Your personal Element Quiz Follow the instructions in each section. Sometimes more than one answer may seem true and sometimes none…choose the one that fits best.

1. If you could choose only one of the following to take…                                                                     __a Power __b Love __c wealth __d genius

2. When I am confused, my preferred decision-making method is to __                                                   a Make a list of pros and cons and do what scores best __b Do whatever has worked in the past __c Go with my first instinct, whatever it is __d Examine how I feel about the situation, do what feels right

3. If that doesn’t work, I might…                                                                                                            __a do some research on the issue __b Meditate or do a tarot reading __c Ask the advice of someone who’d been in similar situation

4. After a hard day at work, I usually prefer to…                                                                                   __a Read a good book __b Cuddle up under a fuzzy blanket __c Talk to a friend about everything that happened __d Take a soothing, soaking bath __e Go out and have some fun __g Make love __h Have a nice glass of wine __i Eat some comfort food

5. The people I respect most are…                                                                                                       __a Intelligent __b Charismatic __c Compassionate __d Sensible

6. The people who baffle me are the ones who…                                                                                    __a Prefer to be alone most of the time __b Don’t care to educate themselves __c Have no mementos, souvenirs, or other precious keepsakes

7. I could never be a…                                                                                                                            __a A vagabond (wandering about with no home, few possessions) __b A hermit (entire alone) __c A monk under a vow of silence __d Celibate

8. I admit I have a hard time with…                                                                                                         __a Humility __b Discretion __c Possessiveness __d Moodiness

9. When I’m upset, I…                                                                                                                             __a Cry __b Yell __c Distract myself-thinking about something else, tv, or read a book __d Eat or sleep

Section two: choose all that apply Check as many answers as are true for you

10. People like me because… __a I’m nurturing __b I’m witty __c I’m a good listener __d I’m the life of the party __e I’m smart __f My door is always open __g I’m caring __h I’m brave                                     11. But behind my back, I bet they say… __a I’m an airhead __b I’m a stick-in-the –mud __c I’m a hothead __d I’m a crybaby __e I’m bull-headed __f I have my head in the clouds __g I’m bossy __h I’m moody

Section Three: True or False

__12 If it doesn’t make sense but it feels right, I’ll do it                                                                               __13 I would never go somewhere if I didn’t know how to get home                                                          __14 Taking action without some kind of plan is crazy                                                                             __15 Privacy is important to me                                                                                                                  __16 You can never have too many facts at your disposal                                                                        __17 If you know you’re right, you don’t need others to agree                                                                    __18 I believe in embracing opportunities; you shouldn’t wait to see what the consequences will be __19 it’s important to me to be part of a family, even if I have to put up with difficult people               __20 Choosing to love and be loved is always worthwhile, even tho sometimes you or someone else gets hurt                                                                                                                                                     __21 I have to speak my mind-honesty is more important than hurting than hurting someone’s feelings Answers                                                                                                                                                      1. a-fire b-water c-earth d- air                                                                                                                      2. a-air b-earth c-fire d-water                                                                                                                       3. a-air b-water c-earth d-fire                                                                                                                    4. a-air b-earth c-air d-water e-fire f-fire g-water h-earth                                                                          5. a-air b-fire c-water d-earth                                                                                                                    6. a-water b-air c-earth d-fire                                                                                                                       7. a-earth b-water c-air d-fire                                                                                                                    8. a-fire b-air c-earth d-fire                                                                                                                        9. a-water b-fire c-air d-earth                                                                                                                   10. a-earth b-air c-water d-fire e-air f-earth g-water h-fire                                                                       11. a-air b-earth c-fire d-water e-earth f-air g-fire h-water                                                                    Scores for true answers only 12. one each for fire and water 13. earth 14. one each earth and air 15. water 16. air 17. fire 18. fire 19. earth 20. water 21. Air

