This is a meditation that can also be a pathworking in itself. It is very powerful. This meditation will assist you with your spiritual ascention, making contact with divinitory Beings and enfuse your being with the essence of Mercury. This meditation is of our own creation - there exists nothing like this anywhere. Enjoy!

Breathe in for 3 counts, hold three counts, exhale three counts - continue this breathing until it becomes automatic.

Invision strongly a place of natural beauty - such as a glen, valley, forest etc. A place you feel safe and tranquil. Remain there for a while, feel the ground underneath your bare feet, the soft breeze on your face etc.

The gentle wind brings forth an eerie sound...the sound of wailing and despair.

You follow the sound and discover an old foot-path, rough and uneven and decide to follow it as it turns sharply around a bend.

On either side of the foot-path skulks a dark and foreboding dense forest. From the corner of your eye, you can see shadowy figures darting inbetween sinister trees.

Count every step you take down this ancient pathway...

Around a sharp bend you discover an old woman, hunched over and sobbing. She is wearing tattered grey robes. Her long tangled grey hair has become part of the ground itself, as if it was swallowed by mother earth.

The old woman looks up at you, and startled you notice empty eye sockets with a thick black oily liquid running from it like molasses.

Turning her head away from you, as if observing something hidden down the path, she lifted a bone-white emaciated arm and pointed with a talon like finger in the general direction of the path. She then continued to sob and wail, as if you don't exist.

Once again following the path, still counting your steps anew, you come to a halt directly overlooking a gigantic chasm.

Leaning over for a closer look you see only darkness and a narrow pathway leading down into the unknown abyss.

Above you - the clear sky has turned a greyish black, with the distant noise of deep thunder drawing ever closer.

Deep breath in - then hold as you step upon the pathway leading into the bowels of earth, then exhale as you do so.

Follow the pathway all the way to the bottom, counting every step anew as  you do this.

As the end of the path draws near, you can hear a sinister chanting as if the very air is vibrating around you. The closer you get to the origin of the sound, the further away it becomes.

You have reached the end of the path. The soft glow of torch light fills what you can see as a chamber.
The air is cold and damp down here, and it smells of death and rot.

In the center of the chamber you can see a nine ft wide pool filed with liquid silver.  Drawing closer to it , you come to a halt at the brim of this mysterious pool.

You then discover to your surprise that the gregorian chanting was coming from it's silvery depths. And the very liquid within was vibrating.

A voice hissed nearby:  "The pool of despair..."

You search the chamber -  trying to discover the source of the menace, but to no avail.

Gazing into the deep water - hold breath - look upon the surface then exhale.

Here you WILL  see a series of visions or a single vision, that you should remember. (Make a note of this in a journal afterwards.)

The chanting disappears as if it was a mere dream...

Turning around you search for the pathway leading out of this pitch black womb....but it isn't there.

Instead you see a massive ash white figure with 4 silvered wings standing in mute silence. The figure is wearing a blood red kilt, covering it's lower body. On closer inspection, you see that the kilt is not just the colour red - but it's actually bloodstained. On the figure's torso you see ancient runes carved into the pale flesh. Take a step toward this figure, and another, seven steps all together, until you stand directly in front of this terrible vision.

On closer inspection, you see that this figure has liquid black eyes with that same thick black liquid oozing from it. This massive figure lowers it's bald head and speaks......

Remember what this figure tells you, it will never be the same word or sentence each time.

Seeing a third eye on it's brow - the colour of liquid silver, it shimmers with hypnotic effect, drawing you closer, becconing you deeper.

This massive being slowly dissolves in a silver light until the only thing remaining is the silver eye, hovering in etheric matter.

This silver orb moves closer to you and penetrates your brow, inhale, hold and release. You can feel the pressure upon your brow, and a soft pulsating sensation running through the length of your body.

Suddenly a bright silver light rushes forth from your mouth and then seeps through every pore of your body, illuminating the mouth of a hidden cave.

Count your steps to the mouth of the cave, inhale, hold, and step within, then exhale.

Finding yourself at the same place you started the meditation - you feel at peace, calm and collected.

Ground yourself and open your eyes.

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