A Yoni Egg is a gemstone that is used as a tool of healing, metaphysical expansion, and sacred sexuality. It can be considered a more natural, spiritual alternative to using ben-wa balls.

Yoni is a Sanskrit word considered to mean divine doorway, passage, or opening, and is used synonymously for womb, vulva, and vagina.  The egg shape of the gemstone is better suited to the body than the round ben-wa ball, and pays tribute to the cosmic egg motif found in the creation myths of many cultures and civilizations.

The Yoni Egg is inserted into the vagina and a series of contractions and releases, commonly known as the Kegel exercise, are performed.



The Yoni Egg is inserted into the vagina to help boost the Kegel exercise, which in turn tones and strengthens the pelvic floor, encourages bladder control, tightens the vagina and vaginal walls, increases lubrication and sensitivity, and enhances sexual pleasure. Mentally, the exercise helps to calm and regulate the breathing, so during meditative states you are conscious of the breath but not restricted by it. Spiritually, performing the contraction and release of the yoni heightens your energetic levels as well as clearing and balancing the chakras, and gently awakening kundalini energy.

While one of the major benefits of Yoni Egg practice is the enhancement of the Kegel exercise, it is still possible to achieve the metaphysical and spiritual benefits of the crystal’s power without internal use. Place the egg against your yoni during meditation, or hold in the palm of your hand; you can still practice your Kegels while using the egg externally.



As far as choosing gemstones, this is a personal choice. Use the stones you are attracted to, and research their metaphysical benefits. Do your research to ensure the crystal is safe for you to use internally before you purchase!

Concerning the size of the egg, a medium sized gemstone is considered the “go-to” size for both novices and intermediate users (around 2” long, 1.5″-1.75” wide).  Larger eggs are recommended for those who have just given birth ( 2.5” or more long, 2” or more wide); smaller eggs are recommended for highly advanced practitioners who have deep experience using yoni eggs (2” or under long, 1.5” or under wide).



Sterilize and sanitize your Yoni Egg before every use. There are a variety of ways to cleanse your egg. To sterilize, some practitioners choose to soak the egg in whiskey or vodka. Some choose to allow the egg to sit in near-boiling water; however, this method can be damaging to the egg and cause cracks, depending on the gemstone. Whatever your sterilization method, also be sure to wash the egg with unscented soap and water before and after use.

Please use common sense in the preparation and care of your egg. DO NOT microwave your Yoni Egg. DO NOT wash your egg in any product you would feel uncomfortable putting on or in you. Also be sure to check for any nicks, chips, and/or cracks in the surface of the egg before every use.

To clear the gemstone of gathered and stored energy, follow whatever method you would normally use to cleanse your crystals. You can sit the yoni egg in a dish of salt, or smudge it, or set it in sunlight to clear and charge. Some women even bury their eggs in the earth overnight. For a quick and easy energy clear, you can also use the Blessed Sage Mist in order to remove negative energetic debris from your gemstones.


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