Astrological forecast for 2019

by Yael Yardeni


You are starting to gather the fruits of your work.

This period will last 15 years and will also mean

the fulfillment of a big dream. Caution during the first

initial months of this year, some anxiety

over small things is making you quite angry. Some of you will reach the peak of your career.

Beware as some breakups might occur as well. Global

ly, 2019 will bring out the great fruits of

your labor, but there will be many ups and downs. Keep

it steady!


This year is going to be really exciting for you, as it is filled with a lot of unexpected surprises and

amazement. There are greater possibilities for you

to grow at work provided you take risks, and

the road of the uncomfortable! This is a fantastic time

to seal a partnership, especially a

marriage. Money will come in very unusual ways, and from unusual people. Globally, you must be

ready for an adventure!


This year will be like a roller coaster ride for you,

a very crucial and significant year. Plenty of

positive experiences as well as some challenging ones.

This is an auspicious year for real estate

businesses and it’s a great time to invest in your own home.

The last part of the year 2019 will

bring wonderful family relationships. You must adapt to

the new occurring situations. Take good

care of your health. This is a year of many lessons!


Career and job are going in the right direction with

appreciation and maybe a promotion thanks

to hard work. Businessmen will get great opportunities

to make new clients or implement

something new, with great money results.

You must trust your instincts 100%.

There is a chance to enlarge and develop your business on

a bigger scale and achieve a state of prosperity.

It’s also a great time for trips. You are likely to meet a life partner in one of these journeys. Take greater care of your family, especially parents this year.


A fantastic opportunity to get rid of financial worries!

For the first time in 10 years, your income

will be amazingly increased. It will boost your confidence

which will make you more productive.

2018 was not fruit-bearing, but 2019 will see a drastic change in your situation,

a positive one, a sudden shift in your life! Expect a bit of overload at work.

Go for it! Your parents and your

children will become your main responsibilities.

And you will dedicate yourself to your family.

It’s an optimistic year, with confidence and enthusiasm.


You are finally starting to develop your creative side,

take music or dance lessons! Your family will become bigger,

either an adopted child or a guest

who doesn’t want to leave anymore!

Some of you will start serious romantic relationships.

You will earn increasingly more money,

but you will also have a lot more responsibilities regarding

the children. Physically you will feel fitter.

Get ready to do some long distance travelling.

Old issues from your ancestral property will also be resolved.


Life takes an unexpected turn. You will relocate or change your workplace.

Important people start to take interest in you.

There is an increase of your reputation in society.

There might be a bit of complications while making money due to the effect of Saturn.

Beware of strain and tension, as they will have an impact on your moral.

Seek peace in all relationships stay more calm

and composed rather than reactive.

But no question, 2019 will build you and get you organized!


A lot of new contacts are established.

There is a possibility to become freelancers and to have

small, but constant contracts, which will ensure a good income.

Your new contracts will raise your self-esteem.

Get ready for more changes, but less drama than 2018.

You may feel a bit restless, worried and uneasy which could blur your

decision making. Stay calm and patient.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

Take good care of your health this year!


Great opportunities and circumstances arise!

There will be many ways this year to learn, to grow

and act accordingly, which will help you get greater success.

There is a possibility to work in a foreign country,

especially if your activity domain is medical, media or judicial.

Due to Jupiter’s transit, it’s a great idea to do a pilgrimage to very holy

and sacred place to you. You may also find yourself inclined

towards philosophy and spirituality. A very enlightened year indeed!


A 30 years cycle will start with a new phase of reinvention and reorientation.

You will be involved in gaining numerous contracts.

In December 2019, Jupiter will be entering your zodiac sign and

will lift up the heaviness of Saturn. It’s a great transformation in both, personal and

professional life. It’s good to stock up before the winter comes.

As you are also a reliable, practical and

hardworking person, it is a perfect time to think about

your future. And remember that action speaks louder than words!


You are thinking of quitting your current job.

You are eliminating everything that’s irrelevant in your life.

During 2019, you will find yourself looking for more freedom.

Now is the time to carefully analyze the situations affecting you and wisely

act upon them in an efficient way. With that said, you are blessed with tremendous

analytical qualities. This quality brings out the genius in

you who converts the poison into medicine.

You will be able to overcome any struggle and climb any mountain

and convert the tough times into the best of situations.

A great year to build yourself!


It’s a great time for international trips and for taking different classes.

Your trips might be related to a relationship you have with someone

who lives abroad. During 2019, finances get

better, especially thanks to a new job.

Your true self and intelligence will shine bright. You will

think many things through. Just make sure the ego doesn’t catch up

with you! Great solutions are coming to you to help others really quick.

You will feel at home in your natural surroundings,

including religious and intellectual subjects.

You will feel the love of the people surrounding you.

Many unprecedented events will be taking place,

so be careful and keep your eyes and heart open.

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