Determining Your Elemental Make-up Count up your answers and see how many points you scored in each element. Most people will notice a strength in one or two elements, and a distinct weakness in one or two. Each of us is a unique blend, and no one is all of one element to the exclusion of the others.
Air person: The air person thinks before he feels, and sometimes thinks instead of feeling. He is rational and often quite cleaver. Some air people are quiet, studious, and bookish, but air is the element of speech, so air people can also be entertaining, spinning colorful stories and being great wits who delight in wordplay. Their gift with words may lead them to writing or communications as a career, and particularly glib air people are excellent marketeers. The air person is often proud of his ability to think things thru, and may even have distain for those who rely on feeling or intuition. Air people can be quite abstract, seeing things in broad stokes, seeing “the big picture”. As such, they are excellent theorist, philosophers, economists, and politicians-people who must see life in its systems and structures, rather than in individuals and details. Sometimes they can be radical thinkers, because they don’t necessarily value experience over theory, nor do they worry about how things have always been done. Tradition means little to the free-thinking air individual. Air people also excel at doing several things at once, or keeping several ideas in their head at once-“keeping many balls in the air”. There is an exception: some air folks are too easily distracted. Multiple tasks scatter them like, like seeds in the wind. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder(AD/HD) is an air problem. Such air people are at their best when using their powers of thought to concentrate intensely on just one task at a time. The stereotype of the absent-minded professor is pure air. He is brilliant, even dazzling, but utterly impractical. He is the genius with untied shoes whose brilliance doesn’t seem to apply to the real world. The air person has charm, but often lacks social graces (which are based on following rules to which he pays little attention) Since commitment doesn’t come naturally to air (picture tying down the wind) and since they aren’t generally in touch with their feelings, air people can have difficulty in relationships. They are generally poor housekeepers, having a sort of scattered style, “as if a windstorm hit the place”, as some air person’s mother once said. If they do keep a tidy home, they do so in a systematized way. They can become very disconnected from people and the normal concerns of day-to-day life, and be poorer for it. However, the air person can choose to balance his airy nature with relatedness and practicality and enrich his life.                                                                                                                       Fire people are impassioned, they are “on fire”, whether with ideas, goals, or causes. They are natural leaders, as they convey their passions with an intensity that compels others to pay attention. Fire people can be fascinating, as hypnotic as watching a campfire. In politics, a fire candidate might have an air strategist working behind him, but it’s fire’s face that will appear in the tv spots. Rather than thinking, like an air person, or feeling, like a water person, the fire person “just knows”. He goes by his gut and once he is sure of something he doesn’t waiver. He commits fully to whatever his passion is. The fire person “lights up the room”. He has a “burning” presence. Of the four elemental characters, fire is the most interesting and exciting to be around. Arguably, he is the most dynamic sexually, as his nature is to be lustful and desirous. He’s an impassioned and devoted lover, and may tend towards flamboyant romantic guestures. His heat and passion can become negative, He can behot-tempered, prone to rage, and even violent. His combination of lust and impulsiveness might make him unfaithful, and his utter faith in his gut instinct might make him self-righteous, barreling past the considerations and concern of others. With his knack for passionate focus, he runs the risk of becoming obsessive. Fire is also impulsive, which is neither good or bad; it depends on the situation, and it depends on the fire individual and how he expresses it. Fire people also have the gift of transformation. They can turn their negativity into a new, more positive way of being. They can choose to take in other elements, thereby assuring assuring they won’t burn out.

