Posted by Nova Spirit on July 5, 2011

Hi Everyone,


Thank you for joining me in Developing your Psychic Abilities.  I wanted to take a moment to explain to you what this group is going to be about (not that the title doesn't give it away! ;)).  I am working on designing this group to be one that is not only informative but also a place where you learn and work with others who are also learning.  So I'm working on providing ways that will make this group as interactive as possible since I do believe that as we work on developing your psychic skills some skills are best learned when we work together.


So what you will find here as I add articles and exercises (please give me some time, I have to write them still! :D) for everyone to do on their own time and at their own pace.  Then I will be working to schedule events where we will gather as a group to discuss what you are working on and providing help if you need it.  And we will also be scheduling times to work on exercises that are most effective when working in groups.  There are also pages that will be added on the sidebar of this group.  They are located underneath the membership list.  The first page I have added is a links of interest page for sites that I found interesting related to developing your psychic skills.


What you will need as you develop and work your way through this groups exercises is an open mind and the willingness to practice.  Practicing is a very important part of strengthening your skills which includes learning how to manage your senses.  This is so important.  The one thing I was always told as I was figuring out what in the world was going on with me, was to keep a journal.  Two of them in fact.  One journals was a progress journal which I will ask you to keep, the second journal is a dream journal. 


Having a progress journal is actually a very neat thing.  It marks your progress as well as areas in which you are struggling with.  But as you grow and learn, its always fun to go back and see just how far you have come.  To keep a journal will also help you identify your strengths as you go about your daily lives and remain focused on how your psychic senses are being put to use every day.


There are several ways you can keep a journal.  The old fashioned way, with a pen and paper or you can use an electronic medium such as TI.  You may use your own personal blogs on your profile to keep track of how you are doing, or what I would like to see, is you keeping a journal on this group.  This way, if you are having troubles in a certain area, any of us can offer suggestions and ideas on how to work your way through it.  To start a journal is simple, just add a new discussion and put in the header: 


'Your name's Journal'


Do not add new discussion for new days.  Just go back to your Journal you created here in this group and add to it in a reply.  This is your personal log of how you are feeling, how you are progressing, your triumphs and areas you might get stuck in.  But I just want everyone to have 1 journal per person.  Of course you can add other discussions but when it comes to your journal just one discussion thread per person.  When you begin your journal, list the psychic senses you believe you have and what your goals are.  If you don't know what psychic sense is strongest for you, state it.  It's alright to start at the very beginning just as it's alright to be frustrated with your senses such as an empath might be. 


You should keep a dream journal as well.  To be honest.. I sucked at this part.  So I'm not going to stress it as hard as a few of those I was learning under did.  I understood why it was important, I just could never really remember what I was dreaming, except when that dream really meant something that I needed to remember.  And the fact I was a little lazy to wake up and try to scribble down what I dreamed before I was fully awake.  Sadly my handwriting leaves something to be desired as I try to decipher my chicken scratch.  Anyways, you can if able, should keep a dream journal as well.  As a matter of fact, I think I'll try to start one up again, see if I do better than when I tried it before.


If you want to do a dream journal on this site, you can put it here in this group, but perhaps it would be of best use for you especially if you are interested in deciphering the dream to place the journal in the Dream group here on the Temple.

Tell me a little about you.


I think this discussion would be a great place for me to get to know a little about you and what you are looking for from a group such as this.  I would love to know!  And also if you tell me what you are looking for, it can help guide me into what areas I should get into first.  Already my guides have set me on a path of what they think I should do.  But I think we would really benefit knowing what you are looking to learn.


Much love


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