The New You Is Receiving A New Mirror. Extreme Energetic Shift Happening!

The New You Is Receiving A New Mirror. Extreme Energetic Shift Happening!

Outgrown soul contracts and karmic relationships are dissolving. In that case, New Mirrors are presented to reflect back to you the work you’ve done, the power and truth that you’ve become.

The New You deserves a New Mirror – know that the Handover is happening behind the scenes. Trust that things are shifting, and this is for your Highest Good.

Know that the following article doesn’t speak of romantic relationships, friendships or partnerships of any kinds but of those we call Soul Contracts, when two people cross path and share a relationship in order to gain and acquire wisdom and knowledge together.

“Karma shows itself in relationships. The people you meet, the expectations you have, the circumstances in which you relate, the kind of marriage or other association that you find yourself in are the ways you have chosen to grow and evolve into what you must be” ~ Judy Hall.

New mirrors are now available to walk with you the path of Freedom, Growth and Purpose.

As you evolve in life, different significant partners have come and will come to you to support you, teach you, mirror back to you what you need to See and Heal within yourself.

When you reach and settle at a new, significant, energetic stage on your personal path — as you’re doing right now – new, aligned mirrors come your way. Those vibrate at a similar frequency as you do. That’s why and recently, mirrors have started to shift for you.

At each important step of your sacred, golden path, new people and most importantly partners are rendered available to you so that you can grow, evolve and continue expanding your consciousness through the stimuli that relationships of any kind offer.

Some previous partnerships and Sacred Unions, as we have already said, can’t come with you for the rest of the ride – at least not now – simply because they haven’t evolved lately, in the past months and years, in that same tremendous, victorious, King and Queens amount as You Have.

Those are those people you felt truly drawn to until recently – that was because there was still more to learn and to heal there. In other words, you had to find your way out of the Karmic Dynamics.

When one of the partners of a given relationship grows enough to move past the codependency, abuser-abused, chaser-runner or whatever growth/triggers/healing dynamics that’s unfolding there – they become able to move away from the repetitive loop, and therefore from the relationship itself as the relationship was finding its roots, its way of being and functioning in that pattern, in the karma itself.

In that case, their “ex-mirror” therefore become a “normal” person for them, and the heaviness, the depth, the attraction and the almost unhealthily draw (because even if the pull is intense the relationship ultimately led to a feeling of incompleteness of the Self) fades.

Higher selves are right now working behind the scenes to land new connections, new Sacred Unions down the Earth.

New Mirrors are offered when the previous ones can’t Mirror Back to you anything that you haven’t healed or worked on yet.

New mirrors and contracts are presented when the previous ones have taught all they could, when lessons are learned, healed and the Karma is dissolved.

When two souls have nothing to learn anymore at a soul level together, the energetic bond dissolves in order to clear space for them both to find a new partner or teacher aligned with the Soul Class that they now desire to attend.

The Divine Feminine has recently learned to rise alone through difficult, karmic partnerships often times described as Twin Flames – while the Divine Masculine, meaning their counterparts have learned in the meantime to be honest, true to themselves, and to let the Feminine go if they can’t offer them what she needs, wants and deserves based on the depth, authenticity and inner power that she has developed.

In the higher realms, Sacred Partners are shaking hands while the one that’s Leaving your personal growth history is handing over to the one that Follows.

Know that outgrown Soul Contracts are currently dissolving – because when lessons are learned a given soul graduates, passes the final tests and is eventually received in a new class.

This is the next handover that life had planned for you, a long time ago.

Congratulations. You have done the work. And Life is about to meet you exactly where you stand now, offering a brand-new physical mirror to ride the Sacred Path with. Trust.

By Sophie Gregoire

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This has my brain wheels turning reading this resonates with me. Have not really explored the topic of twin flames in depth as a priority.

I have known women that over romanticize twin flames that it makes me cringe .As I understand it so far, separation is only in distance and for growth. Separation from twin flame is illusion since it is another you.

I do know and have experiences with soul family and soul friends. 

So is this implying there are twin flames or not?
Personally as being part of the feminine collective ,have always experienced it as this  "The Divine Feminine has recently learned to rise alone through difficult, karmic partnerships often times described as Twin Flames"

For my experience in twin flame has been wild, independent and solitary and not a priority.

So not implying that there is no such thing as twin flames but wondering what others take on the twin flames and this article are.

Well, I am one that could n't care less about that. 

Like you, I believe that if there is a twin flame, like twins, we are always a unity no matter where we are. 

And certainly, most people do not unite with twin flames, but with "karmic" flames. 

The experiences that we have needed mostly are those of learning from one another, and we learn nothing from those that are exactly like us.

We have been mirrors to others and they have been mirrors to us, but what is mirrored is our egos, our false personalities and all of that "stuff".

Souls are all alike, and thus need not mirroring. 

At the Soul level we are all one. 

But we have not reached that level yet. 

What they call Twin Flames, continues to be part of the Illusion of this life, and thus, willful thinking. 

We can have no twin flames at the Soul level either, because at that level we are all but One. 

But yes, women have been successfully trying to be on a par with their males counterpart. 

However, I am not all for this feminist movement, either. 

