Scientific and spiritual are seperate worlds, the latter is subtle or mystical, but a conduit of energy connects the two at a point and then we are absorbed into the Supreme Self.. We are interconnected with energy in time and space but our temporal minds seperate us with religion and values inherent to cultures we were born in. At birth we have a blank tablet and this is where Christ said we must return to be innocent like a child. by erasing the bonds of life and ascend to the temple we see through a veil to enlighten that it is one.

It is first I and then Us and then We followed by Oneness. The individual as Shakti  (female) and Shiva  (male) join togther as Us and then awakened as We in Ajna Chakra (Third Eye) and then energy level ascends to the Sahasrara Chakra (Crown Chakra) where We become One.

All this is attainable through detachment into what the West calls transcendental state. The path to no path, the seeing without perception and hearing without understanding as Christ pointed out..

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What a unique perspective. Christ was not the first to bring the concept of Oneness to the masses tho. Many before have also embraced that ideology. Love the post tho. 

The We are One is taken from ideas that pre-date Christ and the comparison between Christianity and Hindu writings is virtually the same. My book Yoga Light compares these two religions to help unite the ancient wisdom between two cultures that seem different but are one.Philosophers throughout history have found peace in nature and have felt the light. Only by detachment, beyond the veil of understanding, do we become one.Lifting this veil and detaching from cultural bonds do we travel the Ancient Chakras of energy. Within this light we ascend in connectivity to pure energy. Einstein showed the scientific reasoning that supports this metaphysical phenomenon.He also was a Vegan and embraced a Hindu Philosopher Tagor and the connectivity in our universe through light.

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You may be interested in Maharaj Nisargadatta or Sri Aurobindo, they write very clearly about unity of awareness and Oneness consciousness.

11:11 also... this project is in  In support of World Peace and Awakening 11:11


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