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This page is dedicated to stuff for free.  I'm going to leave the links I use here, and weekly update what I find for free items.  

      Also, the best way to get free stuff is to contact your favorite companies, and tell them you lover their product.  Companies love to be told this.  And you ask if they can please send you some free samples, possibly of a new product, or an old one you haven't tried yet....and coupons.  Don't forget the coupons.  I hope to put separate links for the UK too, however some give-away's are universal.

     this is what I do...and have been doing this for many years....a little here, a little there, it all helps out, plus, who doesn't like getting free stuff instead of bills in the mail.

These next two are for free magazines.  Once you sign up, they'll contact you with lots of free magazines every couple weeks.  Seriously, If I had known of this before, I never would have bought a subscription....ever.  Some you may have to say you own a business....I did one for my neighbor, and put down Edna's Desserts.  I've done it before, and put unemployed too, so whichever way you want.  When my subscriptions run out I just redo it on the next free letter they send.  

    I have had free magazines, like, Wine, People, Time, Good Housekeeping, Real Simple, and a dozen different Golf Mags for Gary, not to mention, ESPN, Mens Journal, GQ, and hey Rolling Stone once.(not mens mag, I know, I just remembered it.)



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