


So that’s the list!

In short, my top tips for witches who are short on time are:

  1. Basic meditation
  2. Offerings
  3. Purposeful meditation
  4. Cleansing your house
  5. Cleansing your aura
  6. Shielding
  7. Removing blocking energies
  8. Positive energy spells
  9. Energy practice
  10. Protection spells

Another way you save time is by purchasing magical materials over making them yourself.




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A perfect list thank you for posting it.


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