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The Orieons-Betelgeuse



This star, home of two primary inhabited planets (and a few outposts), originally belonged to the councils of Light for the Orion system. They became the Lords of Light versus the Dark Lords of Rigel. The councils of Betelgeuse became polarized, which means they perceived the Rigelians as an evil force to be overcome through war, rather than seeing them through the eyes of love and compassion.

The fall of the Lords of Light was due partly to the Archangel Lucifer's decision to view the emotional body as undesirable and unworthy of incluslon in the human soul.

Lucifer portrayed the Rigelians as crude, rude, lewd, vicious, undisciplined heathens who were preoccupied with the pleasures of the flesh. He told the Lords of Light on Betelgeuse to eliminate the Rigelians. He told the Lords of Light to deny their own lustful nature. He then extended this Victorian attitude to the shaming of sensitivities in men, including the open expression of emotions.

Lucifer wanted strong soldiers who would not show any signs of weakness while in battle. He wanted "killing machines." He wanted cold, calculated, intellectual armchair strategists who had no feelings for the horrors being perpetrated upon the citizens of Orion.

The councils of Light were conned into going to battle with the Dark Lords, but eventually Lucifer turned on Betelgeuse as well when there were disagreements among their leadership. At that point, the battle became threepronged, with Lucifer's renegade army battling both major factions of Orion.


Alpha Centauri

The closest star to your sun, Alpha Centauri, has five planets, of which one is inhabited by fourth density humanoids. These souls are very scientific and have fairly advanced technology. They are very much dedicated to the noninterference policy and, therefore, have very few channels on Earth. Many of them belong to the various councils of the Pleiades and travel to the Seven Sisters frequently in electromagnetically propelled spacecraft to attend meetings.

Being a fourth density society, they have not transcended conflict and violence, but these are quite minimal overall. There is no hunger. Food is manufactured and distributed by highly efficient technologies utilizing zero-point energy. Schools are a center piece of their cities and are set up to educate children about the workings of the Universe.

Although they are technologically advanced, they have not evolved significantly in terms of spiritual awareness. Most of their attention is on the mechanical nature of things and how to navigate and propagate. They are in trading agreements with certain other worlds within the Pleiadean system. Their humanoid bodies are a bit more perfected than on Earth, but they still procreate in the usual manner. They have strict limits on population, and medical technologies to ensure they only have children if and when they deem it appropriate. Everything is about efficiency, and their world is a well-oiled machine.

Lacking is a lot of emotionality and creativity. There is art, but it is rather "institutional" by your standards. Dance and ballet are highly refined, but still rather mechanical. The Alpha Centaurians, in general, are a law and order society. They have subdued their emotional bodies just enough to keep this order, but not enough to create severe soul fragmentation and atrophy.


The Root Cause of Control and Oppression

Identification with the mortal third density self inevitably breeds attachment to the ego, because the ego is synonymous with identification and attachment to materiality (specifically, within the entropic worlds of the lower four dimensions). The ego is a self-construct designed specifically to overcome the soul's perception of powerlessness and helplessness in the face of unknown dangers lurking within an uncaring, hostile Universe.

The ego became an ally of the intellectual mind, the part of the self that continually tries to explain the how and why of Creation. The intellect, being aligned with the science of the lower worlds, cannot perceive the higher realms and so all it sees is a brief period of life followed by an inevitable death. Unable to see the eternal nature of the soul, the ego lives in constant fear of the body's death, and hence, its own end.

The ego, being identified with form, will do whatever it takes to maintain itself in its vain attempt to remain secure (based on its definition of security) or beautiful (as it defines beauty). Meanwhile, it lives in constant fear that wrinkles will replace its body's smooth supple skin, and the ravages of aging will claim its trusted friend, the intellectual mind.

Being attached to materiality, one becomes addicted to acquiring more and more ',stuff'. You even have a slogan, "The one with the most toys wins." Your self-worth becomes tied up in your "net worth." Instead of seeing money as simply a medium of exchange, something to make the trading of goods and services more convenient and efficient, money becomes a symbol of power and status.


The ET Presence on Earth

Throughout your universe and specifically your galaxy, there are millions of humanoid and non-humanoid beings who were created from the original Divine blueprint.

