We received an email in response to our article titled Aura Reading – You can Teach Yourself to Read Auras.  Our reader asked what metallic colors are seen in auras, whether odors may be associated with auras, and whether auras may be manipulated.  We are grateful for all questions from our readers; this letter inspired us to write the following article... 


Working With Auras & Chakras, an Alchemical Art

Many people report seeing silver, gold, or other metallic colors such as copper or lead, etc. in auras, as well as earth tones, tints, or shades, etc…

Some aura colors can be sparkly, often resembling minerals, semi-precious stones, or gems.

We prefer to choose to reduce the complexity of our own perceptions, so we focus on a narrow band of colors that we think are the minimum useful colors, the primary, secondary, and tertiary hues.

Tints or Shades of pure hues represent the Yin or Yang properties of those hues, respectively.

Browns and other earth tones may often represent stagnant energies, or complex issues that bog people down by seeming to be too complex to understand or resolve. 

Some grays, browns, or earth tones may represent very complex processes.  The blending of many colors together often results in brown or grey tones.  When closely examined, grey or muddy colored areas may show fine details with many different colors interacting together.

The Earth itself, with all of its inter-dependent species living together in so many diverse habitats, provides many good examples of what may be regarded as healthy expressions of earth tone colors.

However, how you learn to perceive chakras and auras is a personal matter; it is up to you to discover your own perceptions and how to work with them well. 

All people perceive everything uniquely for themselves.

When we describe our experiences working with chakras and auras we are really trying to convey more about the process of learning how to work with them, rather than tell you what you yourself should see.

If you are strongly oriented to your sense of smell, then you may find a psychic smell that may be associated with chakras or auras.  You may develop a keen sense of specific properties related to specific issues that you make yourself aware of by their odor.

Whatever your perceptual biases may be, you can develop a keener perception of yourself and other people through developing your awareness of chakras and auras.

The more aware you become of the subtle processes perceived in auras and chakras, the more effectively you can learn to manage your life and learn to heal yourself.

Healing is the primary purpose for developing your perceptions of chakras and auras.

There are three primary ways to manipulate your energy in order to make your chakras and auras healthier.  Important aspects of your life such as your health, intellect, security, social life, emotional balance, etc. will always reflect the improved states of health you create in the energetic bodies of your chakras and auras.

Cleansing, Aligning, and Balancing are your three primary methods to manipulate the energy states of your seven major chakras and their associated auras.  It is typically preferable to work directly with your chakras; the energy states of your auras are a product of the functions of your chakras. 

However, many people find it easier to perceive the details of these processes by their effects within their auras.  Remember to link back to the related chakra when working with an aura, so that the effective change is really within the chakra, and not just within the aura.

Your innermost aura is associated with your red root chakra, followed by auras whose hues are typically perceived to be orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and clear, successively. 

Some people find it easier to give the clear crown chakra a hue or color such as a very light purple, pink, gold, or silver, especially for the purposes of illustrations. 

We tend to depict the clear color of the seventh chakra as an extremely light tint of red-violet, a sort of pinkish lilac color.

Working with each chakra directly affects its related aura, however, it is possible to work on an aura but fail to address the root problem in the aura’s associated chakra.  Problems in an aura will return if the root problems in the associated chakra have not been resolved.

When you cleanse an aura or chakra, you examine them carefully for any energy that seems stagnant or out of place.

You can examine an aura or chakra with any of your senses.

We are personally very visually oriented, so we prefer to use colors to visualize our chakras and auras.  Since most of the literature on chakras and auras rely on color descriptions this works out well for us, however our color biases may be more difficult to understand for people who rely more on sounds such as musical tones, odors, tastes, or tactile sensations.

We recommend caution when cleansing chakras and auras.  Everything you find in your chakras and auras has a purpose.  All of what you find in your energetic bodies belongs to you, personally.

While many people describe things like 'parasites' or 'toxins' in their auras or chakras, these reports may be exaggerations or distortions of what is really going on. 

All energies in your auras and chakras always belong to you. 

You are always the one in control of all of your energies, always.

When you cleanse an aura or chakra, you remove any energies that do not appear to belong there.

