Quantum physics and consciousness

Deepak Chopra discusses the connection of quantum mechanics and consciousness.

Posted by Leila Raven on August 18, 2011 at 7:29am in The Quantum mind

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Replies to This Discussion

Replies to This Discussion


Dr. Chopra does an excellent job of simplifying and explaining the two paradigm views of interpreting quantum physics. One that consciousness is the primary ground of all being, and that matter, which includes the brain, is an epi-phenomena of it. The other is still the mainstream view of the reductionist/materialists, that consciousness is only an epiphenomena of the brain/nervous system and that matter/energy is the primary ground of being.

There are deeper waters to be covered here, especially in regards to quantum physics and manifesting our desires and reality. Dr. Chopra is aware of this, but obvious couldn't cover it in one short video.

There are some good videos on YouTube on this whole subject, but I'm not sure how to technically download them here.


For sure, he has a wonderful way of presenting things.

Adding videos is really easy, if you right click on the video, one of the options it gives you iscopy embed html. You want to select that.

Then you go the post you want to add it to, whether your starting a new discussion to post them or if you are replying, doesn't matter, anywhere on the site that you can type... you can add a video. Anyways, you go to the post you want to add it to, and on the tab above the box you type in, the last function is HTML - you click that to switch to html mode and just paste it in - right clicking again in the box and choosing paste. Or typing Ctrl V - the control button and the V button at the same time.

If you need any more help with posting videos, feel free to ask. :)


Thanks, Leila, that makes sense. I'll give a try in the near future.

As we see it, all people are constantly, directly manipulating manifest reality with their thoughts and emotions. 

Each person experiences universes unique to themselves that may appear to be manifest through quantum mechanics.

There is some question whether you create each reality you experience 'on the fly' or whether all realities are 'pre-existing' states that you select to experience using your mind.

The truth may be a very strange business in which both the 'pre-existing' model and the 'creating on the fly' model are equally accurate descriptions, both may be valid and correct, rather than mutually exclusive as some people might think.

It is important to note that time is reallly irrelevant, and that all of time exists in a single moment, always NOW.

This is relevant to note because it helps explain why both models may be equally correct.

In one sense it seems as if we are creating each moment as we go, because we are locked into perceiving things in a sequential manner to structure time itself with our minds.

Each successive state seems not to have existed before we experience it.

Each successive state seems to cease to exist once we move on to the next.

But, as we see it, all states appear to exist simultaneously, at least as quantum potentials; whether our minds are actualizing these potential states or creating these states on the fly, the product is the same: reality, as we experience it, is attracted to us or manifested around us by our minds and emotions.

Quantum entanglement defines a condition in which all states are directly interconnected with all other states.  This includes human minds, such that all minds are constantly communicating with all other minds. 

By agreeing to experience the same states together we can appear to live on an Earth where the sky is always blue, rather than green or yellow or purple.

This process of agreement is called consensus reality. 

Consensus reality is a collective, superconscious function of each human mind that enables each person to create or arrive at a world virtually identical to the worlds described by each other person we know.

An interesting property of consensus reality is that it can lead to what people call mental illnesses.

However, Deepak Chopra has proposed a new paradigm for mental health that reclassifies many mental illnesses as self-healing processes of human minds.

We find that when some people rely too heavily on consensus reality to define their personal realities that they will then become depressed because they are not creating or attracting enough of what they uniquely value and desire in their lives.

On the other hand, people who rely too little on consensus reality will report alternate realities sometimes very different from the 'normative' consensus reality.  These people may appear to be schizophrenic, or if taken to an extreme, they may seem to experience complete 'psychotic breaks' from reality.

These are only breaks from reality because of the narrow-mindedness of people who fail to understand that their own local realities are not definitive of the sum total of possible realities that any humans can experience at any given time.

Many realities are very frightening; consequently, there are strong cultural biases among human civilizations to preserve a status quo in their consensus realities so that the things they most fear will not come to pass.

Fear is an inevitable product of ignorance. 

Fear attracts or manifests things to be afraid of, so it is desireable to manage fear by any means; rational, or irrational.

Lacking a greater state of enlightenment, ignorance must create stories to manage fears that may lead to misunderstandings and mistakes if these stories are inaccurate descriptions of reality.

Racism is a product of fear and misunderstanding.

Nuclear proliferation is a product of fear and misunderstanding.

It becomes incumbent upon each person to learn why fear is unnecessary and to learn to cease to be afraid.

Until we can learn to be unafraid we will need all of our stories, regardless of how rational or irrational they may seem to be, to guide us around all of the frightening possibilites we might manifest or attract to ourselves.

Here is a good story to help us all get along together better:

Our   Future History – How the Earth Made Peace



Love, Grigori Rho Gharveyn





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