In religious and spirtual paramaters the idea of Karma is bantered around. 'What we sow so shall we reap', 'what goes around comes around' etc. I personally believe this law is paramount even greater than the law of gravity. I particularly believe if you meditate on a higher power than yourself then you are sowing the best Karmic seeds possible with a bountiful return. But what about the settling of karma, from a empathatic point of view it can seem heartless and terrible, alot of the blame sometimes going towards God or some crazed leader. Look at the ongoing saga in Christchurch, the scenes beamed into your Living Room, and last month the floods of Queensland, 911 , the tsunamis of Indonesia etc, more and more bad news is filling the airways, souls are crying out in distress over one problem after another. Is it inconsiderate too say that they are settling there Karma, that Mother Nature is seeking her pound of flesh.Where is God and the religious founders in all of this (Christ, Buddha, Mohammad) Are we too blame for thispeacelessness?

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Hi Daniel,

Karma has more to do with what you reap. Another word which hardly gets a mention is a word called 'kriya', which has more to do with the sowing part. What kriya's you do accumulate and come back as karma's. Kriya translates as action or deed and is the Sanskrit root word for creation.


Man's quest for creation (to play god) has seen a plethora of actions (kriya's) which have been performed without adequate awareness about the outcomes of those actions. We have done more harm for ourselves over the last century in the name of scientific progress and would invariably pay for those actions. Nature would take care of itself in subtle ways; but the outcomes can be devastating for humans in unfathomable ways!


God knows where we are headed, for greed has taken over the world.


God bless!


The reason people get confused about karma is that 'karma cannot be controlled'. Whereas, kriya can be controlled. what you create and what actions you perform are in your hands. But, when where and how the karmic deeds of your kriya's are going to manifest (themselves) are variables which cannot be controlled.



wow enlightening Charles I like that 'Kriya'
I'm just keeping my head down and my fingers crossed ....

It is so, Daniel, lots of innocent souls suffer without any apparant reason. How is so that those who are responsible are in rare occasions punished? I remember it is mentioned somewhere in the bible that when it rains, it rains over everybody.

Karma is a long term issue and it is not always possible to reap what we have sown in one life time. Besides, it will never make sense for us if we keep on seeing us seperate from each other. Let me give an example. Imagine for a moment all the people on earth as cells building one human body. And let presume that this body is you. If you are playing with fire, because of the curiosity of certain brain cells, you can get your hands burnt. And the fire distructs some skin units, others get injured but the terror waves goes to every single part of the body and especially to the brain cells who were responsible for that.

So now when you get tempted to play with fire, the memory of the horrible experience will come back to your mind reminding the scars on your hands. And, hopefully, a different decision will be taken.


Except to the most dedicated warrior, the battlefield appears as chaos.  The actions of all the soldiers are part of the chaos, but they are not to blame for it.  The reasons are all too clear to everyone, everyone except for the most dedicated warrior, to him the reasons do not exist.  To him, there is he, and this is how he finds peace amidst chaos.

I have been grappling with this thread and the ideas that are coming from it.  Trying to understand all that it is.  If karma is reap what you sow.. then it is within the universal law of 'law of attraction'.  What you put out is what you get back.  You may not have any control of how someone else reacts to you, but you have control and free will to respond to them in the way you wish and determine.  It is also my belief, that this same energy you put out will continuously head outwards until it hits something that is attracted back to you.  If you feel depressed, that energy is sent out.. and it returns like a mirror.  When you finally begin to pull yourself out of it, that new energy will be sent from you and it will find and return what you sent out.  But because its like a ripple, you will also have to deal with each thing that comes back to you that you sent out while you were sending out energies on how you felt earlier aka depressed and it might make you feel like the universe is against you trying to recover, but in fact, its just the ripple effect.  In this my idea, can be called karma, but it is produced by law of attraction.


Because I believe our souls are immortal and come here to have a human experience, we can bring energies that were left unresolved from our previous experiences, not because we are being punished, we are strong souls with a sense of wanting to accomplish so we are not unsuspecting souls with an attitude of 'its our lot in life to suffer'.  If we recognize it is only something we need to resolve and do it, then we allow the rest of the universal energies to continue to flow, otherwise, we continue to wallow in misery of 'why me?' 


Sometimes, we come here to help another person or family resolve their 'karma', and since we are the loving souls that we are, if we feel like we can help them, we freely of our own free will allow ourselves to be involved, to help them move on and clear that ripple effect of what they had attracted to themselves. 


When I look at it this way, I don't feel like I am subject to 'it's my lot in life'.  It gives me strength and courage to face it, clear it and move on.  And funny thing, in the process I grow.


So for me, I don't view it as Karma.  but I see it as LOA (law of attraction)


haha! I maybe totally off!


Much love


Wow I like it The Law of attraction sound better

I do not see Karma in the classic sense. I see it as an attempt at achieving Balance. I do not see all the natural so-called disasters as Karma from a divine source. I simply see it as the natural balancing of the Earths systems. The weather patterns have gotten so out of skew (at least compared to what we are used to or find comfortable) that they have to change their patterns and cycles to come back to balance. I don't see us as being more important than the Nature which surrounds us.

Nature is going to do what it is going to do. There are usually signs and indicators. It is our job to notice them and respond accordingly. Other species seem to be able to do this better than we can by and large. I tend to think perhaps this is something we have lost since we became 'civilized'.


When there is an energy flow which remains out of balance, whether it is between two people or between two continents, that flow will always seek balance, so that it may complete it's cycle. It's simple physics, in many cases. The process of an electric circuit is a good example. The current will always seek the path of least resistance. So too does a tsunami. So too does an earthquake. I do not see it as personal. It is us projecting our agenda upon the event or others which brings that in. In my experience, the Elements could care less where we are in relation to what they need to do.

I like that a down too earth look at Karma


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