Posted by Nova Spirit on June 3, 2012

When you feel like you are actively under energetic or psychic attack, there are ways that we can protect ourselves.  It is an energetic form a psychic self defense that was taught to me by my guides.  I will attempt to explain it here on how to use it and why it works.  You might have read from my posts, that before any exercise, I speak about surrounding yourself with an energetic white light of protection.  If not you can read about it here:  Energetic Protection.  This is a white light of protection that is a vibration on the highest level to keep any unwanted negative energies away from you as you practice each exercise on strengthening your psychic abilities.  But there are times when we will have to make defensive moves to protect ourselves to push away negative energies especially if we are under energetic attack.

Energetic attack mind you doesn't have to come from energies that are not seen in the spiritual realm, they can come from everyday people as well which often includes people we love.  When you feel like you are being drained, especially in arguments you are under energetic attack.  Thoughts are energy, just like our physical forms, which sometimes accounts for the feeling of someone entering the room and seemingly sucking the life out of it.  Most people are unaware that they are energetically attacking someone for several reasons.  One they are just unaware that each and everyone of us is powerful in our own energy.  Two, they are too self absorbed in their own hurt or self worth to realize they are harming another.  On a very rare occasion, a person knows how to manipulate their own energy and is using it maliciously towards another person, intentionally attacking them energetically.

When I was being taught energetic protection, I was told to practice it all the time.  Since I have this ability to hear my guides, they would throw this exercise on me at the most inopportune times.  I would hear 'Protect yourself!' and random points and times of the day and even in my dreams.  It was meant for me to practice putting this white light of protection around me so that I could do it at a moments notice.  When I started to sort of get the hang of it, they added a new element.  Taking what I have learned and changing it into psychic self defense for when I was actively energetically under attack.  So my suggestion is this.  First, learn and understand Energetic Protection using the white light of protection.  Practice it often until it becomes natural for you to call upon this white light of protection.  If you aren't clairaudient, listen to your thoughts.  If the thought suddenly jumps in and says 'Protect Yourself' don't try to determine if its your thought or not, just do the exercise.

Moving on to Energetic Self Defense.

The difference between energetic protection and self defense is how the energy is used.  In energetic protection you are creating an energetic shield around you.  In energetic self defense you are actively pushing away negative energy.  The creation of this energy is the same, how you use is it, makes it different.  

1.  As in Energetic Protection, you call upon it the same way.  Visualize this white light coming down from above through the crown of your head and into your body.  If you need to, ask your guides/guardians/angels/god/goddess to help.  It could be a little prayer/or your intent, to push away all energy that is not in your best interest away from you.

2.  Instead of forming a shield around you, visualize all that energy building and forming in your solar plexus area.  Visualize it forming a white ball of light that grows as the white light fills you.  Allow it to spin faster and grow brighter.

3.  Unleash it.  Allow that spinning ball of white light to explode out and away from you.  It will look like a sphere rapidly expanding away from you.  Visualize it.  It's like a super nova of a star exploding.  The leading edge of this white light (shock wave) expands outwards pushing away all negative energy away from you but it leaves everything else unaffected.  If you need an actual visual to watch, the closest thing I have found to understanding this wave of protective light is when Harry Potter in the Prisoner of Azkaban (movie) uses the expecto patronus charm to ward off the Dementors.  Only you don't need to scream it out loud, nor does it come from a wand it comes from you.  But the concept is the same.  Protective white light explodes away from you, the dementors are the negative energy fleeing as fast as they can to get out of there.

If you need visuals these two videos might help:

Super Nova

Harry Potter:  Expecto Patronum charm

Real Life Results

I know the hardest thing to know if your use of energetic self defense is working is to see the results.  If you are under physical energetic attack, you just want to open your eyes and the offender is gone.  Often times the results is not that dramatic but it can often been seen very subtly.  To know if you have been successful here are a few things you can look for:

1.  You feel the sense of pressure or oppression lifting off of you.
2.  The person who is doing the attack has a subtle or even drastic change in tone as they are speaking to you or even change the subject.  The sense of being attacked goes away.
3.  In a very dramatic case, the person abruptly ends the conversation and walks away.

Things to remember

Stay focused!  One of the hardest things to do, I know (been there done that), is to focus inwards to create this white light while under attack.  This is why it is so important to be able to call upon this protection at a moments notice!

Trust yourself and your guides/guardians/angels/god(s)/goddesses/universe!  Doubt tends to weaken the strength of the protective white light.  Do not doubt just do!

I hope this helps you all.

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