PAINTINGS OF SUSIE GORGON~ Tigers, Birds, Big cats, Wolves, Horses, Bears,

Rien Poortvliet (A truly inspiring artist) has quoted...
"To show what the Good Lord has Made." This has been a path for Susie Gordon, one that centers on her Christian faith, her family and the animals she uses in her art. 
Susie resides in North Lewisburg, Ohio with her three children: Tristan(14), Miriam(11) & Landon(8). She is a certified Master Dog Trainer and has also helped train a young Siberian tiger and studied with wolves at the REF Wolf Foundation. Susie shares her home -land with welsh ponies ,a Friesian mare, 2 Scottish Deerhounds, a Border Collie and a Schipperke. 
Her studies include; the acclaimed Columbus College of Art and Design (working in Fine Art Painting and Lost Wax Bronze) and the Beartooth School of Art (with Carl Brenders).
Her work has recently been offered to the public and art exhibitions such as the International- Wild Cat 2001 Competition and show. Her Tiger painting "Behold" won the Sierra Endangered Cat Haven Award of Excellence.
She has won numerous Best of Shows and has been exhibited at the American Academy of Equine Art's Fall Juried Show and Exhibition held in Lexington, Kentucky. 
Susie has exhibited and sold her original artworks from 2004-2013 at the Southeastern Wildlife Expo in Charleston, SC.
Graphite drawings are her favorite medium. She is now adding a tint of color to the finished drawing which is really a subtle way of how things really 'look". Soft and detailed all in one. 
Just this year, Susie has embarked in creating soft woolen sculptures. Her creations are called "feltlings" and are needle-felted animals that are fully posable and very life-like. She uses raw wool (grown in her native Ohio by Shetland sheep) over a wire armature.
Susie has completed a new and exciting field..children's book illustration. Look for the book titled "Skipingo Home", a true story about a race horse given a second chance. Written by Jane Lyon and Karen Bailey, it has been released by Eclipse Press .Written for the young at heart, it is a must have this Christmas ! Proceeds to benefit Old Friends Equine Sanctuary. Pickup your copy at,... Borders...etc.
NEWS! Also Look for the second book illustrated by Susie Gordon and also written by Jane Lyon & Karen Bailey. The book is called PRIMERICA-A Home For the Brave, and is a true story about another overrun racehorse. The book was released December 2010.
In her work, the paper is turned again and again and upside down as she works on it to see every section as an abstract shape not just a "horse's ear". She also has completed several Gouache paintings and some Oil as well. Every painting is a completed drawing before the color is applied and the painted edge is softened.
Susie has many past artists that continue to inspire her- Sir Edwin Landseer, Rosa Bonhuer, Adolph Schreyer, John Frederick Herring Sr., Herbert Dicksee and today- Rien Poortlviet , Raymond Ching, & Joseph Sulkowski. "Reading and seeing these masters in art are just as exciting as doing my own work."
Please contact the artist if you have any questions on her paintings, drawings, feltlings and also she also does custom portraits of your beloved pets.

 - Barn Swallow by Susie Gordon

 - wolf,wolves by Susie Gordon

Blackfoot's Teepee(SOLD) - fox by Susie Gordon

ME First! - Canadian Geese by Susie Gordon

Renaissance Wolf -SOLD - wolf, wolves by Susie Gordon

Alpha and Omega 4 (sold) - Wolves by Susie Gordon

Amber Gaze-SOLD - wolf, wolves by Susie Gordon


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