We prefer to visualize our chakras as spheres of colored light, as a sort of shorthand for more detailed perceptions.

The literature available on the topics of auras and chakras report many conflicting descriptions of auras and chakras, their associated colors, their functional purposes, internal structures, etc. 

It is important to work with whatever method of perceiving your chakras and auras is most comfortable for you.  While most traditional systems recognize seven basic, primary chakras, some systems recognize 8, 9, 12, 13, or 14 important energy centers.  There are systems in Chinese Medicine that define over 300 chakras related to human energetic bodies.

Sometimes when you are cleansing an aura or chakra, you may find something that clearly belongs to a different aura or chakra.

Alignment is the process of moving the misplaced energy to its appropriate place.

For instance, if you find strong sexual feelings in your heart or throat chakras you may wish to move those lustful energies to your second chakra. 

We perceive the second chakra as orange colored.  Your second chakra is responsible for your creative genius, your emotions, and your sexuality.

Your second chakra is located in the region of your bladder, near your reproductive organs.

Sometimes people shut down an over-active chakra.  Sometimes traumatic experiences may cause a chakra to shut down.  In some cases, the energy flow though shut down chakras may come to a near halt; the shut down chakra may back up with stagnant energies.

Cleansing a chakra is an easier technique than aligning or balancing, consequently many people learn this technique first, even though it should be used last.

So you may want to be very careful with your first cleansings, avoid being overly ambitious.

Cleansing stagnant energies out of an under-active chakra helps you get the chakra to work in a healthy manner again.

However, it is important to remember that if the chakra appears under-active or entirely shut down there must be a good reason for throttling it down; you must remember to address the reason for shutting it down when you re-awaken it.

Ideally, you are looking for a carefully managed, well controlled Kundalini Awakening when you are working with your chakras and auras.  Cleansing things out abruptly, without preparation for the potential changes that may result can make such an awakening a traumatic experience. 

For this reason, we recommend you begin working with your chakras and auras slowly at first.  Don’t feel frustrated by a lack of definition in your initial perceptions of your auras and chakras.  Definition will improve over time as you become more experienced.  The initial lack of definition may help protect you from taking things too quickly at first.

Once you get a good feel for how to work with your chakras and auras it becomes safer to go deeper and work faster.

However, taking your time now can help prevent a lot of stress down the road later.

There will always be some stress when you work with your auras and chakras.

Before cleansing your chakras and after aligning your energies appropriately, you need to Balance each chakra.  This may be a bit trickier.

Balancing your chakras requires examining your beliefs about the things you perceive within yourself.  Any strong emotion is likely to point to some form of imbalance within you.

This does not mean you should not be passionate with your family and friends, jobs, hobbies, etc.  The key emotion to be mindful of is fear.  Other emotions related to fear that may often have harmful effects include anger, hatred, greed, jealousy, etc...

These potentially dangerous emotions may often cause you to harm yourself. 

The nurturing, virtuous emotions such as love, joy, or pleasure usually present less of a problem, unless these emotions become too extreme. 

However, taking these virtuous emotions to an extreme has its advantages; when these emotions are made more extreme you are likely to become stronger, you may become much more capable of healing your deepest wounds.

Problems with virtuous emotions typically only arise when healthy love becomes dominating, controlling, conditional love, or when pleasure leads to selfishness, recklessness, or addiction, etc...  It is possible to take healthy emotions too far and put yourself at risk as a result. 

By bringing your emotional responses into balance you learn to resolve your inner conflicts, you learn to unify your body, heart, mind, and spirit, integrating them into a stronger, more resilient and more adaptable character.

The object of all occult arts is to help you learn to know yourself better, to help you learn how to heal yourself, and to help you learn to help others learn to heal themselves. 

Working with your auras and chakras helps you to accomplish these primary tasks.

Working with your auras and chakras is an important part of the art of Alchemy.


Love, Grigori Rho Gharveyn...




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Dear Grigori Rho Gharveyn:

I have had Kirilian Photography done on my chakra, and I have the green heart chakra as my basis, not the red foundation. I was informed by a medical associate that when i wear purple my foundation looks dark red and is more normalized with their understanding. I cannot see the aura on my own, I do scent Alchemy. My sight auric understanding is not about color, it is based on a clarity that i see around and in the eyes. I have been identified as a conduit of healing.

