The Quantum K Free Healing Experience

The video that follows is the original Quantum K healing experience that was launched in 2008. It works with fractal geometry, harmonics and focused intent to offer deep healing to your mind/body/soul.

The new version under the heading of Quantum K2 is very different. It is a focused prayer aimed at God (Source, Creator if you prefer), asking for Divine love to support us in a number of ways. The prayer requires courage and 'holy desire' but I believe offers us access to deep and long lasting healing. It is free to use, so please do try both programmes and find a version, or combination, that works best for you.

Remember that no programme or therapist can truly heal you, they can only connect you with the source of your wounds so that you can heal yourself. Emotional and energetic releases during or after the videos are not reactions to healing, they are the healing itself. The more open you are to feeling and releasing your wounds, the more these programmes can help you. If you want to use the original Quantum K programme, please stay on this page, to try Quantum K2, please follow this link: Quantum K2

The Quantum K Free Healing Experience

Important - please read the terms of use below before you start.

To make best use of this experience, simply find a quiet time to relax in front of your PC. If you wish, read the phrases out loud as they appear. If you are trained in Emotional Freedom Therapy, you could even tap the key meridian points as you go.

This is a free generic healing programme. If you would like a more personal treatment, please see the 'personal healing' section of this website.

You can download a narrated version of this experience in English that can be played on your sound system. Please see the products page to hear a sample.

Terms of use

In using this healing system, you must accept that there is no personal support available through this website. Although every statement of intent in Quantum K targets positive improvements in your health, there may be healing reactions in the hours or days ahead as you move into a higher state of being.

Please do not use this system unless you are confident you are ready to make this journey and have sufficient support in place around you.

...and now the legal bit.....I hereby exclude all liability for any claim, loss, demands or damages of any kind whatsoever (whether such claims, loss, demands or damages were foreseeable, known or otherwise) arising out of or in connection with the use of this website or the information, content or materials included on this site, including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, in particular, all liability to the maximum extent allowed by law for any physical, emotional and mental consequences (whether adverse or otherwise) of viewing and/or using the content of this site.

This statement does not affect your statutory rights.

The use of this website is governed by English law.


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