Here is some information from Terral Blackstar. It's more information for you all to connect your own dots. Please use your maximum Discernment with all of this. There's too much information and many of it are pointing to other reasons why Yellowstone and massive earthquakes will be triggered. Some state that the cabal is behind a plot to trigger Yellowstone. Nothing fazes me. I'm aware of this plan. They would take advantage of the scheduled earth changes and accelerate it or enhance it so that there a more casualties than necessary. This is what many whistle blowers are taking about and I'm also aware of this. 

My aim here is not to figure out who will trigger Yellowstone -- or what will trigger it. My aim is to get the word out that many are currently living in areas of danger and my hope is to give everyone a fair shot at making correct decisions, based on this information, for themselves and loved ones. 

And again, as always, go inward and get Direct information from YOUR Creator, guides, masters, celestial beings, etc -- whomever you communicate with for guidance and reassurance. I'm only here pointing the obvious and hoping that those who are unaware become aware and make the appropriate decisions. 

Ari of Shattering the Matrix

Image result for images of Yellowstone

"The Cascadia-Yellowstone situation is more dire and scary than reported in this video where more information is needed for seeing the larger picture. The explanation is a bit complicated, so here goes:

Read the article and enlarge the 2015 mapping image showing the deep magma plume formation growing in the Pacific Ocean-Ring of Fire deep inside Earth mantle transition zone. Note the magma plume horn formations (shown in red and green) atop the deep magma plume formation created by testing and stretching of the buoyancy barriers.

Then note the article title again to realize the geologists/scientists are "puzzled" about this formation, which I do not believe Ari nor Eddie realize is part of the new global tectonic-volcanic dynamic; as the terms are missing from the lengthy commentary.

We need to back up a little bit while keeping this deep magma plume formation in mind: The true "cause" of these dramatic earthquake events and volcanic eruption events is connected to our Sun's invisible/collapsed binary twin that is already moving in the inner solar system now positioned between the Sun and the Libra Constellation. The Black Star made a magnetic portal connection to our planet in the early 2000's when the Black Star was between the Sun and the Gemini Constellation triggering the 9.3 Sumatra Quake from December 26, 2004. Earth began receiving powerful electromagnetic energy from the Black Star that was translated into heat energy via Earth metals and the induction process leading to diminishing northern ice sheets reducing polar drip and breaking the ocean conveyor (2010) leading to the polar vortex phenomenon (2012), jet stream fluctuations, super storms, floods, droughts and you name it. The Earth passed between the Sun and Black Star to trigger the 8.8 Chile Quake from February 27, 2010, and the 9.0 Fukushima Quake from March 11, 2011, predicted by my research to within just four days and the big Guerrero Quake from March 20, 2012 to within just two days. Eight days before that event, Earth magnetosphere turned around for 28 hours (March 12-13, 2018) that you can see below using the link with my video:

My video:

You can see all of the Sun-Earth-Black Star nearside-alignment quake events and the backside-alignment quake events posted in the Black Star Event Timeline at to begin seeing the larger picture and realize that what is happening under our feet is directly connected to what is coming from space!"

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I love this Carmen but TI is not seem to be working well in terms of me being able to upload pictures or feature???!! Ning ticket I guesss! I have been following Yelowstone for a few years and I really appreciate this article! Fascinating! ty sis!
I love this Carmen but TI is not seem to be working well in terms of me being able to upload pictures or feature???!! Ning ticket I guesss! I have been following Yelowstone for a few years and I really appreciate this article! Fascinating! ty sis!
Well it posted 2xs with one click-LOLL!
Ning FLing!!
I am trying to feature some of your discussions Carmen! I have no options button at the tp of discussions but will put in a ticket to Ning!


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