Welcome to the Temple Illuminatus! Blessings!

Lovingly, Cheryl


Hi sister Cheryl,

We do not relate well with the Kirlian photos, but if they mathced up to your self-perceptions well then we think we will trust that they have been functional for you.  Your description of "clarity ...around the eyes..." is very revealing.

We mostly teach the basics of perception, however the channel you describe contains all this information as well; it is definitely an easier channel to use once you have attuned yourself to it.

The stuff we have been sharing helps people learn to self-attune.

You seem more advanced.

Do you have some strong corelations between odors and healthy states of each chakra you can share with us?


Blessed be...


I am aware that i do recognize scent and a clarity, yet I cannot identify them as something to express in language. I was a student of a sommelier for a total of four hours many years ago and could identify tastes with a clearer perception than the scents that go with them. That is similar to my ongoing experience. There are scents that have savory, bland, bitter, sour, sweet, salty, acidic, basic, humidifying, drying, moldy, astringent, tickling and scratching and other qualities--these drive my perceptions.  I have not been where anyone else wanted explanation about them before. Others have been happy to feel better being around me, without understanding any of the particulars. There is no masking that hides it. It is almost like being aware of spices and herbs in food. Yet it is in the air I breathe. Usually around the eyes tell where the body is weak through a protective projection. As I think about how to better express this, I will communicate.

Thank you Cheryl,

We find cataloguing smells with text descritptions difficult, we are pretty sure most people outside very specialized fields of study may agree.

There are definitely some smells that are very evocative, but we think a lot of these smells become individuated in meaning by the context in which people first signifigantly experience them.

The emotional context of our first experiences of a smell may be very important, but scarcely unique, there will be a lot of room for differentiation which makes the issue more difficult.  We like to dig into the details of another person's experiences for several reasons.

Aside from expanding our awareness to cross-reference more subject areas and detailed information, we get a good opportunity to examine some of the best properties of the people we meet, skill areas where their subject matter awareness they may often be exceptional.

Particularly with psychic or spiritual talents, many people with exceptional awareness may feel very isolated, particularly if they have no culture in common with anyone to share their unique perceptions or skills with; consequently asking also helps relieve many people's sense of isolation.

Also, the more we communicate with each person, the closer a bond we form, and that can have some special privileges for telepaths, because they can learn to share cognitive resources.

Shared cognitive resources can be very cool, particularly if there is a broad range of emotional differentiation between networked members.  When emotion tags for cognitive associations and processes is very unified it sometimes seems as if each person's individual characteristics are submerged by the telepathic group consciouness. 

The nearly emotionless borg are a good metaphor.

Many people who rely upon charismatic forms of social conditioning and brain-washing rely on unifying cognitive resources by conditioning emotional responses to be more uniform, which is part of why cult members often seem to be too much alike to outside observers.

Differentiation is often repressed in such cults, but differentiation is very often naturally supressed in any large social organization, as it takes interpersonal relationships developed over time for each person to become more unique and distinct to each other person.

In large instituions, many people may make too few friends to feel well understood or appreciated as an individual.  The organization typically only stresses the importance of those traits that are cultivated in common to all members...

Anyways, we believe too many people become too isolated, particularly with regard to less tangible subtle perceptions that we may lack adequate means to describe and share.

So we are looking for better tools to help people describe and share their best experiences.


Blessed be...


I do not smell people. I feel in my sinuses what would sense as a smell if I were "smelling" something, but it is purely a sensation similar to smell, no taste involved, not like a real smell. A sinus rearrangement, feeling, sensation.  Similar to being able to see different colors when you recognize an object, i can sense different scentsations without any smell attached to it.

Hi sister Cheryl,

Your description of not smelling is very intriguing, we would possibly regard it as a dissociative state.  We like to use various sorts of dissociative states to help us manage our pain.

We strongly suspect you are managing some terrible pain too.

We hope you are well today and will get much better sister.


Blessed be...



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