We were created male and female for a reason, not to be the same , but to compliment one another. 

Men do not bear children and they are are not meant to raise them, even though some do a better job of it than most mother do. 

We are magnetic and they are electric.

Magnetism attracts electrical forces and that is the way is meant to be. 

We are meant to have a magnetic role in life and bring to ourselves what we need without having to go out and bring it to us, by our mere being, and men are supposed to work for what they need. 

In an ideal World, that is the way that it was meant to be and we have taken both roles in different incarnations, so that we can experience it all. 

The search for a twin flame that is strong in women has nothing to do with  politics and feminism. It is strong in many men too. 

The twin flame notion is probably is encoded in our DNA and stems from an ancient knowing, we are microcosm in the macrocosm, entangled particles as mirrors opposites. 

It is not about our physical bodies and the roles imposed on body genders. Souls develop and evolve, this is where I have to say all souls are not the same.

What one does with soul in their body is how souls differ.  How a soul is developing in it's quantum entanglement causes a mirror effect of the particles it is entangled with.

The fact that it can be galaxies apart indicates it is not something to be romanticized.

Quantum Entanglement: Love on a Subatomic Scale

The basic idea of quantum entanglement is that two particles can be intimately linked to each other even if separated by billions of light-years of space; a change induced in one will affect the other. [How Quantum Entanglement Works (Infographic)]

Entanglement occurs when a pair of particles, such as photons, interact physically. A laser beam fired through a certain type of crystal can cause individual photons to be split into pairs of entangled photons.

The photons can be separated by a large distance, hundreds of miles or even more.

When observed, Photon A takes on an up-spin state. Entangled Photon B, though now far away, takes up a state relative to that of Photon A (in this case, a down-spin state). The transfer of state between Photon A and Photon B takes place at a speed of at least 10,000 times the speed of light, possibly even instantaneously, regardless of distance.

Ancient Quasars Provide Incredible Evidence for Quantum Entanglement

Entangled particles (or systems) mirror each other, as if 'reflecting' its opposite. It's hypothesised to achieve this through FTL (faster-than-light) communication across infinite distances -- of not only space, but also time. In fact, a system can become entangled at a future date which then leads to its entanglement state occurring in the past!

This shows not only that QE systems are communicating, but actively participating in each other's experience, no matter the distance or point in time at which either happen to be present.

What are some features of such systems?

• to become entangled, they must have been created at the same point in time. After this, they are literally inseparable and treated as a single system or unit.

• for what one experiences (in case of the example, spin) the other will 'recreate' its opposite state, despite having no knowledge -- prior or present -- or observing the state of its twin. The law of conservation requires these must always be in an opposite state (or spin).

• prior entangled pairs can become a part of a larger system of other pairs also entangled, but separately so. Together, they are entangled, but when observed apart from it, the originally entangled pairs still act as a separate, discrete subsystem.

Topic:Twin Flames or Quantum Entanglement? The Scientific Potential of Soulmates

I am aware of all of that, yet, it is not that people are Soul mates, it is that every time that we interact with others in any incarnation, we become entangled.

And we recognize the Souls of those with whom we have been entangled before and continue to be for ever more.

Yet, at the basic level, way beyond all these reincarnation stuff, we are all but one Soul.

I feel connected to everyone I ever meet, could it be that I have reincarnated so much that I recognize all Souls?

You see, in either case, at a certain level, we know we are the same.

No matter how different we may appear, yet we are all made up of the same stuff.

Yes, we all men and women alike, like to find that other person with whom we could entangle completely.

Is a human thing, because we know we are all the One.

God did not created us, we created God, so that we could feel that there was someone in our side and powerful enough to achieve for us what we are not yet capable of chieving for ourselves.

I like all those you points you made Carmen. It is funny as we talk about mirrors and our experiences it is quite opposite yet it still comes together harmoniously.

You say you feel connected to everyone you meet asking could it be because of many reincarnations. Could very well be.

I feel a connection to a few where I could say I know this person from before, bear in mind this is even though I have no reincarnation memory.

Some say consciousness came first then matter. So in a sense we created God. I am not sure though the reasons for creating God. Other than religion to attempt to instill morals and love. Which failed.

Honestly don't think humans even have a clue anymore what they are capable of.  If only there was that idea that we are all connected in all humans so that way we would stop killing one another over stupidities.

Oh, dear SL, I have remembered so many incarnations that I know I have not only been in this planet for a long time, but also I have memories of other planets.

In reality, we create our own reality by the way we are capable of recognize that we are the center of our own being and that the answers are all within ourselves.

We are both the creator and the created.

But until we recognize this, we stumbled in the dark.

Yes, all in the center of our own universe which has no center either and it just keeps going.

So we are the matter which is observed ,while then created it is recorded as our memory  time. Lines from the center of our awareness reaching out in time across other dimensions.

I suppose now that my dreams are indeed an indication of other time lines , dimensions , worlds and other life.

Even if I am same in this incarnation as in all the different worlds and in time travel (appearance of ancient times) it is still at least an indication of being at center and having multiple selves... one consciousness receiving info from different lines where I have extended out awareness. Being one's own source one's own sun.

Essentially we are saying the same thing just experienced differently.



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