• Visualize the master symbol in the palm of your left hand and old it over the recipient’s right hand. Again, lightly slap your palm into theirs.
  • Visualize the master symbol and gently blow into the area between their hands while bringing their palms together again.
  • Give back their hands and gently touch them in the heart area, visualizing that you've given them back to themselves.
  • Step back and bow, honoring them for who they are.
  • Once all the recipients have been attuned make another circle around them, ending up in front again.

Reiki does not use massage or tissue manipulation. Your hands are simply held gently on or over each position until the energy ebbs. A little bit of intention or attention is needed but not intense effort or will. Should you become distracted and feel that the energy has stopped just restart it by intending to do so.

When doing hands-on treatments your hands are left in each position until the energy begins to taper off or for three to five minutes if you are not sensitive to the energy flow. Sensitivity to energy can vary greatly from treatment to treatment.

Most practitioners end treatment with what is called a "Reiki finish" either by combing and/or smoothing out the aura with the hands. I was taught to end a session by placing my hands one on top of the other in a cross form at the small of the back or tail bone for a minute or so but seldom do this finish anymore.

One Reiki finish I use to end a session is to place one hand or the fingertips held together on 1st cervical vertebrate and the other at the tail bone or from the front on the head or collarbone and stomach and wait approx. 3-5 min or when you feel it is time to stop.
The Reiki runs/flows from one hand to the other, so by doing the finishing steps the reiki master helps to affect an energetic balance in the client. Sweeping the aura three times from top to bottom and again from bottom to top is another popular and effective finish.

This next version of the finish is one that Mrs. Takata taught (according to "VSRC", a Takata first- and second-degree student) (used with permission). “At a full treatment a person would get very, very relaxed, and Mrs. Takata said to help with circulation she would:

Take two fingers (she used first and second) put one on either side of the spine near the neck, or about the 7th cervical, with the other hand press down the palm at the base of the two fingers and on top of the hand. Then "zip" the two fingers down the spine fairly quickly... with practice you will get the right rhythm, not too fast, it will burn, not too slow, the point is to stimulate circulation and always gentle, but firm enough to be felt. Then, she would make circular motions down the back on either side of the spine with her palms, then, pick up one of the legs & feet and rotate it in small circles, gentle massaging the calf muscles, then do the other leg & foot.

Now the person has enough circulation that when they sit up and attempt to get down from the table, doing it carefully they will be comfortable." Apparently very few and possibly none of the Reiki Masters that Mrs. Takata taught have actually used this finish.

Give the person being treated plenty of time to return to the mundane world and may run Reiki for a minute or few minutes with the specific intention that it help the person being treated with grounding. Intuition is the best guide. There is no one single right way to do reiki treatments.

About Reiki Hand Positions
These hand positions are also used in other traditional Japanese and Chinese healing modes and are not exclusive to Reiki. Reiki does flow to where it is needed so a whole-body treatment can be given by leaving your hands in one place, however, moving through the hand placements assures that each area gets a surcharge of the Reiki and that all of the major meridian channels are treated.

Many Reiki practitioners feel that following a set of hand positions may be more effective at making sure that all areas of need will receive the treatment.
Reiki will flow through at each hand placement even if there is another area that needs more attention. Using the hand placements can also help the practitioner develop an intuitive sensitivity to the energy flow.

The basic set of twelve hand positions most Reiki practitioners use ensures that all the major energy channels and chakra are treated to effectively cover the entire body and aura. In time most people develop an intuitive sense of where Reiki energy is needed and may use alternative or extra hand placements following that intuition.

Mikao Usui Sensei is said to have used five basic hand placements and additional ones in accord with the specific needs of each client. Dr. Hayashi adapted the set of hand positions now in common use for practitioners at his clinic who had not developed strong intuition or energy sensitivity.

Most Reiki position charts start with the hands directly over the face and then move to the crown or side of the head. I personally often start by placing my hands over the top of the head on the crown first or on the shoulders. Then I move to the face. Many people are more comfortable with this as the first position and young children are less likely to lick your hands when you start with a less challenging placement than directly over their face. Many people place their hands in the Grasshopper position before beginning the treatment and take a moment to center their selves.