In your local sector there are over one hundred species that have evolved from the original humanoid blueprint. Some have explored the very dense worlds, becoming caught in them. They have developed systems of thought, behavior and philosophy that appear to oppose the principles of Creation.

Others have evolved out of the realms of duality and are spreading love and compassion throughout the universe.

Approximately 80% of the beings inhabiting the Milky Way are kind, compassionate and benevolent, while 20% are of the dark persuasion. On your world, the figures have been largely reversed, although that is changing as more and more beings of light come to assist Earth.


The Rise of Atlantis

The civilization that began to develop shortly after 100,000 BC was very much like the one that exists today, with all manner of technological achievements.

The higher Pleiadean mind combined with the passion of the Orions and the competition of the Dracos resulted in a structured world of machines and great architecture. Michael and his legions, having been humbled by their mistakes of times past, once again tried to influence the more evolved souls of Atlantis.

The Councils of Rigel (dark Orions), having backed off during Earth's Instability, once again took an interest in what was happening. In addition to the large numbers of their people incarnating into human form, they maintained a presence in spacecraft above the Atlantean continent. Obviously the quarantine had not worked, and once again Earth was a magnet for all sorts of savory and unsavory characters.



Essentially, the first Dispensation established a permanent link between the separated souls and their higher selves (the aspects of the soul residing in densities 5 through 12).

While ultimately, this link is eternal and can never be broken, the time period (in Earth years) required for every soul to re-establish this link on its own would have been far too long to keep the Creation going in any semblance of order.

This first Dispensation manifests in some souls as the conscience, or a vague and subtle reminder that there is a better way of living than identification with the ego.

It is what spurs you on and keeps your hopes up when things appear hopeless.

The Second DIVINE Dispensation - The Galactic Shift

The Galactic Shift is an emanation from the Central Sun of each galaxy that bathes the rotating and revolving stars and solar systems with a high frequency burst of radiation at periodic intervals during each revolution of the galaxy around the Central Sun.

In the Milky Way galaxy, this shift occurs approximately every 108 million years for stars and solar systems in the arm of the galaxy in which the Earth is located.

Each time the Earth and her neighboring stars and planets pass through this beam of light, the dominant vibration of the atomic structures on such stars and planets is moved up to the next density level, through a process known by various names, including the entering of the "photon belt," the passing through a "stargate" or "portal," or moving through the "electromagnetic null zone."

The Galactic Shift is a Dispensation designed to create an upper time limit on how long souls can linger in a particular' realm without showing definitive signs of growth and evolution.

Since Council of Creator Gods knew that not all souls would be ready to undergo this shift during its naturally occurring time cycle, the decision was made to transfer the "laggard" souls to planets in other regions of the galaxy to allow them more time to prepare for the shift.

The Third DIVINE Dispensation - The Precessional Alignment of the Earth


Approximately every 25,920 years, the Earth goes through an energy shift that accelerates the evolution of the organisms present on her surface. 

At the end of each Precessional Cycle, the Earth and the solar system pass through what is called a region of scalar electromagnetic impulses, or an area of space in which the EM field polarities become weaker.

This weakness in the EM fields sometimes (but not usually) causes the north and south poles of the Earth to reverse polarity.

The Fourth DIVINE Dispensation - The Wheel of Reincarnation

To allow souls to complete their assignments and reassemble their fragments, the wheel of reincarnation was invented. Now souls did not have to return to their seventh density homes before incarnating again.

In actuality, they had lost the ability to do so anyway and so until this Dispensation, many of them wandered, lost and confused, in the many astral and etheric planes surrounding the worlds in which they had incarnated. 

The souls were allowed to reincarnate as many times as needed until they had learned all they desired in that particular world. 

This brings up the question of karma, or unfinished business. The idea that souls must be punished in a future lifetime for actions they committed in a past lifetime is erroneous. 

The desire to learn everything about Creation is the main force behind the decision to reincarnate - not the belief that one must atone for past sins.

The process of reincarnation had many benefits, but it was highly inefficient because each time a soul reincarnated, most of the memory of its past lives was lost or obscured by the veils surrounding the lower density planets.

Therefore, a great deal of time and attention was spent re-learning and remembering the lessons from previous lifetimes.

In addition, the birth and death processes themselves created a lot of trauma and fragmentation within the souls. It was like taking two steps forward and one step back each time a soul incarnated.


