This is where we can put an assortment of Sekhmet spells.

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There are some useful tools and symbols that you may wish to have that can help you connect with Sekhmet in prayer, ritual, and magickal settings. Symbols of Sekhmet include a lioness and the cobra. She is associated with the colors red, orange, and yellow. Stone such as tiger’s eye, amber, basalt, bloodstone, hematite, obsidian, and garnet can also be used to establish connections with her. You may choose to place these items on your altar when working with Sekhmet or you may wish to include them in rituals and spells.
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Mistress of Enchantments,


Source and Word of Power.
Forbidden Is Thy Name!
I am the sealed one!
Do not consume us With Thy Fire - 
Give us Light!
O Lady, Mightier than the Gods,
Adoration rises unto Thee!
All beings hail Thee!
O Lady, Mightier than the Gods!
Preserved beyond Death
That Secret Name,
O Being Called Sekhmet.
At the Throne of Silence even,
shall no more be spoken than Encircling One!
I lose myself in Thee!
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 Greater than Isis.
Sekhmet, Greater than Hathor.
Sekhmet, Greater than Bast.
Sekhmet, Greater than Maat.
Sekhmet, Mysterious Is Thy Name!
 I am lost in mystery!
Sekhmet, Pre-eminent One.
Sekhmet, Light beyond Darkness.
Sekhmet, Sovereign of Her Father.
Sekhmet, Hidden is Thy Name!
Rapturous my dying!
Lady of Amt, Lady of Manu,
Lady of Sa, Lady of Tep-nef,
Lady of Heaven!
Thou art Ammi-seshet,
Destroyer, Upholder!
Thou art the Terror
Before Which fiends tremble!
Thou art Lust! Thou art Life!
Ever-Burning ONE,
Tekaharesa-Pusaremk akaremet,
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You will need the following items for this spell: 

  • A bowl 
  • 3 pinches of sea salt 
  • Self confidence 
  • Tap or spring water
  • 1. Pour some water into bowl, hold your hands over the water and say something along the lines of.. "Creature of water i exorcise thee in the name of the divine goddess, i rid this water of all negitivity both see and unseen. May this water become pure and true to my intentions."
    2. Put 3 pinches of the salt into your palm and say.. "Creature of salt i exorcise thee in the name of the divine goddess, i rid this salt of all negativity both seen and unseen. May it cleanse and purify this water."
    3. Pour the salt into the bowl of water and and stir 3 times clockwise with your finger, wand, or athame.
    4.Place your hands over the water plams down and imagine white or gold light streaming from them and into the water (close your eyes if you want)and say.. "I cleanse and concentrate this water in the name of the divine goddess, may it heal cleanse and purify all that it touches. So mote it be!"
    5. Carry out your magickal workings, or bottle up the water if you wont be using it any time soon.
  • I always ask Sekhmet to bless my water with this spell.  I then take it and make homemade fabric refresher/room refresher with it.
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Invoke Sekhmet

Spell Casting

As it was at Memphis, 
So be it now! 

Hear me, I beseech Thee, 
O Powerful One! 

Lady of Rekht, 
Lady of Pekhet, 
Lady of Set, 
Lady of Rehesaui, 
Lady of Tchar and of Sehert! 

Mother in the Horizon of Heaven, 
In the Boat of Millions of Years, 
Thou art the Great Defender! 
Thou art Overthrower of Qetu! 
Preserve us from the evil chamber 
of the souls of Hes-hra! 
Deliver us from 
the abode of Fiends! 

O Thou Who Art 

Life-Giver to the Gods, 

Lady of Flame, 

Great One of Magic, 

Eternal Is Thy Name! 

O, Hear me now! 

With Lioness head, 

Whose Color is Red, 

Daughter of Ra, 

Consort of Ptah, 

Mighty is Thy Name! 

O, Hear me now! 

Goddess of Pestilence, 

Goddess of Wars, 

Queen of the Wastelands, 

Terrible is thy Name! 

O, Come to me! 

Destroyer of Rebellions, 

Scorching Eye of Ra, 

Protector, Ruler, 

Holy is Thy Name! 

O, Reveal Thyself to me! 

Mother of the Gods, 

Mistress of the Crowns, 

Thou art called Only One, 

Beloved is Thy Name! 

Possess me now, O Great One! 

Greater than Isis, 

Greater than Hathor, 

Greater than Bast, 

Greater than Maat, 

Mysterious is Thy Name! 

I am lost in mystery! 

Pre-eminent One, 

Light beyond Darkness, 

Sovereign of Her Father, 

Hidden is Thy Name! 

Rapturous my dying! 

Lady of Amt, 
Lady of Manu, 
Lady of Sa, 
Lady of Tep-nef, 
Lady of Heaven! 

Thou art Ammi-seshet, 
Destroyer, Upholder! 
Thou art the Terror 
Before Which fiends tremble! 
Thou art Lust! 
Thou art Life! 
Ever-Burning ONE! 

Mistress of Enchantments, 
Source and Word of Power, 
Forbidden is Thy Name! 

I am the sealed one! 

Do not consume us 
With Thy Fire, 
Give us Light! 

O Lady, Mightier than the Gods, 
Adoration rises unto Thee! 
All beings hail Thee! 
O Lady, 
Mightier than the Gods! 

Preserved beyond Death, 
That Secret Name, 
O Being 
Called Sekhmet. 

At the Throne of Silence, 
even, shall no more 
be spoken than 
Encircling One! 

I lose myself in Thee! 
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 A Spell 

    Sekhmet is traditionally associated with banishment. She can help you to banish such things as enemies, bad situations/habits, and your own fears. Sekhmet is a Goddess of action. When you seek her help expect a response that is appropriate and that responds in the manner you requested. Therefore, it is important that you are explicit and clear about what you need when you interact with her.
    Spells for Sekhmet typically work best under a full or a waning moon. If you choose to light a candle for your spell, you may use one of Sekhmet’s traditional colors (red, orange, or yellow) or you may use black, the traditional candle for banishment. I have always used black and found it to work very well.



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