We having been taking complaints against my daughter, Kasey's 'worker' for community/hab, for a few months now.  First she was coming up to a half hour early, then she would drop her off early because of paperwork.  I mean, come on it shouldn't take you 15 - 20 minutes to write about what you did and the times.  And my daughter was signing it.  what was she signing, blank pieces of paper?

      Then they squeezed into the contract, they needed her to practice making purchases.  They were going for soda/coffee/doughnuts daily, and then going shopping for crafts.  Funny how the 'worker' always had a cartful a stuff for herself. I'm told that's allowed, to me it's wrong.  Anyway we took that off.  

     We had made arrangements for my daughter to go to the ARISE agency for Halloween, in costume.  It wasn't with the other young adults, the timing didn't work out, BUT, the head of the program had agreed to let her come in anyway.  Nope, her worker wouldn't hear of it.  She took her to Dunkin Donuts instead and delivered home a very distraught daughter.

     Anyway, it's been one problem after another.  And I had put in, yet another complaint last night.  After this I happened to mention that since we complain a lot about her worker, it's likely she is like this with her other clients and the parents just don't bother saying something was wrong.  It's logical, isn't it?  They should start spot checking her and interviewing parents.  Many don't realize you have the right to say you are not satisfied.   At one point they even tried to convince me that we were not responsible for Kasey, through ARISE, even though we were listed as caretakers through SSI.  

     Today, since I suggested they investigate her, they told me maybe I should stop complaining so much, before Kasey doesn't have her community/hab anymore.  This pisses me off, a lot.  Maybe if their workers would do what was right for the kids instead of what is easier for themselves, I wouldn't feel the need to complain.   


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Let your heart out, although I don't understand any of it. But threats, in my opinion, can be answered in many ways. One of them is: leave that place/person for ever. ASAP.

Roalf, in short I have a 22 year old autistic highly functioning autistic daughter.   She is in a community/hab program through an agency ARISE.  It took forever to get this to come through, because(I was told)the state pays for it.  They sent my daughter a worker to take her out 3 days a week for a few hours.  She is supposed to be doing things in her community.  BUT, this 'worker' does what is beast and easiest for her, not my daughter, hence the complaining.  I just want her to do her ^%$ job.  And not take the easy way out, so that she can be with the other 'workers....and relax.  I've conquered each obstacle, though it took threats of a civil suit and the upper bosses to do it.   When I suggested today they investigate this woman, since she is most likely doing it to other clients, who don't know enough to complain, or figure why bother.  I was told if I keep it up, her com/hab could be canceled.  To me that is a threat.

Seems terrible to me too.

Isn't there a possibility to change worker? Or to send your daughter to another 'centre'? I work voluntarily with autistic children (from 7 to adult)  once per week when they are allowed to take an hour of horseback riding which is highly enjoyed. overhere in Holland there are many special homes with specialized supervisors, and also employers who give these highly sensitive people a chance to participate each on their own level.

Wish you the best.

thank you Hee Kim.  It is a state funded program.  

This is just my opinion but first I want to say when you are in this line of business you are there to help your CLIENT. Not go out and do your chores or running around. She should be asking your daughter what she wants to do and not dictate to her what she will do. Then make her upset and bring her home and you have to deal with her frustration. That is so wrong! Then the agency tells you to quit complaining or she won't have the program. This is all wrong on so many levels and unprofessional. Is there another agency you can go through that cares about their clients? I would document everything and maybe even seek some legal counsel. Hugs to you and your daughter I hope things get figured out. 

And that's my point Gina.  Kasey, just as many disabled people can be easily manipulated.  I did make some progress today.  I called the head of the department at the agency.  I was told they would find a new worker for my daughter, but we would keep the old one, until then.  

     They still insist Kasey is advocating for herself, even though I am the payee on her SSI.  To my mind, I am her caretaker.  Kasey signs some documents, there's always paperwork to be signed, but I don't beleive she realizes what she is signing.  I sign them too.  So if I am signing them too, I must be her caretaker/advocate through this agency.  Otherwise I wouldn't be signing.  I did tell her advocate, that I want to look at and sign all papers now, not Kasey.  

     They still insist I can't file a civil suit or grievance, because my daughter advocates for herself.  But I sign all their mountains of paperwork too.  If I have to go to court to change it, I will.  But honestly, I am getting so tired of this fight.  We should not be having to do this,.

I looked at the website and here's a bit I clipped. 

Our Habilitation Programs help people with developmental disabilities learn, improve, or maintain independent living skills both within the home and in the community.

  • Household tasks (cooking, cleaning, etc.)
  • Money management (basic math skills, budgeting, etc.)
  • Health and personal hygiene skills
  • Social skills and strategies for behavior modification
  • Life safety skills
  • Career exploration through volunteering
  • Communication skills
  • And more!

So apparently, she's right that they are supposed to be teaching people how to shop and acquire other life skills. Generally, a lot of people are volunteers and/or paid very little, don't get many hours, etc. They mostly do this because they want to work with people who have disabilities. Paperwork can be arduous, and if she only has so much time allotted, she needs to fit that into her time, or she ends up doing it for free. Given the situation that it's a government service and that it's free to you and your daughter, I really wouldn't pick too much at the woman. So she's picking up some things she needs while she's with your daughter. Your daughter is still learning to shop. They do have requirements of life skills they are supposed to be teaching her, and if you feel those are really not being met, then I would use that as the talking point. I would mention something about her missing the Halloween party. That was an ARISE event and you had worked it out with someone else at the program. 

this is called The Front Door Program.  It is through ARISE, but not ARISE.  I just want her, the worker to do what she promised to do.  And safely.....she told my daughter they should jog around the Walmart parking lot.  She told her she would take her to the area consignment shops to market her crafts.....and she needs to choose her battles, not come off as sounding petty.......I could go on and on.  I am sure she makes more then minimum wage, it's a state run program.


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