The Fifth DIVINE Dispensation - The Spiral of Ascension

Unfortunately, until recently, very few souls were able to go through this process because it required that a certain amount of karma be balanced, and a critical number of soul fragments be reassembled before the soul had enough energy consolidated to be able to make the shift.

Although the idea of karma is ultimately an illusion, the belief in guilt and sin became very strong during the Fall - strong enough to keep souls locked in patterns of negativity and low density.

Additional dispensations were granted to deal with these problems.


The Sixth DIVINE Dispensation - The Mass Ascension

When the ascension spiral was introduced, the requirements were very strict. A soul had to have nearly all of its karma balanced, all fragments reassembled, and be able to pierce the veils of forgetfulness (amnesia) inherent in the lower worlds. 

The mass ascension resulting from this Dispensation is scheduled to occur in stages, beginning around 2012 and ending around 2030. 

The Seventh DIVINE Dispensation - Intervention by ETs

To assist souls in preparing for ascension, and to help those souls not ready for ascension that wish to remain with Earth during her translation from third to fourth density, a Dispensation was granted allowing beings from higher densities permission to intervene in the affairs of humanity.

This Dispensation has two parts:

(1) Instruction and help in the process of growth and evolution; and

(2) Intervention in the nuclear, neutron, electromagnetic and chemical weapons programs on Earth.

This intervention is still taking place today on planet Earth. Your nuclear weapons have been neutralized on five different occasions since 1962.

The most recent intervention was made in the fall of 2007 when a renegade group attempted to start a war between Iran and Iraq, or rather, between Iran and the occupying forces in Iraq.

This group attempted to launch a nuclear missile from within Iran. The missile never made it out of its silo, as the launch codes were immediately neutralized by one of the benevolent factions assisting Earth.


Galactic History - MALDEK

Both the Orion and Draco systems had a wide variety of conscious beings, and the explorers who settled on Mars and Maldek were quite aggressive and warrior-like in their mentality. Their main purpose in coming to Earth’s solar system was conquest and mining of natural resources. Basically, anything that would give them power and prestige. These souls had long ago forgotten their connection to Source, and felt they needed to take from others in order to feel whole and complete.

They built great cities out of stone, and in matching their consciousness, these cities had great fortresses and towers to afford protection from attack.
At some point, the Maldekian peoples discovered neutron technology and began manufacturing bombs and wartime implements. Although the Maldekian civilization began over ten million years ago in Earth time, it continued to evolve into a series of warring factions. This warring attracted the attention of both benevolent and malevolent ET groups from various systems around the galaxy, but because of the non-interference agreement and protection of free will, little was done to intervene.

About 3,200,000 years ago, the conflicts escalated and the neutron weapons were deployed. It was supposed to be a “limited nuclear exchange” between two of the warring factions. At this point the DNA of the souls were a mixture of Draconian and Orion strands, both of which contained the aggressive genes. Each side in this conflict (although both sides had similar DNA) wanted to outdo the other, and the weapons grew increasingly larger and more numerous. The first exchange only destroyed a few thousand humanoids. The side most damaged would rebuild and retaliate, each time with greater devastation.

Although it seemed to be discovered by accident, a particularly powerful neutron bomb was developed using a rare combination of elemental catalysts. The scientists involved in its development did not realize the extent of its destructive capabilities. This weapon was fired at a military base hidden underground in enemy territory. Within this base were hundreds of neutron weapons. The enemy, realizing the bomb was coming, attempted to get their base weapons airborne. 

Several dozen of the several hundred weapons were launched and exploded in the sky, creating a brilliant flash. However, they were unable to intercept the oncoming more powerful weapon and it entered the silos of the enemy and simultaneously ignited over 200 weapons buried in the ground. The combination of the explosion of the more powerful weapon and the 200 conventional nuclear weapons resulted in a powerful earthquake that tore apart the planet of Maldek and eventually broke it into hundreds of fragments, which became the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.


These are the discussions and pages posted by Siles Silesius in April 2013 from a deleted group called Founders of the Universe.

Disclaimer: I do not have links to know if this is copyrighted material or if this is the Intellectual Property of Siles Silesius but unless I know different-I can only give credit to Siles and if any of this is copied-please credit him as the author

Thank you Rosey


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