Some practitioners place a tissue over the client's face before putting their hands over the face.
This would help keep odor and sweat off the clients face if there is any. Plus, if a lady is wearing makeup you do not want to smear her makeup with your sweaty hands. Please ask before you do this as some people are extremely uncomfortable with their face covered.

Reiki Hand Positions
Reiki is usually started on the head. The practitioner will lightly place her hand on the face, on top of the head, and under the head for a total of about nine minutes. The energy may, or may not, be felt by the recipient. If it is, it may be felt as heat or tingling.

The reiki practitioner will channel energy into the torso next and will often start at the shoulders. The hands will make contact with some areas of the body, but not others, and may be held a few inches above the body. Energy will still be delivered in the needed amount, even though direct contact is not made. Each position on the torso will be maintained for approximately three minutes.

The hands will be placed on, or above, various sections of the legs for a few minutes and energy will usually be channeled into the soles of the feet.

Other Side
The client will be asked to turn over at this point so reiki can be performed on the other side of the body. The Reiki practitioner will work his way down the back and end at the feet, spending a few minutes on each area.

the reiki practitioner may end the session by running his hand up the length of the body, holding her hand a few inches above the body. She may then cross one hand over the other hand and place her hands over the area of the heart for a few seconds to seal in the reiki energy.

Before finishing the treatment. Place hands on the knee and feet working on one side first and then the next. There are chakras in both these areas and the Reiki energy can release energy blockages there to increase the flow of energy. This helps people to be more flexible and to take action when needed.
I like to run Reiki into the joints, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and hips, and hands. This releases tension and stress that is held in the joints. Each area of the body has a symbolic meaning in its healing, releasing tension in the ankles assists in reaching higher goals, releasing tension in the knees assists in the release of emotion and the ability to forgive. When the shoulders are free of tension and stress there may be increased determination.

Chair Reiki, giving treatments to seated recipients
Sometimes there is no massage table or other comfortable place for a client to lie down. Reiki treatments can be given to a seated person quite easily and effectively. Seated treatments often take much less time than full treatments on a massage table. The chair used does not matter, as long as the recipient sits comfortably and the practitioner can be comfortable while giving the treatment.

Make sure the recipient is grounded, with both feet flat on the ground and in an upright position. The first and simplest chair treatment is to stand behind the chair with the other person seated with their feet on the floor, hands on their lap, palms are usually turned up but this is not essential, legs uncrossed. Place your hands on their shoulders. Activate Reiki and leave your hands in place until the energy tapers off, that's it. This Method usually runs 10 minutes or so before tapering off.
You can also do a simplified hands-on treatment on seated recipients using the traditional hand positions and kneeling for the lower hand placements.

A more detailed chair method
1. Stand behind the person, with your hands lightly on the shoulders.
2. Place both hands, side to side on top of the head.
3. Hand on the forehead and the other on the back of the head.
4. Optional position, from behind the person, put both hands on the chest.
5. From the side, place one hand under the collar bone and one on the back
6. Continue by placing one hand on the solar plexus and the other at the same height on
    the back. By this time, you can sit on a chair if you have one
7. Place one hand under the navel (second chakra) and the other at the same
    height at the back.
8. Hold both knees, while sitting or kneeling in front of the person.
9. Finally go to the feet.
10. Run your hands through the energy field of the legs a few inches out 3 times.
11. Run your hands down the aura three times: front, back, and sides.
12. Go behind the person and place your hand in starting position.

Hands Off treatment
While Reiki one focuses on contact treatment you can also run Reiki in the aura an inch or two out from physical contact.
Here's a generic hands-off treatment that's used more often by various forms of subtle touch healing practitioners than by Reiki practitioners.
Reiki One practitioners can do this by keeping the hands close to the client's body and activating Reiki.
Begin with the hands over the top of the crown and then move to the side and place one hand in front and one in back and run the energy into each of the chakras and other energy centers moving down the body: brow, throat, thymus (middle of the upper chest), heart, solar plexus, hara-line (at or just below the belly button), sacral chakra, tail bone. During this quick treatment, you may instinctively find yourself moving your hands in and out as the chakra balances and is set in place.



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