The Water Person The water person feels first and foremost. “Thinking never solved anything-only our hearts should be our guides!” She has a great facility with feelings; she is compassionate, caring, and a great listener. Water people can be wonderful therapists. They “go with the flow”, but don’t flit about like air people. Their movements have a definite path, albeit an often unexpected one. The water person’s open heart makes her generous, and her empathy Can make her quite social, altho not all water people are “bubbly”. She is often very dreamy, and can be mystical. Water people are strikingly magical, even among other magical folk-they meditate, light incense, take steamy baths, wear consecrated herb bags, and so on (not that others don’t do these things, but water people, in her experience, do them more). Water people are often artistic as well, and are especially found among painters and musicians. Water people often move with a sensual grace that reminds one of their element, and often have wide, open eyes, the kind that look deep and liquid. Very watery people often dress in flowing clothes or have flowing accessories. They can have a mysterious quality that is compelling to those around them. Some water people are dark, brooding, and perhaps even silent, an inward rather than outward water manifestation. Romance comes naturally to water people; they give and receive love easily. Some share themselves effusively, and some are very secretive, withholding information while being open with emotion. Perhaps surprisingly, not all romantic water types are particularly sexual; many find the physicality of sex to be a distraction from Love’s emotional and spiritual nature.

The earth person cares about what is real, physical, and experiential. She learns by doing. She doesn’t care for “pie in the sky”, and isn’t a dreamer. Her goals are achievable, and she is patient and methodical in working towards them. She likes things that are real, things that she can touch; which will show even in her aesthetics. If she’s an artist, she will be drawn towards things like sculpture, or towards handcrafts, which have a “product” as an end result. She loves her home, and altho it may or may not be tidy, it is a welcoming place, with comfortable chairs, plenty to eat, and pictures on the walls. The earth person has a highly developed nesting instinct; her home is always a touchstone, she always wants to return to it, and being “settled” is her favorite state. She may very well live near where she grew up, as her sense of rootedness is quite meaningful to her. The earth person commits readily-she does not experience much conflict when choosing to commit, and may not see it as having negative aspects. Her friendships, romances, and jobs will all tend to be long- lasting. She doesn’t mind tedium, and is patient and tolerant of the “rough spots” in a relationship. Romantically, earth people are marriage- minded; they think in the long term and are generally faithful. They are unabashedly physical and enjoy their sexuality Earth people are at home in their bodies, not just sexually. They touch readily; a hand on the arm, a pat on the back, or a sympathetic hug are natural communication media of earth. They enjoy the physical, even the vulgar, and they love to laugh. Earth people can be stubborn and bull-headed. They can refuse to change their minds or go their ways, even when they’re obviously stuck and need to change. They can be difficult to argue with, sticking to their position tenaciously for no other reason than it’s their position. Likewise, an earth person can be difficult to get out of the house. Earth people are the ones whose friends drag them to parties because otherwise they’d just stay in every night. Their lives can become an endless rut. Earth people also have an unfortunate tendency towards obesity. Altho some love to exercise, and recognize it as a basically physical activity, many don’t-there’s a lot of fire in exercise. Probably the unhealthiest earth people are the ones who stay in terrible, even abusive, situations because they fear change. Agoraphobia-literally a fear of open spaces, but really closer to a fear of leaving the house-is a debilitating earth disorder. An earth person can choose to become balanced, adding fire, water, and air to her make-up for a happier and healthier life.

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I appear to be an earth element.  No surprise there.

I appear to be FIRE

Cool !

And if you do it again in say...

6mo it will more than likely

be different !

It usually is for me...

Gentle Light


P.S. I need to do mine again real soon. 

Very curious and interesting.
First to see the size of the text and the small print, I got discouraged.
After doing the texte all the elements were close.
I read all the text the same way, but I appreciated the air element more.
Thanks for the fun, after all. must be pretty balanced right now !!!

Gentle Light


Just finished myself and my results for now is:

Air: 7

Earth: 4

Fire: 9

Water: 5

 A lot of the time its high water and/or earth scores...

Sometimes they can be pretty balanced out...

Maybe I should use a small notebook to keep results in to see

how they change over time and what's going on when there's

changes in the score. I didn't think there would be much change

when I first started this...but there has been times when it blows

me away the changes !

Gentle Light


I tried making this 12pts font...

don't know what happened...

My apologies...

Gentle Light


(quiz taken from Ellen Dugan's Natural Witchery)


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