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Comment by RD on February 15, 2013 at 7:43pm

Hmm... no idea if this is showing up where'd I'd like it to, but forging on nonetheless.  Here goes: I need help with aligning instances of an element with the signs of that element.  Let me explain.  I remember this because I am a fire sign.  Among the fire signs, Aires is seen to be the spark that starts the fire, Leo is the fire itself and Sagittarius are the flikkering reaches of fire rising above the fire itself.  I have always assumed that the other elements have similar or corresponding imagery in their elements.  Anyone know of it? Or, can point me to it?

Many thx!

Comment by Cian Rhys on August 31, 2012 at 2:01am

IMO, Astrology is a system of guidelines, rather than rules. It is simply a means to explore and comprehend, and interact with, cosmological energetic influences.

Our experiences in this, as well as in, alternate, lifetimes, also influences how we perceive and express ourselves.

Keep in mid that Traditional Western Astrology is not the only valid system of self-discovery understanding; ( personally, I've always resonated with Asian systems, as well as The Dream Spell system.) and utilizing several systems, rather than a single one may offer a larger perspective. Follow your own intuition to discern what is appropriate and beneficial for yourself.

Novice, here as well; but I'm certain there are several other well qualified members here who can assist with specifics or offer more detailed help.

For starters, perhaps consider compiling a natal chart; the following link provides a free chart generator that seems to be used by quite a few members of his group.

Comment by Debbie on August 11, 2012 at 4:35pm

Libra female with cancer rising and moon in cancer 

Your Ascendant sign is Cancer, which means that, at first glance, people feel the influence of Cancer on your outward appearance It may be different from your inner self, which defined by your Sun sign.

At first glance, your Sun sign and your Ascendant seem to present few similarities, and yet, they are both Cardinal signs. As a result, you are willing to keep all situations under your control, and you take it to heart to be the initiator or to show your creativity. Indeed, contrary to appearances, you are concerned about your interests and your security, whether this trait is a quality or a flaw. You try to avoid being cheated or rejected, and you act accordingly towards your loved ones. Owing to your Cancer Ascendant, you come across as gruff, secretive, and suspicious, which is found endearing or intriguing. You are a bit poetic and whimsical, and you try to protect yourself against the outer world. This situation does not totally satisfy you because your Libra Sun needs smooth exchanges and, when you are in familiar settings, it prompts you to spontaneously leap into your relationships. However, your instinctive carefulness may offset the mind-body split which is a Libra trait. Although you are a dreamer and an idealist, when you are upset, you become quite vindictive, and then, you can use either your claws or the sword of justice.

Comment by Cian Rhys on April 2, 2012 at 10:18pm

*Cheers for balance*

Comment by Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon on March 21, 2012 at 7:29pm

Neptune in Pisces... Pisces being the last & final Sign, the Sign of the natural 12th House... It is a Sign of Closure, it is the House of Endings - Cycles ending... It is The end of the show, it is just a Goodbye but it is all necessary and it is all good for Evolution of all species travelling in the flesh chiefly if in this Time-zone.

Neptune in Pisces is much welcome! Thanks Goddess for Neptune.


Comment by vsb on March 8, 2012 at 1:04am

as per lahiri ayanamsa mercury is in pisces leads to loose talk and defamation of ministers and downtrend in business dealings may takes place now only

Comment by Priestess Maighread Birdsong on February 16, 2012 at 12:38pm

@Occupy Psyche that is a great poster! BB...~M~

Comment by Debbie on December 18, 2011 at 5:45pm

2012 - An Overview

We start the year with the benevolent Jupiter positioned in Aries, a sign owned by a great friend, Mars. Meanwhile, Saturn has moved to Libra, which is also the house of a friend. This auspicious combination of both the great planets Jupiter and Saturn in the house of their friends brings hope, clarity and resolve to our lives. Rahu and Ketu continue to stay in the houses of Mars and Venus, making a strong case for bold measures with long term planning our goal for the governments around the world. Saturn and Venus, both great friends, are located in signs ruled by each other, Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra. This is the sign of exaltation for Venus. Thus the value of design, pattern and long term planning cannot be overemphasized as a theme for the year ahead. When Venus catches up with Jupiter in Aries around March, we can expect some breakthroughs in global negotiations and personal situations.

The global situation starts to change dramatically when Ketu, the planet of redemption, moves into Taurus around end of March and Rahu the planet of international affairs , enters a watery sign of Scorpio, we can expect the international trade and commerce to start looking up and regain its lost position. Trading countries will start trusting each other businessmen around the world will be willing to trust the markets outside their national boundaries.

From May 2012 onwards, unprecedented changes in the economies of the world are predicted. Market for jobs will open up, bringing unemployment levels down to single digits, in most of the developing as well as developed countries. This change is caused by the inter-planetary forces of Jupiter, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Ketu being positioned in Taurus at the same time. Consumption will be once again the focus with Venus taking the lead in urging all of us to consume and prosper. Rahu and Ketu have formed a circle around all the planets, which may result in some delays and cancellations of projects at the last minute.

Saturn will continue to squeeze hard work and demand discipline from us in the first eight months of the year. There will no letup of the hard work required and the results may not be consummate with the effort put in. However, once Saturn changes signs in the month of September, and moves into Virgo, things will start falling into place almost magically. Things will ease up and you will get recognized and rewarded for your hard work. Watch out for tumultuous times for a brief period in October, when the Sun also moves into Virgo and meets up with Saturn. It might be a period of global conflicts as well as conflicts in your own home.

Comment by Leila Raven on November 19, 2011 at 1:59pm

Wow, I was away since the beginning of the month and since then it looks like the Temple has been blessed with some people with a passion for astrology and even some great wisdom. I know we have many members very interested in astrology with various levels of experience. Mostly novices who I'm sure would be very appreciative of anything more experienced members are willing to share of their personal beliefs and experiences with astrology!

Well met, all new and returning, and looking forward to what you have to share in times to come!

Comment by Evanessa Moonstone on August 9, 2011 at 11:11am
Hello and thanks for the invite :)

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