Never heard of him before, bu7t I found this one out and it made me think a lot about the possibilities of his predictions.

I would love some comments from all of you.

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Thanks so much SL for replying to this.

Yes, he is taking current trend to its ultimate development.

Well, you know I do not believe in Soul Mates, because I believe all Souls to be equal, even not equally aware at this point.

But I can see that people will group or find mates that are more similar to themselves than it had ever happened before.

The thought that we are living in a simulation or programmed life, has occurred to me many times.

I do believe we create our own reality but the question is who is we.

Is it not our true Self or our Soul?

If that is the case, which I think it is, the personality has nothing to say on the matter.

Only those that are aware of whom they really are, can create their own reality.

As for the whole media thing, I belong to Facebook, because is similar to these sites and there is much that is posted there that is instructive, but nothing else and as far as popularity, only the ego has need of that.

But yes, I am aware that most people are living now in that kind of World.

Too bad that there are not more people interested in answering these things that we both post.


Thanks for answering!

So we agree pretty much in all of this SL.

I have recognized instant knowingness of most people I meet.

My departed husband not only did I recognized him, but I saw him, as he was in another round of incarnations, and boy, were we entangled!

We learn a lot from each other. Not all was sweet, but we made it so, in the end.

I still feel connected to him, and know I will ever be.

However, I feel the same for everyone I meet.

I know them, I know them inside and out, because I recognize in everyone of them what and where I have been.

Yes, for all I know this bodies are out of fashion, they are not very durable, and we should create better bodies to live in, thus, we could place our Souls in the new artificial intelligence bodies.

I would not mind to have a new model of body, may be we can even change their shapes when we get tired of one...( I am kidding, but we could do this with our bodies if we really used all the potentials we have ).

I feel the same way, we are really all at the base of everything, the same Soul!

And yes, we are not alone....

Yes, I feel that I know you least, I know who you are, if not what you look like.

But then, again, it is only the mask that we are not aware of, or the AI!


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